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Your Support Team

Your Support Team is your healing vehicle and is critical to help you on your successful healing journey to beat this devastating disease. As I have had a very successful healing journey from my stage 4 metastasized cancer after a year I fully understand how critical my Support Team has been. I definitely owe all the success for my remission to the Support Team and everyone played a fantastic supporting and compassionate role.

Thank You All ! 

  Your Support Team

The first thing you need to do after seeing your Doctor and the specialists who diagnosed your cancer is to set up your home environment, which I covered in the Knowledge and Awareness Topic. The key thing in setting up your home support system is to discuss your treatment plan and agree new roles and responsibilities with your partner and your children. Then you need to select the first member of your Support Team; your Cancer Buddy, which is extremely important. 

Here are the people who were part of my Team and my recommendations.  

Doctor – (GP)

Virtually every disease starts by seeing a Doctor (GP) who will do the initial assessment and diagnosis which might require a referral to a specialist or to have scans or tests done for an analysis by a lab. As I have haven't had the need to see a doctor in the previous 10 years I went to see my daughters GP who referred me to the Urologist.

A few of the members of a support team will be different depending on the type of cancer that you have. For instance people with prostate cancer like me will need to see a Urologist and if your cancer has a growth that needs to be removed you will need a surgeon depending on where the growth is, however regardless of the type of cancer you need to start your healing team with your Cancer Buddy. 

Cancer Buddy

The first external member is your “Cancer Buddy”(CB) formally called a Cancer Advocate. Every cancer patient needs a “Cancer Buddy”. This is a loved one, close relative or close friend, someone you trust and feel you can share your innermost feelings with and who has some spare time to spend with you. in thisd early phase of establishing your cancer healing programme you are going to need to do quite a lot of research to find relevant information and resources, specifically to establish which form of cancer treatment you want to follow, etc.  As you will not always have the energy or the time for extensive research, a “Cancer Buddy” can assist and do most of the work for you and discuss the options with you.  Fortunately, in most countries we can still choose between the “standard conventional cancer treatment” and the “natural alternative” treatments, despite BigPharma and the conventional medical institutes and practitioners trying to prevent natural treatments becoming successful and creating competition.

Your treatment decision is critical and required to enable you to start selecting the rest of your team. Although your Support Team will have 3 or 4 critical specialist members, there will always be a number of other members required. Assuming you decide on going the natural alternative route like I did, your Support Team will typically include doctors, chiropractors, energy therapists, acupuncturists, oncologists, treatment specialists and scan / test facilities and labs to provide test results.

This is where you CB must step in and start to assist you to identify the required resources and to make the necessary appointments to get your healing programme going. In addition the CB needs to accompany the patient to every doctor’s appointment, tests and any other related activities, if possible. The CB must have a very positive and happy attitude, be motivating and inspiring and committed to the patient’s recovery and have a good sense of humor. He or she must be willing to discuss options with your doctor / therapist, etc, question his actions and decisions and help the patient choose the most suitable resource.

My amazing “CB”

I am extremely lucky, grateful and privileged to have an amazing “Cancer Buddy” who, despite us being thousands of miles apart, technology has enabled her to research treatments and resources and to be by my side throughout the healing journey, always there to keep me positive and grateful, happy and inspired, and supporting me through the tough times and the constant challenges with love and caring. Having a positive, happy, grateful and motivated attitude is absolutely critical throughout the healing process, so I can definitely say that my CB is the main reason I have managed to progress this far in my healing process. Thank you for always being there for me and for being so patient with me !

The other members of your team depend on the “cancer type” and stage which will also assist in deciding on the treatment option you and your CB decide on.

As I was diagnosed with prostate cancer I needed to start my process with a Urologist.

The Urologist

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer which had spread to my bone structure throughout the body and a few spots in my liver, lungs and lympth node. This is classified as stage 4 and the most difficult to treat. Firstly I went to see a Urologist who did a physical examination and ordered a PSA blood Test. The PSA turned out to be extremely high at 2800 when an ideal reading is 4. The Urologist ascertained that the physical cause of the prostate cancer was uncontrolled testosterone so after additional research and discussion I decided at my age and because I am single, the best solution would be to have my testes removed. Which I did on the 19th September 2016 and although the Urologist made an appointment with an oncologist and suggested I go on to chemotherapy as soon as possible, I declined at this stage and opted to go on a mild hormone treatment while I put together the rest of my alternative medicine support team. Initially this was the only pharmaceutical drug I was taking, however I was later forced to take pain pills, bearing in mind all prescription drugs are foreign to the body and create acidic toxicity, and should only be used as a last resort. however it is also important to have pain management as pain is very debilitating and will make it very difficult to remain positive, happy and grateful. 

 Alternative treatment

At this point in time I and my Cancer Buddy had completed extensive research into all of the Cancer treatment options, both conventional and alternative and i had decided to go the alternative route. I cover the details of the various cancer treatments in the next of the 6 essential Topics that must be included in every Cancer Healing Programme.  

The first of the alternative treatment / therapists was a Chiropractor. It is important to note that there are 2 very different types of Chiropractors  

A Chiropractor 

The next member of the team was a Chiropractor. however it is essential to understand that there are different types of Chiropractors and you need to find the right kind to treat cancer.

Simply stated you get "straight" and "mixer"  chiropractors. Historically, “straight” chiropractors follower Palmer’s doctrine that subluxations (misalignments)  of the vertebrae can cause or contribute to most disorders, but they do not claim to be able to diagnose or treat diseases -only to detect and cure subluxations. Only about 15 percent of all chiropractors can be called "straight" chiropractors. 

Where as "mixers" are more liberal and are more interested in mixing elements of modern and alternative therapies into the practice of chiropractic. "Mixers" believe that diseases can develop from other causes, like viruses and bacteria. But they also believe that subluxations (misalignments) affect the body's health by lowering resistance to disease. The deviation or misalignment of a spinal vertebra may cause a neurological imbalance within the body, setting the stage for a lowered resistance.

Mixers comprise the majority of practitioners. Their practice extends beyond the narrow focus on vertebral subluxation. They use a wider range of modalities as well as concepts from diverse health care traditions in their practice. Many integrate methods from other traditions. The most common are: nutritional supplementation, vitamins, homeopathic drugs, and nutritional advice. Some integrate Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, naturopathy, homeopathy, massage or bodywork, mind/body approaches, or other healing methods into their offerings. Individual chiropractors often develop their own unique reputation and synthesis of different traditions.

Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) 

IMT is is a specific therapy practiced by "mixer" Chiropractors. 

Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) is a gentle hands-on therapy that can identify underlying causes for chronic and acute pain. By using IMT to treat these underlying problems, relief from pain can be achieved. For example, when there are joint problems at the low back and pelvis, a traditional approach of stretching and exercise can stretch out stiff muscles and looser joints but often it doesn’t affect the tight joints which may be more contributing to the person’s pain and symptoms. Smooth and painless movement comes from normal joint mobility and alignment.

In addition to treatment of joint alignment with IMT, there are many underlying causes for why a person might experience pain, not necessarily related to a particular injury. Often, pain is contributed to by inflammation, digestive problems, circulation issues, and much more. When there is something in the body that is requiring protection (for example, circulation or immune related), the body’s tendency is to inhibit movement—to ‘lock up’. This lack of movement can cause pain and stiffness which is persistent. IMT uses a comprehensive hands-on assessment process to identify underlying causes of pain. Once these sites of dysfunction are found, a customized IMT treatment plan can be developed to treat the underlying issues and help to restore normal movement in the body.

IMT Chiropractor

You need to find an IMT Chiropractor if possible to be part of your cancer healing programme . It is important to remember that cancer is caused by an accumulation of acidic toxic waste in the body that attacks and destroys cells, so a key function of the Chiropractor is to identify the cause of the toxic waste, the location in the body and a detox regimen that will gently clear the toxic waste without overloading the liver, kidneys and lymph system which are our main "sewerage" (exit) systems. 

My Amazing Chiropractor 

I was very lucky to have found a local IMT Chiropractor who has many cancer patients and has had years of experience treating cancer patients. The first thing we did was to develop a long term cancer treatment programme. The first step in the programme is to ascertain the real cause of the cancer. There are basically 2 main causes – “lifestyle” and “stress” related problems that both result in the body creating excessive acidic toxic waste that the body can’t cope with and hence diseases like cancer. Toxicity being the key as that causes the inflammation.

So what does an IMT  Chiropractor do ?

Many different things but some focus on rebuilding the body’s natural healing capability to prevent or fight disease, especially with cancer. The amazing Chiropractor I chose  started the first few sessions analyzing my lifestyle from birth to the current situation highlighting any abnormal traumatic and stressful events, ranging from fear, anger, grief, guilt, diseases, stressful situations, marriages, divorces, vaccines, operations, anesthetics, prescription medicine, supplements, street / social drugs, business transactions, personal relationships, family politics, family deaths, spiritual beliefs, religion and social interactions.

Then she analysed my lifestyle, diet, nutrition, exercise routines and living conditions.

This all makes up a body profile of the accumulation of toxic waste in the body and the most likely places that it is stored.   The next step is to do the physical body scans and assessing where the toxic waste is as well as any blocked energy paths (meridians), and starting multiple detox programmes and the clearing of the blocked energy paths over a few months.

In my case my lifestyle, nutrition and diet were not the major contributor to the acidic waste and heavy metals found in a number of places in my body. My problems which were accumulated over many years was a combination of severe chronic stress, including work related problems, money problems, fear, anger, guilt, grief, vaccinations, a cycling accident, a heart attack in 2000, anesthetics, my wife’s death and working for a non-profit charity organization managing funding. This acidic toxic waste had mainly accumulated in my prostate and my pancreas with the heavy metals in my pericardium and my legs causing chronic inflammation, over many many years. The pericardium is a double thick wall all around the heart that protects the heart from toxicity, specifically heavy metals like aluminum, mercury and lead.

The body is truly an amazing machine with a highly intelligent “immune system” that under normal conditions will protect us from all diseases, including cancer until we overwhelm our bodies with acidic toxic waste and heavy metals and poisonous chemicals like chemotherapy. However even in these traumatic situations the body still has huge healing powers if given the correct nutrition, care and a non-stressful lifestyle.   

My recommendation to any cancer patient is to find an experienced IMT Chiropractor that focuses on Cancer, as soon as possible.  

The next member of my treatment / therapy team was an Energy therapist and Nutritionist. 

Energy Therapist and Nutritionist.

The next team member I selected was a specialist Energy Therapist and Nutritionist who focuses on transforming the body frequencies from their inconsistent and ineffective diseased state to a high level of consistency through the process of eating highly nutritious and mostly alkaline foods and drinks and avoiding acidic, toxic food and drink that causes disease. Energy therapists also focus on belief systems and "conscious awareness" which describes a mental state of being truly aware of the events and situations in one's life. ... Minimal consciousness is the lowest, where your mind is vaguely aware of something but is not truly focused on it. Perceptual consciousness is the mind's ability to be aware of your body and your environment. This is the state you need to be in to achieve the best healing results. 

Energy Therapists often work in conjunction with Chiropractors which is an ideal situation. 

 What does an Energy therapist do ?

Energy therapy is the gentle art of clearing cellular memory through the human energy field promoting health, balance and relaxation. Energy therapy is based on the concept of connection between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms of our lives found in many holistic healing methods. It uses healing energy to clear blocks that accumulate in the body hindering the natural flow of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy. This healing focus promotes personal empowerment, self-healing and spiritual growth. 

Energy therapy acknowledges that negative life experiences create emotions such as anger, fear, stress, resentment, guilt and sadness and that these emotions  create acidic toxic waste that become trapped in specific areas of the physical body. Trapped emotions, often called energy blocks, create physical, emotional and mental disharmony and modern day diseases like cancer.

My Amazing Energy Therapist

My Energy Therapist  has over 25 years’ experience in naturally healing stage 4 cancer patients. Although she is very unique in that she also happens to have vast experience in a whole range of other modalities, like Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic, Reiki and Shiatsu and specializes in high frequency nutritional diets, dietary supplements and “Superfoods”, she is primarily an energy therapist who manages the various energy systems in the body, mainly Meridians, Chakras and Aura. However she specializes in customized nutritious “alkaline” diets for each patient based on customising the selection of foods with the highest frequency levels specifically for each patient’s body needs. This ensures that the body maintains the very highest overall energy levels as possible, which in turn enables the highest healing energy.

This is a unique range of healing therapies, however all she is interested in is healing with no hidden agenda’s.  In some cases she might recommend controlled conventional medicine like a low dosage radiation session or specific chemotherapy courses, as long as she believes that this will positively contribute to the healing process without side effects and that she can still manage the patients treatment and any related damaging effects from the conventional medicine.

She also works remotely and has many international patients who she has never seen.

She also works on a donation basis only, never turning anyone away that can’t pay.

She is an absolutely critical member of my team and together with the other team members is responsible for my very positive and fast transformation and successful healing journey. However although I have been in remission for over  3 months, I still have a long way to go before I can claim to be a survivor.

The good news is that my last PSA test in early January 2018 dropped down from the initial 2,800 in August 2016 to 0.82 in January . (An ideal normal reading is 0-4). Based on this my therapists are not focusing on controlling the cancer anymore as they believe it has been contained, but they are now focusing on rebuilding the damage the cancer has done to my body. A special focus is on boosting the immune system which will be able to take care of any new cancer attacks in the future.

As the cancer had spread into my bone structure, part of my rehabilitation required a back operation to resolve a problem with my C3 and C4 vertebrae which was completely successful. My only outstanding issue at the moment is the damage to my right hip and if my current therapy isn't successful I will be planning a hip replacement later in the year. 

What Process did my Energy Therapist use for me ?

She also started like the Chiropractor doing a lifespan and lifestyle profile highlighting all traumatic and stressful points in my life but with a big focus on lifestyle and nutrition. This enables her to plot the effectiveness of my energy and frequency systems and how they are affected by my lifestyle, nutrition, stress, diet, attitude and mind set, etc. She then works on clearing all the blocked energy spots and the meridians to get a free flow of energy which enables healing and health and wellness.  

Bear in mind that lifestyle, diet, stress, anger, fear, guilt, grief and sadness accumulate over a lifetime with much of it being stored as toxic acidic waste in your body creating disease. So it has taken her six months to work through all of the energy layers and to discover where all the toxic waste has been stored and to slowly dislodge most of the toxic waste without overloading the liver, kidneys and the lymph system that have to extract all the waste.

Only now can we start on healing the immune system and all the organs and bone structure that have been damaged by the cancer.

In parallel she has developed a customized alkaline nutritious diet for me selecting only the food and herbs that create the highest frequency levels in my body. I will give you an example – most people are aware how potent Kale is in fighting cancer,  however in my body Kale generates a very low frequency and would bring down the overall body frequency disabling certain energy pathways and healing processes. So she focuses on customizing the highest possible nutritious energy frequency diet with things that my body absorbs well and enjoys.

I have covered my customised alkaline nutritious diet and what I am allowed to eat and NOT eat in the Treatment Topic..

The Oncologist

Although I  never had chemotherapy I did have an Oncologist as part of my Support Team. 

My Energy Therapist assessed a need for me see an Oncologist for two specific reasons that were critical to my healing and turned out to be a contributing factor to my successful healing programme.  

In 2002 a had a bad cycling accident and hurt my right hip quite badly, however at the time I didn’t have it attended to properly as my life was driven by a hectic work schedule. Well obviously bone cancer picks up the vulnerable spots and has penetrated my hip worst of all resulting in a lot of pain. The Energy Therapist thought it would be better to have a controlled single dose radiation session that could be limited to the hip to speed up the healing process, as long as she could keep seeing me after the session to remove the extensive toxicity that radiation generates. She introduced me to a very competent Oncologist who accepted I was having natural treatment but needed to speed up the healing with a single dose of controlled low level radiation. She conducted the radiation and I went for a therapy session with my Energy Therapist the next day and she managed to clear most of the toxicity and this shortened the healing process. 

The second reason why I saw an Oncologist was to have "bone building" therapy which is critical for anyone with bone cancer. Unfortunately “bone building” drugs like all other drugs are acidic and toxic and in my case caused some severe side effects. the result was a severe disruptive skin disorder. The oncologist stopped the medicine and referred me to another oncologist in Hermanus who has had success with another form of “bone building” therapy which is a limited 3 month course in the form of a monthly infusion (drip). This required me to see the Energy therapist after each session to clear the toxic waste from my body. However the "bone building"  therapy did help. 


I hope that this topic has convinced you that your only hope of survival is to establish a highly competent Support Team. I also hope this have given you an idea of who you should have in your team and the skills, competencies and experience each should have to ensure your healing journey is successful. 

Take care and I wish you success with setting up your team and starting your successful healing journey.

With Love and Caring




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