Your Own Diet

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Creating Your Individual Diet

Remember !  To be healthy you must take control of your own  life and diet.

Creating your diet seems a daunting task but if you follow the guidelines of what you should Focus on" and what you should "Limit", it is quite simple.

Creating Your Own Individual Diet

This article is a continuation of the general “Nutrition” topic but it helps you to focus specifically on your own individual  diet.

Now that you are aware of what nutrients the body needs to enable all of your bodies cells to perform optimally, we suggest that you record your current diet and assess it against the ideal needs.

In making this choice you must decide how important your health is to you and what changes you are prepared to make to your diet, to start your  future lifestyle “blue print”.

It all seems very daunting, but I suggest you start slowly by identifying small changes and you will be surprised how quickly you will start feeling better , healthier and having more energy.

For instance if you ONLY stop all forms of sugar you will notice a huge change in your life.

There are a number of things that you should take into account in developing your own individual diet which are listed below, however some are included in other “Lifestyle Choices” articles, but here is a short summary of what you should focus on and what you should limit or avoid over time. Don’t try to do everything at once as you will never achieve anything trying to do it all at together.

Here are some things you should FOCUS on

Eat natural organic whole foods whenever possible, specifically fresh fruit, raw vegetables, nuts, unrefined whole grains with fibre, seeds, herbs, spices and nutritional grasses, preferably alkaline forming, especially the fruit.

If you feel you must eat meat to get protein, then we suggest you eat fish, white meat, chicken or turkey. However any of the “SuperFoods” are very good like the "green powder mixes" as they are all organic and have no additives or preservatives. Many of these will also have “spirulina” and “chlorella” in them, which is the very best source of healthy protein that you can get without eating meat.

So you should definitely think about supplementing your meals with a good “SuperFood” which contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids and enzymes.


You can easily manage these by putting them in smoothies. In my personal cancer diet I have 2 Superfood smoothies every day with low GI fruit and avocado.

In addition you must drink lots of water, fresh fruit and vegetable juices and herbal teas. If you have a sweet tooth, use stevia which is a natural sugar without the calories or side effects, instead of sugar. (Do NOT use sweeteners)


Here are some things you should LIMIT

Toxic acidic forming foods, processed foods, refined carbohydrates, fast / junk foods, red meats, soft drinks, diet drinks, sports drinks, alcohol, salt, dairy products, processed juices, sugar, sweeteners, hydrogenated fats / oils, prescription and illegal drugs.

Obviously if you currently have a chronic disease or a symptom then you should take this into account and adapt your diet accordingly.

Alkaline Foods

Remember no disease can survive in an alkaline body so it is essential to focus on this as soon as possible in your diet and limit acid intake. (Green “Superfoods” are excellent very alkaline)

I will be posting about pH and the need to keep your body alkaline to achieve ultimate health and wellness soon.

All you ever want to know about an Alkaline Diet

If you want to find out all about an Alkaline diet and what foods are alkaline or acidic as well as get recipes go to Ross Bridgeford’s site at

Your Diet Assessment

We suggest you compare both the “Focus on” and “Limit” groups above with your current diet and select a few items in each as part of your actions to initiate your new healthy lifestyle.

Where do I start ?

An excellent start is to go through all the "Lifestyle Choices" so that you are aware of what to focus on, however I suggest you begin with getting onto an alkaline diet and eliminate sugar, sweeteners and hydrogenated fats as soon as possible, which will give you a very good “health and well-being” return.

In addition focus on limiting all stress.  Stress is the hidden killer and the biggest cause of cancer and other chronic lifestyle diseases.

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