What is Cancer ?

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What Cancer is NOT !

We All need to be aware of what cancer is NOT !, as there is a lot of misinformation about conventional cancer and the continuous indoctrination by the conventional cancer industry, trying to convince the public that cancer is a "genetic disease", to support their conventional cancer treatment narrative, despite it being scientifically proven to be a "metabolic disease". Meaning cancer is caused by a damaged "metabolic energy pathway" (mitochondria).

Cancer is not an accident

Cancer is generally not Inherited  (only 5-7% are inherited)

Cancer is not contagious that we catch.

Cancer is definitely not "Bad Luck".

Cancer is not a DEATH SENTENCE ! 

However this last point depends on the treatment options you choose and your lifestyle choices.

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The Cancer Diagnosis - 3 words that are terrifying and have a devastating affect on all the people involved. 

Dr Nasha Winters, a world renowned Naturopathic Integrative  Oncologist and Author of the bestseller book - "The Metabolic Approach to Cancer" - Integrating Deep Nutrition, the Ketogenic Diet, and Nontoxic Bio-Individualized Therapies; published an e-Book "The First 5 Steps to take After a Cancer Diagnosis".

I am going to summarise the main points here but I recommend everyone who has been diagnosed with Cancer as well as people involved with Cancer should read both this e-Book and her amazing book on the metabolic approach to cancer. (e-Book here...)

This is the book that I used extensively during my own personal stage 4 cancer healing journey. Her "Terrain Ten" assessment will give you and your Cancer Support Team a whole lot of very important information to assist on your healing journey.

Dr Nasha starts off by saying "A Cancer diagnosis is treated as a medical emergency, and it is natural to feel a sense of urgency to do something about it right away.

BUT the way you respond and react to the initial diagnosis can profoundly influence your medical outcome.

Dr Nasha not only walked the journey of cancer herself but also walked alongside thousands of cancer patients on a similar journey.

She urges any person with a recent cancer diagnosis to PAUSE and RESIST the impetus to jump immediately into treatment ! 


Now is the time to just find a safe comfy spot where you wont be disturbed. Turn off your phone and resist the urge to call your family and friends. Sharing your experience is a very important part of the process, but only later once you have made time for yourself and thought about what approach you are going to take and who you want contact first to help you on your jiourney forward.


Ir is a sacred moment to get really clear in your own mind, how you got here and where you need to go next !


Getting a second or even third opinion with different doctors in different institutions is very important. You may want to see both a conventional oncologist and a natural Integrative oncologist to fully understand the different treatment options available to you.

Do NOT let anyone bully you into treatment until you are happy with the practitioner and the proposed treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices. (See Questions You should ask your doctor / oncologist)


There are 3 very important groups of Cancer tests you should consider.

  1. Biopsies
  2. Genetic / Epigenetic Testing
  3. Internal Terrain - Blood and cancer marker test

As "testing is so very important I have included these and other Tests in a future Topic.

It is important that when you select your Cancer Support Team that you have a practitioner onboard that has experience in reading and translating cancer tests and aligning requirements with your personalised "Cancer Healing Lifestyle Plan and Schedule".

Although the next Step summarises the key players for your team, I guide you through a detailed process of selecting the ideal cancer support team and the ideal cancer treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices in a future Topic.


In later Topics I go into detail about who the ideal cancer support team should be, and how you decide who you want as part of your cancer healing team, so I am just going to summarize the key players here.

You should consider including 3 different groups in your cancer support team. This should include someone to help you with your personal day to day requirements, and professionals that help you develop a personalised "cancer healing lifestyle plan and schedule"  and practitioners to take care of your "nutrition", "emotions" and your "treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices".

  1. Personal Support - Your Cancer Buddy - This person should ideally be your partner or close family member that you can confide in, and who has the time to help you with research, making and taking you to appointments, doing your shopping and most importantly is there to support and love you and keep you positive, happy motivated and grateful.  A positive mindset is a critical component of every successful cancer healing journey.
  2. Your personalised "Cancer Healing Lifestyle Plan" - Cancer Coach - Cancer is a very frightening, complex and elusive disease that requires a comprehensive, personalised healing plan that takes into account all aspect of your situation and jointly tailors the best solution for you. The MOST critical decision you and your Coach must decide, is if you are going to go for conventional "Standard of Care" cancer treatment or natural holistic therapies and lifestyle choices OR an integrated approach using the best of both worlds (Look at the Topic - The 2 Cancer Worlds).  Once you have decided your personal plan should look at all available healing modalities, practitioners, facilities, treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices based on scientific evidence based research and clinical experience. In future topics I cover the criteria you should use to select a Cancer Coach as this is a critical part of your cancer healing journey. 
  3. Your Professional Cancer Support Team - To help with the development of Your plan there are 4 critical players you should have in your team beyond your preferred Doctor - An Integrative Oncologist that fully understands how to navigate the worlds of both conventional and natural holistic approaches to Cancer, A Functional Medicine Practitioner / Chiropractor with knowledge and experience in energy healing, A ketogenic lifestyle Oncology Nutritionist, preferably with "nutrigenomics" and natural anti-cancer bioactive compounds experience. Finally cancer creates a whole range of fear, stress and emotions, not only for the person with cancer but all the family and people involved, which requires either a therapist, cancer coach, life coach, support group or church organisation to provide the necessary support. Often the Cancer Coach will also fill this role working closely with both the person with cancer, the Cancer Buddy and family and friends as required. 


In her book - "The Metabolic Approach to Cancer", Dr Nasha Winters has a "Terrain Ten" Questionnaire that helps you to assess which areas of your physiology, exposures to toxins or lifestyle choices are most likely contributing to your cancer and how you can develop your healing plan to address these points.

The ten terrain areas include:  1.Genetics and Epigenetics: 2. Blood Sugar Balance; 3. Toxic Burden; 4. Microbiome and Digestive; 5. Immune Function; 6. Inflammation; 7.Blood Circulating and Angiogenesis; 8. Hormone Balance; 9. Stress and Biorhythms; 10. Mental and Emotional.

I recommend that everyone with Cancer should read this book ! which you can get on Amazon in Kindle format for easy reading on your computer or phone.

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What is Cancer ?

Cancer is the MOST frightening, traumatic, stressful and devastating disease ever known.

Cancer is the leading cause of death globally, with over 26,000 deaths a day in 2018 and getting worse every year.

Cancer is the MOST complex, complicated and intelligent disease ever known; elusive, cunning, sneaky, adaptable and totally misunderstood and has totally outsmarted the conventional industry for years.

Cancer is the MOST researched and studied disease globally.

Cancer is also one of the MOST profitable diseases, ruthlessly managed and controlled by the Pharmaceutical industry. 

From a treatment point of view: Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body that become immortal and divide and spread. 

The MOST important thing to know about cancer is that it is a "Metabolic Lifestyle Disease" caused by a damaged cellular "metabolic energy generation pathway (mitochondria)  and can be managed, controlled and healed using "LIFESTYLE" Therapies and Lifestyle Choices" incorporated in the "Metabolic Approach to healing cancer. 

Protection Against Cancer

I will be covering the body's 6 highly effective defense systems in the topic on "How the Body Heals". 

However, as the Immune system is the main system that prevents us from getting cancer, I am going to cover that here as well.

The Healthy "Cell Cycle"

Every healthy Cell in the body is controlled by a specific "Cell Cycle" process, depending on what type of cell it is. For instance an Intestinal cell is reproduced ever 3 days and a liver cell every 500 days, as part of the normal healthy process. The Cell Cycle is a very complex process that happens 100 million times a second and duplicates all of the cells properties, and then kills off the old cell.

As this is such a complex and important process, every cell has 4 specific checkpoints in this process to make sure we don't have a damaged cell caused by a glitch in the Cell Cycle duplication and elimination process, that can trigger the cancer process.

HOWEVER it is normal for a few glitches to occur every day which is why every one of us has a few thousand pre-cancer cells cells in our bodies at all times !


The Strength and Maturity of our Immune System ! 

The Immune System

The body has a miraculous innate and highly intelligent, Immune System which is a very sophisticated and complex defense system that patrols and protects the body from any abnormal activity in the body. This includes abnormal cancer cells, viruses, pathogens and other distractions by chronic inflammation or chronic diseases. In this process a number of cells slip through the checkpoints but are immediately identified by our Immune System and eliminated, preventing us from getting cancer.

SO!!! What if the Immune System is compromised or overworked ?  

When the Immune system is compromised, weak or overloaded, the number of abnormal cancerous cells grow as the Immune System cannot eliminate them. This is how the initial phase of cancer begins. 

These abnormal cancerous cells become "untouchable" and take control of all of the internal functions of the cell, growing totally out of control and dividing and creating a tumor, or in the case of blood cancers, serious complications without a tumor. 

A healthy and appropriate immune system is the cornerstone of overall health and wellness and the prevention of, and recovery from many of the chronic lifestyle diseases, including cancer.

Compromising the Immune System

it is important to note that many of our current lifestyle choices seriously compromise our Immune System. escalating our risk factor of getting cancer or any of the other chronic lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's and obesity. The Immune system also controls all inflammatory responses that are a major part of the cancer process. 

The 3 main culprits are toxic overload, food and all forms of chronic STRESS. The  most critical includes all forms of SUGAR. A can of "cola" will compromise the immune system for up to 6 hours and while you are in the "fight or flight" stress mode the immune system is turned off. This creates an opportunity for cancer to thrive and flourish.

Some other things you should be aware of, includes, starchy carbs that turn into sugar, grains, commercial dairy, GMO Foods, pesticides, herbicides, processed foods with additives like MSG , commercial meats with antibiotics, growth hormones and nitrites that preserve the meats, as well as chemical prescription drugs, chemotherapy and radiation which are both carcinogens. (cause cancer)

Boosting the Immune System

The best immune boosters have a "modulating" effect. This means they normalise both "under" or "over" active states.

The immune system is made up of over 120 different cell types with the "white cell" family being the main soldiers and "strike force". 

Here are 8 top foods for boosting the Immune System

  • Bone Broth
  • Lemons and Limes
  • Mushrooms
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Olive Oil

Here are some of the most important natural supplement Immune Boosters:

  • Vitamin D3 - this is one of the most important Immune System boosters and can be got by spending time in the sun or through supplementation
  • Zinc - Plays a role in preventing the replication of viruses
  • Vitamin C - Another very powerful Immune System booster that also controls inflammatory responses. "White blood cells rely on Vitamin C to fight off pathogens. HOWEVER the human is the only animal that cannot produce vitamin C and relies on getting it through food or supplementation. The liposomal Vitamin C supplements are about 20 times more effective than the powders
  • Beta Glucan - This is one of the most balancing immune boosters which also supports the white blood cells and improves their immune capability by activating bot T cells and "Natural Killer" cells
  • AHCC - Active Hexose Correlated Compound -  this is a very powerful "Alpha Glucan" immune booster discovered in 1989 by researchers in the University of Tokyo - Japan. AHCC has shown to be very effective with a  immunomodulatory effect for immunocompromised cancer patients. It is also extremely effective against viruses like colds, the normal flu and SARS, MERS and COVID-19
  • Olive Leaf Extract - Boosts white blood cells and improving overall immune response
  • Omega 3 fatty acids - EPA and DHA are very good at reducing inflammation thus supporting the Immune System. But Omega 3 has also sorts of other benefits to the body especially for cancer patients.
  • Glutathione - The "Master Guardian of the Cells".  A powerful anti-oxidant that not only controls inflammation thus supporting the immune system,  but it activates other anti-oxidants like Vitamin C and is also a powerful detoxification agent supporting the Immune System
  • Curcumin - This is an amazing bio-compound found in the turmeric root. It has a very wide range of benefits, including anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer  effects and supports the Immune system in many ways
  • Green Organic Cruciferous vegetables or Green vegetable Powder - These "superfoods" are "micro-nutrient" dense, with detoxifying capabilities and are excellent Immune System boosters
  • Probiotics - A major part of the Immune system is located in the gut, so it is important to support it with both prebiotics and probiotics. This prevents harmful bacteria entering the blood stream and requiring the immune system to neutralise them. Fermented foods are ideal and very effective probiotics, especially sauerkraut, kimchi and kombucha.
  • Spirulina - The most "nutrient dense" food on earth. This blue-green algae is a very powerful immune booster
  • Chlorella - contains chlorophyll one of the most powerful detoxifying compounds available that support the immune system
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Ten Questions You should Ask Your Oncologist

Dr Nasha Winters has created a list of Questions that everyone with Cancer should ask their Oncologist and their Cancer Support team practitioners. 

Based on the responses you will be able to decide on who you want in your Cancer Healing Team.

Dr Nasha Says: Do not be afraid to ask questions. Remember, you are paying your doctor, so they work for you. Consider yourself the CEO of your cancer care process, and your caregivers are your board of directors.

Here are ten sample questions to ask when interviewing a doctor for the position of caring for your life:

1.What will you be doing to treat my cancer stem cells, since chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery do not target these and can, in fact, stimulate their proliferation?

2. How do you plan to prevent further DNA or mitochondrial damage to my healthy cells?

3. What are your expectations of and rationale for this particular treatment?

4. What is your overall expectation for this course of treatment: A cure? Palliation (meaning improving quality of life)?

5. What are the possible risks and how will the medical team address possible adverse consequences?

6. Are there treatments you cannot provide? What would you consider doing if you had my disease?

7. What would my course of disease progression be if I choose to do nothing you recommend? (What would my survival time be, for example?)

8. Are you open to integrative therapies and willing to work with my integrative oncology experts?

9. What experience and training do you have with integrative oncology, nutrition, or integrative medicine in general?

10. Are you available and willing to communicate with my entire team and be supportive of my personal choices?

I hope this Topic has helped you understand what cancer is, and how important the Immune System is to both prevent and heal cancer. I will be covering the Immune System in a LOT more detail in future topics. 

You will also have a better idea of what you can ask your oncologist and members of your cancer support team to help you assemble the best team available to enable you to manage, control and heal your cancer.

I hope you are going to enjoy the next exciting Topic which will enable you to understand what causes cancer so that you can focus on what you think caused your cancer which in turn will guide Your Support Team to incorporate this in Your personalised "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Plan and Schedule.

 What Causes Cancer....... (more...)

Thank you for reading this Topic.

Now that you know WHAT Cancer is ! It's time to find out WHAT Causes Cancer ? Understanding what CAUSES Cancer will enable you to find out how you can manage, control and heal your cancer by developing a personalised "cancer healing lifestyle plan and schedule" to guide you on your healing journey.

I wish you ALL the very best and hope your day is filled with happiness, healing, love and caring !





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