Time and Costs


Time and Costs

Unfortunately time and costs; the 2 very important aspects of every cancer healing programme are usually overlooked during the initial traumatic stages of your cancer diagnosis.  This is an area that your Cancer Buddy can make a huge difference and save you a lot of money and help you develop an effective stress free daily routine.    

Time and Costs


Unfortunately fighting cancer successfully, especially stage 4 Cancer, is a full time job because you MUST take control of your own healing programme and be the leader of your Support Team. 

This means you must be able to dedicate the first 3 to 4 hours every morning to taking medication, preparing smoothies, snacks and meals for the day, as well as having breakfast. You want to be able to fully relax during this time and not have any deadlines or commitments that will cause any kind of anxiety or stress.

Remaining positive and grateful and eliminating all forms of stress is a critical aspect of your healing programme.  

During the day you also need to make time for your mid day snacks, other meals and your medication in the evening, while finding time to carry out the relaxing activities that you choose, like reading, watching videos, listening to music, meditating, affirmations and seeing family and friends. 


Cancer treatment and related costs are a major problem and can be a deciding factor for the treatment you can afford.  Hospitalization, anesthetics and operation costs together with all the prescribed drug medication is extremely expensive which is worsened by the exorbitant costs of MRI, CT scans and bone scans. Unless you have some form of Medical Aid or insurance, you will have to be very careful deciding on what procedures, medicine, scans and tests you can afford. Fortunately I have a very good Medical Aid that has covered virtually all my costs over the last 2 years. 

Unfortunately these costs are only the beginning, as buying organic groceries, nutritious supplements and “superfoods” for your diet are also very expensive and require very careful planning to limit the expenses without reducing the healing effectiveness of your meals, smoothies and snacks. This is another critical task for your Partner or Cancer Buddy who can shop around to get the best quality and best price.

I hope this has made you aware of the time and financial planning and management that you need to fully understand as you plan your healing programme.

Wishing you all the very best on your healing journey.

With Love and Caring.




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