The six ethics of life

Hello everyone, this is Dave (the Cancer Buddy)

I hope you are all having an awesome, positive, happy and grateful day wherever you are.

To my friends in Hong Kong so sorry to see the devastation the Typhoon caused, but just so grateful that you are all safe and sound and that you woke up to a lovely hot sunny day.

This morning I also woke up to a lovely sunny day and looking out over the mountain I realized how privileged and blessed we all are and that many of us, me included often take things for granted.

We need to all stop and smell the roses occasionally and take a few minutes to express our gratitude for everything and everybody in our lives.

To help us with some basics I found “The six ethics of life” that I want to share with you.

To all my “Cancer Friends”, I hope you are all feeling better each day on your healing journey and the 5th Ethic is especially for all of us.

Stay positive, happy, motivated and grateful,

with Love and Caring,