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Introducing the Natural "Metabolic Cancer" Healing Lifestyle Series.

Thank You for visiting the "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Portal.

I have included links to all the topics in the "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Series below.

I suggest you read them sequentially, however if you would prefer to find out more about me, then I suggest you look at the bottom three links which cover my metabolic cancer coaching credentials, my introduction to cancer and my stage 4 cancer healing journey as well as my 15 year cancer research journey.

The list of topics below includes everything about cancer that you need to know; be aware of and understand, to enable you to develop a personalised "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Plan and Schedule.

The MOST important thing you can do, to have any chance of managing, controlling and healing cancer, is to have a comprehensive Healing Plan and Schedule that you can share with your cancer support team and use it as a blueprint for your personal healing journey.   

I have created the "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Portal specifically to enable anyone who is interested to have access to all of the necessary information to be able to create their own personalised Healing Lifestyle Plan and Schedule. 

For those people that would prefer to have professional guidance and assistance to develop a personalized "Metabolic cancer Healing Lifestyle Plan and Schedule", I suggest you find out more about my comprehensive 4 month "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Coaching Program.

The totally unique metabolic cancer coaching program is a comprehensive 4 month (16 weeks) cancer healing coaching program with 10 weekly downloadable modules and topics that provide you the knowledge, awareness and understanding of all the necessary aspects of cancer to develop a personalised healing plan.  The program includes a 45 minute weekly coaching video call covering the weeks topics and assisting you to develop your plan and schedule. The Plan is based on local resources whenever possible depending on where you live in the USA. You also have unlimited e-mail interaction with me to support to enable quick responses to queries and help that you might need.  

This is the list of the 10 Modules and Topics that I have covered in this Series  

    1. Introduction to Cancer
    2. Global Cancer Statistics
    3. History of Natural Medicine
    4. Natural Medicine Heist and Monopoly
    5. The 2 Cancer Worlds
      1. What is Cancer?
      2. What Causes Cancer? 
      3. How do we get Cancer? 
    6. How does the Body Heal?
      1. Mind, Body & Soul
      2. The 6 Defense Systems
    7. The Ketogenic Metabolic Lifestyle
      1. Mindset
      2. Ketogenic Cancer Diet and Nutrition Therapy
      3. Cleanse and Detox
      4. Fasting (Ketosis and Autophagy)
      5. Sleep and Circadian Rhythm
      6. Exercise
      7. Supplements
      8. Advanced Therapies
    8. Developing Your Personalized Healing Lifestyle Plan
      1. Selecting Your Cancer Therapies
      2. Selecting Your Cancer Lifestyle Support Team
      3. Establishing a Progress Monitoring System
    9. Implementing Your Healing Lifestyle Plan
    10. Living a Cancer-Free Lifestyle
    11. My Introduction to Cancer
    12. My Credentials
    13. My Research Journey
    14. My Cancer Healing Coaching Program

The Global

"Metabolic Cancer"

Healing Lifestyle Portal 

Is cancer a “DEATH SENTENCE “ ?

That depends totally on the effectiveness of the integrative metabolic cancer support team, together with your mindset and the treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices you choose!

It’s YOUR Choice!

I have established the “Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Portal” to enable as many people as possible to discover the truth about cancer and to find out about the highly effective and successful natural non-toxic cancer healing “Ketogenic Metabolic Lifestyle”.

I have created the "Metabolic Cancer Portal" to enable both cancer Practitioners and cancer patients, or anyone supporting and caring for someone with cancer, to discover the TRUTH about cancer and to find out more about the "Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy" and how to develop a personalized "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Plan and Schedule". Such a plan and schedule is most probably the most important component of every successful cancer healing journey

The problem is that most conventional cancer practitioners prefer not to discuss the details of their treatment plan with their patients.

However, every cancer patient desperately wants to understand more about their condition, basic information about cancer, the treatment plan and what "side effects" to expect, as well as life expectancy.

As a Stage 4 cancer survivor, researcher and metabolic cancer coach I am talking from experience.

The "Ketogenic Metabolic Lifestyle"

This is a therapeutic cancer healing lifestyle treatment that is based on the natural non-toxic “Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy” (KMT). This therapy has been developed over the last decade by Dr Thomas Seyfried and his team, based on the work done by Dr Warburg who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1931. Warburg got the Nobel Prize for his decades of cancer research which culminated in him discovering the primary cause of ALL cancers. Seyfried is the world’s leading cancer researcher with over 28 years’ experience and the author of the ground-breaking book that has changed the cancer landscape forever. “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease”.

 The Metabolic approach to cancer has also been used very successfully by Dr Nasha Winters. At the age of 19, Dr Nasha, a naturopathic oncologist not only healed herself from “end stage” ovarian cancer, given 3-6 months to live; but has gone on to successfully treat thousands of cancer patients over the last 27 years using the metabolic approach to cancer. More recently Dr Nasha has trained many other Doctors how to use and practice the “metabolic approach to cancer” together with the use of alternative cancer healing treatments incorporated in a Ketogenic Lifestyle.

She is a highly sought after key note speaker who travels the world sharing her vision of transforming cancer care based on the metabolic approach.

She is also the co-author of another ground breaking book that I used on my healing journey – “The Metabolic Approach to Cancer”. 

My Life’s Purpose and Mission

It is my Life’s Purpose and Mission, as well as my passion, to share my vast knowledge of cancer and my personal "end-stage" cancer healing experience, with 3 months to live; with as many people as possible. (See my cancer credentials here …..)

The “Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle” Series

To enable everyone to have access to the vast knowledge which I have accumulated through my cancer research, together with my personal “end stage” cancer healing experience and my metabolic cancer healing coaching programs, I have included all of this information in a 10 part “Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle” Series. (Links in the side bar).

This Series is based on my 15 years of extensive cancer research which was triggered by my wife’s passing in 2005 from liver cancer, which involved a devastating, aggressive, painful and totally unsuccessful toxic  chemotherapy ordeal.

Much of the understanding I have of what people diagnosed and living with cancer are going through, is based on my own personal experience with my Stage 4 cancer healing journey and my experience as a “metabolic cancer coach”.

I know exactly what you are going through and I can help you by sharing my knowledge and my healing experience and provide you the information you need to develop a personalized “Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Plan and Schedule” to guide you and your cancer support team on your cancer healing journey.  

Research - Natural, Non-patentable Cancer Treatments

It is important to note that it takes between 10 and 20 years for advanced groundbreaking cancer research to be peer reviewed and accepted by the cancer industry and implemented in medical schools and Universities and in Doctors offices and clinics, as part of the main-stream treatment protocols. Unfortunately if the research involves natural non-patentable cancer treatments, and is competitive to the conventional "Standard of Care" cancer treatments, these are seldom accepted by the powerful conventional cancer industry unless the public becomes aware of them and demands them.

As people are becoming aware of the gentle, non-toxic, effective and affordable Metabolic Approach to managing, controlling and healing cancer the therapies will become free available.

The main objective of the Metabolic Cancer Portal is to provide you with all the information you need to create your own personalized cancer healing lifestyle plan and which practitioners you need in your support team ?

Sharing Critical Information

That is why I have developed this cancer healing series so that I can share this critical information with as many people as possible to enable them to find out about this natural non-toxic metabolic cancer healing therapy. The information in this unique cancer healing 10 part series is a culmination of 15 years cancer research which includes advanced emerging research and treatment options that you won’t hear about from your conventional Doctors or Oncologists, and it’s FREE.

The comprehensive information available for FREE is based on the same information included in my 6 month “Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle” Coaching program, costing thousands of dollars.

If you are interested in finding out how I can help you with my one-on-one dedicated metabolic cancer healing coaching program that provides you with all of the critical knowledge, awareness and understanding of cancer and assists you to develop your personalized “metabolic cancer healing lifestyle plan and schedule”. WHY not book a FREE 30 minute video call (no obligations) with me to discuss your needs and see if how I can assist you to achieve all of your gaols which are needed to manage, control and heal your cancer.  Find out more here …

Develop Your Own Personalized Cancer Healing Plan

The main objective of the 10 part “Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle” Series is to enable everyone to develop a personalized “cancer healing plan and schedule”. 

The Series includes all aspects of cancer with a focus on 7 critical requirements that are covered in great depth. These requirements are needed to have any chance of beating this devastating disease.

  • It is critical to start your cancer healing journey by taking control of your own health and wellness and taking responsibility for your cancer healing program by developing a personalized healing plan to guide you on your cancer healing journey
  • As with ALL journeys you need to be crystal clear on your destination and how to get there safely and most effectively. Developing a personalized “Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Plan and Schedule” is the most important thing that should be your highest priority. This is your “roadmap” that will guide you to your cancer-free destination
  • However to create an effective plan you need some basic knowledge of cancer; awareness of how we get cancer and how the body heals, as well as an understanding of the most effective and successful treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices to enable you to manage, control and heal your cancer. It is also critical to know who you should include in your the ideal cancer support team to help guide you on your healing journey, based on the metabolic approach to cancer  
  • Your healing plan must include the selection of your ideal integrated cancer support team and any related facilities you may need (all covered in the series)
  • The plan must also include the development and implementation of a personalized “Ketogenic Metabolic Lifestyle” based on Dr Seyfrieds “Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy” (MTK), and the supporting components. The supporting components are a critical part of the healing process and include
    • A therapeutic calorie restricted and mainly plant based “Ketogenic Nutritional Therapy” plan (diet) with anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-stress adaptogens, phytonutrients and bio-active compounds. This should be based on epigenetics, nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics proven science.
    • A Fasting Program including an “intermittent fasting” schedule and a bi-monthly 3 or 5 day “water only” fast
    • A Stress management program focusing on a positive, trusting and grateful mindset and emotions based on meditation and possibly yoga or Tai chi
    • A “Cancer Supplement” plan using the science of nutrigenomics to focus on boosting the immune system and the microbiome and targeting all of the main cancer forming hot spots; including the Cell Life Cycle checkpoints, the 10 cancer Hallmarks, epigenetic “oncogene” and “suppressor gene” expression, and the cancer related pathways
    • A Cleansing and Detox program to eliminate the accumulated toxins, parasites and heavy metals from critical organs and cells
    • A Sleep Routine to stabilize the Circadian Rhythm and to provide the body the necessary “rest and digest” healing requirement.
  • The plan must have a “progress monitoring and testing system“ to guide you and ensure that the therapies are working or if you require to make changes. The series includes references to critical tests and scans needed to monitor your progress that most cancer practitioners do not use.

More Interesting Information !

The following links enable you to choose the other topics relating to information below included in this introduction to the “Metabolic Cancer Portal, which includes knowledge, awareness and understanding of what you need to know about cancer and your way forward to manage, control and heal cancer.  

Then I suggest you go to the Side bar which has links to all the Modules and Topics included in the “Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Series”.

What is the "Metabolic Approach" To Cancer ?

I cover this in detail in Module 6 "The 2 Cancer Worlds", HOWEVER here is a simple introduction that you need to know.

The conventional Cancer Industry has been indoctrinating the public for over a century into believing that cancer is "genetic disease" that we inherit from our parents or grandparents and that we have no control over getting it, or not and that the genes we inherit are our destiny. 

Perpetuating this dogma, despite the scientific, evidence based metabolic cancer research done in prestigious Universities and research facilities around the world for decades that have confirmed what Dr Otto Warburg, a brilliant German Bio-Chemist and Doctor, was awarded the Nobel Prize for in 1931. Through his decades of cancer research Warburg discovered that the primary cause of ALL cancers is caused by "respiratory" dysfunction

In simple terms this means that the "metabolic energy generation pathways" in the mitochondria, (mini energy factories in most of the trillions of cells in the body), are damaged.  This means that cancer must use an ancient alternative energy generation pathway called "fermentation" where vast amounts of glucose are used to generate the necessary energy for cancer cells to grow, divide and spread - ultimately causing cancerous tumors.  

The "metabolic approach to cancer" is based on a non-toxic ketogenic lifestyle, incorporating nutritional therapies that utilise the powerful medicinal properties of natural phytonutrients and bio-active compounds together with lifestyle choices. 

This is the core of the "Metabolic Approach" to cancer which can be implemented by all cancer patients using the scientifically researched and proven, "Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy". This therapy is the main focus of the 10 part "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Program Series that is accessible from the "Metabolic Cancer" Portal.

The 10 part series answers ALL of those basic questions that you will never get answers for from a conventional cancer practitioner. (See the Module names in the left hand side bar)

These are some questions we answer and many more, in the Series

  • What is cancer ?
  • What are the 2 totally different cancer worlds ?
  • What causes cancer ?
  • What are the symptoms ?
  • How do we get cancer ?
  • How does the body heal naturally ?
  • How effective are the "standard of care" cancer treatments of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation ?
  • What non-toxic treatments, therapies and lifestyle choice options are there ?
  • What is the success rate of all of these different treatments ?
  • What side effects are there ?
  • What chance do I have of survival and how long will I live ?
  • What effect does Nutrition have on my healing process ?

These questions are answered in detail and lead into many other critical topics that everyone needs to know about to successfully manage, control and heal all cancers.

"Fake" Information

In the absence of getting these answers from our cancer practitioners we tend to rely on the internet. UNFORTUNATELY there is a lot of "fake" information on the Internet about all aspects of cancer, so it's difficult to know who and what you can believe and who is providing the most effective and latest information about all aspects of cancer. There is also a major problem getting honest information about emerging research based on the "metabolic approach" to cancer and the non-toxic treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices that are revolutionising cancer treatment and healing.  

After spending 15 years researching all aspects of cancer after my wife passed away in 2005, who experienced the most debilitating and painful Chemotherapy treatment; as well as my own Stage 4 "natural" metabolic cancer healing journey, and my experience as a certified metabolic cancer coach, I have made it my "Life's Purpose" to help as many people as possible to discover the TRUTH about cancer and the alternative natural metabolic cancer healing treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices, that are becoming available.

To start your healing journey I have created a unique 10 part "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Series" which is FREE and covers all of the modules that I use in my "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Coaching" Program. (See Side Bar)

"Cancer is a 'Modern Lifestyle' Disease"

"WE created our own cancer through our Lifetyles! - HOWEVER, Our Miraculous Bodies; that were Created from 2 cells, and grown into a 50 trillion cell body, with over 200 different cell types, 9 main organs, 11 interactive systems and 2 energy systems, KNOWS better than anyone else,


Our bodies have the innate intelligence and healing power to manage, control and heal any cancer as long as we control our thoughts, emotions and stress; stop consuming toxic chemicals, pollutants and processed foods; cleanse and detox the body, and provide the body with all of the 90 essential nutrients, phytonutrients and anti-cancer bioactive compounds that it requires to achieve ultimate health and wellness. It has no NEED for toxic petroleum synthetic chemical based prescription drugs, Chemotherapy or radiatuion which are both carcinogenic. (cancer causing)

The "Metabolic Approach" to Cancer using the "Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy" (MTK) developed by Dr Thomas Seyfried and his team at Boston College, is the Solution we have ALL been waiting for!

For more information and to start the first topic of the "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Series click here - Introduction To Cancer .........

There are many MYTHS about Cancer that you should be aware of.

The MOST important thing you MUST fully understand, is that cancer is NOT a DEATH SENTENCE as the conventional cancer industry wants us to believe,

WHY would they do this ?

The conventional global  "Cancer Disease Business" based on the conventional toxic "Standard of Care" is a very profitable business but the "Standard of Care" cancer treatment of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation is not only highly toxic, ineffective and expensive it also has horrific side effects that require additional prescription drugs to try and mask the side effects. The "5 year" success rate of the "Standard of Care" treatments, on average is less than 10% with over 26,000 deaths a day globally in 2018 and getting worse each year. 

For this reason most oncologists and cancer practitioners use the "fear factor" that the cancer industry has created around cancer; indoctrinating us and making us believe that cancer is a genetic disease that we have no control over, and that getting it is just bad luck, and in most cases IT IS A DEATH SENTENCE; especially stage 4 cancers that have spread into other parts of the body.


A Personalized "Cancer Healing Lifestyle Plan and Schedule"

Emerging Research indicates that the best outcomes are achieved by developing a comprehensive personalized "Cancer Healing Lifestyle Plan and Action Schedule" that should incorporate 10  critical activities: 

  • Start by Taking Control of Your Health and Wellness and your cancer healing program
  • Discover the Truth About Cancer - Cancer is a Metabolic Lifestyle Disease. (Knowledge, Awareness and Understanding all aspects of Cancer 
  • Develop your own personalized “Cancer Healing Lifestyle” Plan and Action Schedule
  • Implement a therapeutic Ketogenic Metabolic Lifestyle – eliminating toxic cancer causing pollutants, stress and foods - provide nutrient rich phytonutrients and bio-active compounds, introduce a fasting, cleansing and detoxification program 
  • Manage Your Mindset – Focus on being positive, grateful, loving and caring - establish a meditation routine
  • Select Your Cancer Lifestyle Support Team jointly with an experienced metabolic cancer coach, including lifestyle practitioners 
  • Decide on your preferred non-toxic cancer treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices
  • Plan and implement a nutritional therapy plan including Anti-cancer, Anti-oxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-stress phytonutrients, and bio-active compounds, as well as  Superfoods, Smoothies and Supplements
  • Implement a Progress testing and monitoring system
  • Implement and share your final day to day "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Plan and Schedule" with your team and use it to guide you on your personalized cancer healing journey.

The "Metabolic Approach" to Cancer is the Solution!

Start the first topic of the "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Series here - Introduction To Cancer .........

Please Note ! (Full Disclaimer Here)

The information in this Portal is for "educational purposes" ONLY  and should not be used to treat any disease. Contact your Healthcare practitioner before making any changes to your lifestyle.

The "Metabolic Cancer" Healing Lifestyle Program

Over the last few years the death rate from cancer has got totally out of control and we are no closer to finding a "cure" as we were when President Nixon "declared war" on cancer in 1971. 

HOWEVER it is important to remember that Cancer is a "modern lifestyle disease" that can be managed, controlled and healed through natural treatments, therapies and healthy lifestyle choices.

It is time for a change from the toxic and unsuccessful conventional cancer treatments and to look at natural alternative treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices !

I have spent the last 15 years interacting with the top "metabolic cancer" researchers and clinicians and analysing leading cancer research and clinical trends and experiences. During this time I also used metabolic therapies and lifestyle choices to heal my own stage 4 cancer.

My extensive research enabled me to discover the "metabolic approach" to cancer and to develop a comprehensive  "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Program" to enable anyone with cancer to establish a personalised plan as a guide for you and your cancer support team to help you manage, control and heal cancer. 

 My Life’s Purpose

My Life’s Purpose is to share all of the information I have gained over the last few years together with my own cancer healing experience and to share that with as many people as possible to enable them to take control of their own health and wellness and specifically their cancer healing lifestyle journey.

 The “Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle” Journey

Thank you for visiting the "Metabolic Cancer Portal" and I hope you find the time to read all of the topics covered in the comprehensive "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Series and use this information as the basis of your cancer healing journey.

I hope this has set the stage for you to read all the other articles in this series and to find out how you can manage, control and heal your cancer by developing a personalised cancer healing lifestyle plan and schedule to guide you on your healing journey.

I wish you ALL the very best and hope your day is filled with happiness, gratitude, healing, love and caring !




The First Topic - Introduction to Cancer