The 2 Cancer Worlds

The2 Cancer Worlds1

The 2 Cancer Worlds

The first very important thing that everyone with cancer or associated with cancer, must fully understand, is that there are 2 VERY DIFFERENT "Cancer Worlds".

These 2 cancer worlds are based on totally different paradigms and protocols that include a different approach to all aspects of cancer and most importantly to the primary cause of cancer, the approach to managing cancer, the treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices and critically, the survival outcomes are very different borne out by the global cancer statistics. 

The Conventional Allopathic "Standard of Care" Cancer Treatments 

The Conventional Allopathic "Standard of Care" cancer treatments of "surgery, chemotherapy and radiation''  were introduced in the 1940's and are still used today and managed and controlled mainly by the Pharmaceutical industry, the manufacturers of toxic chemotherapy. The Conventional cancer industry maintains that cancer is a genetic disease that we have no control over and that we inherit or get  through bad luck. 

The Metabolic Cancer Therapy 

The natural non-toxic Metabolic Cancer Therapy was first discovered in the 1920's by Dr Otto Warburg a brilliant German biochemist and doctor who dedicated his life to finding a "cure" for cancer, which many people believe he achieved. After decades of research and lab trials and case studies, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering the "primary cause" of ALL cancers. Understandably his peers, mostly representing the conventional toxic drug based "cancer disease business" did not agree with his findings and he was vilified and his work was labelled as "quackery" and buried. It is important to remember that NO natural treatments can be patented and therefore are unacceptable to the pharmaceutical industry.

Fortunately a few highly intelligent and dedicated Warburg Pioneers have continued his work and have scientifically proven that cancer is a "Metabolic disease" and NOT a "genetic disease", claimed by the conventional cancer industry. However this has still not been recognised by the industry and has resulted in the metabolic approach NOT being accepted as a mainstream treatment yet, as it is directly competitive to the highly profitable conventional "Standard of Care" treatments, supporting the "profit over people" business strategy. 

The Conventional Cancer World

The Conventional Cancer World is based on an incorrect assumption that cancer is a “genetic disease” and that you have no control over getting the disease or not, and that there are hundreds of different cancer types.

The conventional cancer “Standard of Care” treatments include “Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation”. All these toxic treatment protocols focus on the “tumor” which is the SYMPTOM of cancer, NOT the CAUSE. It is virtually impossible to manage and heal any disease without understanding the primary CAUSE and addressing the CAUSE to ensure long term results. 

The “cancer disease business” is a trillion dollar a year global business and is ruthlessly controlled and managed as a highly profitable business by the pharmaceutical industry and their masters. The business strategy is “profit over people” and patients must be kept on lifelong prescription drugs. Prescription Drugs and chemotherapy are designed to mask disease symptoms, not address the CAUSE of the disease, and every prescription drug has horrific “side effects” requiring additional drugs. 

Chemotherapy has the most devastating side effects and is often the cause of death, and not the cancer. Eighteen of the leading most profitable pharmaceutical companies are owned and controlled by the Rockefeller consortium. Virtually every conventional “healthcare facility” worldwide is forced to use the Rockefeller Medicine protocols using toxic prescription drugs and chemotherapy, or lose their license. 

Chemotherapy statistics published by various national conventional oncology associations indicate that chemo is between 3% and 6% effective across all cancers.

Imagine if only 6 out of every 100 flights reached their destination, would you and your family even consider flying ?

Chemo labels, which you never get to see, confirm that they are highly toxic and carcinogenic (cause cancer) and that the packaging must be handled and disposed of using “hazmat” protection procedures.

The History of the "Standard of Care" Treatments

The Rockefeller Allopathic Medicine Monopoly

In the early 1900's after John D. Rockefeller Snr had established the "Standard Oil" conglomerate and taken control of the oil industry, he had to find a way of utilising the vast amounts of petrochemical waste products resulting from the oil refining process.

He soon decided he would take over the healthcare industry by creating a pharmaceutical manufacturing industry using the waste products. (See the Topic on "The Natural Medicine Heist and Monopoly").

As Cancer was becoming one of the main causes of disease in the mid 1900's, Rockefeller got Frank Howard, a Standard Oil executive to persuade Alfred Sloan and Charles Kettering to donate large sums of their fortunes to establish a cancer hospital and research center called the Sloan Kettering Institute.

Howard became the Director of Research and appointed a pathologist Cornelius Rhoads to establish a research team to develop new cancer treatments.

Rhoads was involved with the US Army war effort researching “mustard gas” and immediately recruited the entire program and staff of the Chemical Warfare Service and formed the Sloan Kettering Institute Drug Development Program who worked on creating the first toxic chemotherapy chemicals from “mustard gas”. (mustard gas derivatives are  highly toxic and were used to kill thousands of people in 2 world wars)

Modern “Standard of Care" Cancer” Treatments
Although up until 1860's  cancer was being treated successfully by chiropractors, homeopaths and naturopaths using natural healthy nutritious diets, with fruit, vegetables, herbs, spices and supplements as well as fasting and detox programs, the research done for Rockefeller by the Sloan Kettering Institute Drug Development Program would change all that.

It was soon decided that there would only be 3 forms of “allopathic” cancer treatment that would be called “The Standard of Care" Cancer treatments. ALL Doctors, Oncologists and hospitals that were certified by the Council of Medical Education (CME), a Rockefeller organisation which was now the “authority” on all aspects of medical training, would be forced to ONLY use the "Standard of Care" cancer treatments or loose their practice license. 

These are the 3 treatments:
1. Chemotherapy which would consist of different patented toxic chemical drugs for each type of cancer which was estimated to be about 100 different types
2. Radiation which opened up a whole new business on the back of the rising prices of radium and the manufacturing requirement of various radiation machines
3. Surgery which would ensure long hospital stays generating additional profits

The Global Cancer Statistics

I would like to remind you of the devastating consequences of years and years of using the outdated, toxic and ineffective conventional cancer treatments. 

The 2018 statistics confirm the devastating death statistic of over 26,000 deaths ever day for the whole year and getting worse by the day. What's far more alarming is that the 2040 forecasts done by the conventional cancer industry, show daily deaths nearly doubling. This indicates that there is definitely no eminent cure and that the conventional cancer industry doesn't believe that the existing or future cancer treatments are going to reduce the cancer deaths. This is an extraordinary admission which means that we MUST focus on a better solution.  

The Metabolic Approach To Cancer 

Fortunately, we now know there is a far better solution. With all of the emerging cancer research, based on Dr Warburg's findings in the 1920's and Dr Thomas Seyfried and Dr Nasha Winters amazing work on the metabolic approach to cancer, we also know that cancer is a "metabolic lifestyle disease" and not a genetic disease. The "Ketogenic Metabolic Lifestyle and Therapy", which was developed by Seyfried and practiced by Dr Nasha, is a far better, non-toxic, gentler, more effective and affordable lifestyle therapy,  that enables everyone to create a personalized "metabolic cancer healing lifestyle plan" focusing on the 3 major phases of every successful healing journey - "manage, control and heal". 

Follow this link to find out more about developing a personalized "metabolic cancer healing lifestyle plan and action schedule". 

The Metabolic Cancer World

The "Metabolic Approach" to treating cancer naturally is totally different to the conventional "allopathic" toxic drug based treatments that make up the "Standard of Care" treatments of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. The non-toxic based "metabolic cancer" approach is based primarily on Dr Warburg's extensive research and findings that resulted in him being awarded a Nobel Prize in 1931. His research proved that the PRIMARY CAUSE of EVERY cancer is due to a "damaged mitochondria".

Every cell needs energy to achieve its function, and the mitochondria is the energy generation component in every cell that delivers that energy. (ATP)

Dr Warburg's findings in the 1920's and 30's have more recently been confirmed by many other highly respected, world leading researchers, academics, clinicians and cancer practitioners and lifestyle therapists, over the last 30 years.

Dr Thomas Seyfried, the world's leading cancer researcher has published over 180 peer reviewed papers covering all aspects of Cancer being a "metabolic disease" and NOT a "genetic disease" claimed by the conventional cancer industry. His book - "Cancer as a Metabolic Disease" - on the origin, management and prevention of cancer  has been recognized as the definitive cancer healing thesis and is being adopted and practiced by many integrative cancer practitioners worldwide. 

Dr Nasha Winters, a leading naturopathic oncologist has been using the "metabolic approach" to treating cancer in her clinic for over 28 years and has helped thousands of people manage, control and heal cancer. Her book called - The "Metabolic Approach to Cancer" is also recognized as a critical and highly acclaimed and respected guide to treating cancer.  Dr Nasha also healed her own stage 4 ovarian cancer using the metabolic approach after she was sent home to die. 

I had the privilege of interacting with this amazing woman who is undoubtedly the most knowledgeable person on all aspects of cancer in the world today.

Her amazing book introduces the metabolic approach and the use of deep nutrition therapy, the ketogenic lifestyle and 10 critical focus areas in what she refers to as the terrain (the inner body). I used her book as the main component in my stage 4 metastasized prostate cancer healing journey. 

I would like to just take a moment to recap and understand how we have got to this point in the cancer treatment story !  

Cancer - a "Genetic Disease" ? Or NOT ! 

The ONE thing that was absolutely common throughout my research was that cancer was always presented and treated as a "genetic disease" by all conventional practitioners and that this was accepted as an irrefutable fact (dogma) and not ever questioned by people in the cancer industry. This was based on the "Somatic Cancer Theory" taught in most Universities and Medical Schools in the US, and globally. This genetic approach assumes that a damaged DNA causes gene mutations and that, in simple terms, results in the cell becoming "rogue" and  replicating uncontrolled, forming a cancerous tumor over time.

The conventional cancer industry claims that the damaged DNA and genes are inherited or just bad luck !  It is bewildering that after so many years of research and trillions of dollars funding conventional cancer research, that the conventional cancer industry still focuses on the SYMPTOM and not the CAUSE. There is no possible way of treating a disease effectively without understanding the cause especially for cancer.   Fortunately the "metabolic approach" to managing, controlling and healing cancer does address the cause and is far more successful. 

Dr Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO, the co-author of the innovative, highly acclaimed, best selling book - The Metabolic Approach to Cancer - Integrating Deep Nutrition, the Ketogenic Diet, and Nontoxic Bio-individualized Therapies" , stated "The prevailing (and failing) dogma in Western Medicine today is that cancer is caused and driven by genetic mutations or just bad luck". She goes on to say "The problem is that this outdated mutation focus is not getting us any closer to preventing or curing this scary, heartbreaking, expensive and painful disease. We simply must take a new approach because right now we are not winning the war on cancer - NOT EVEN CLOSE ! Today there is a better chance of surviving Russian roulette than cancer and its associated Western treatments. Something is terribly wrong with the current cancer model". 

Something IS Terribly WRONG !

With over 26,000 deaths a day from cancer worldwide, something is terribly wrong and the "genetic approach" has a lot to do with it, and the solution lies in the "metabolic approach". 

In addition to Dr Winter's concerns, as mentioned above, the "genetic theory" focuses on the tumor which is the end result; "the symptom" and not the cause of the problem. This really bothered me as a researcher as I was wondering how cancer could be treated effectively without knowing the cause of why it has occurred or focusing on fixing the cause and not the symptom; - the "tumour". 

Focusing on the symptom and not the cause is the main reason why so many people who have had conventional chemotherapy and or radiation suffer a reoccurrence. Depending on the type of cancer statistics show between 24% reoccurrences in some cases to 100% in other cancers.  

In 2010 my cancer research project was wavering. I had become very depressed, frustrated and stressed as I had more questions than answers about "cancer in general" as I found so much conflicting information and I was not progressing as I had hoped and hadn't got any closer to finding a better solution to the conventional cancer world that I was searching for. 

I decided to go back to basics and list the main questions that were bothering me and try to find answers for each, hoping that would lead me to some kind of solution. It is interesting just to take a moment and consider these questions. 

Professor Thomas Seyfried the world’s leading cancer researcher, made the following remark: “At present, the cancer industry is focusing on the downstream effects of the problem, which is why the "war on cancer" has been such a miserable failure”.

I spent nearly 2 years researching these questions and the only conclusion I could reach was to agree with many leading cancer researchers and practitioners that there is ONE more big question. 

What if everything we have been told about cancer by the concentional cancer industry is "DEAD WRONG ?"

The Warburg Effect

Just as I was about to give up on my research, I was re-reading some research papers that Dr Otto Warburg had published back in the 1920's. Dr Warburg was a brilliant German researcher with a Doctorate in Medicine and in Chemistry and was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1931 for his extensive cancer research which discovered that the ONLY primary cause of ALL cancers is a "damaged cellular respiratory" problem  in the "metabolic energy generation pathway" of cells.

The "metabolic pathway" of a cell is where food and oxygen are processed and used to create energy for each cell to fuel itself to achieve its designated function. What Warburg discovered was that cancer cells created energy through an ancient inefficient "fermentation" process as the normal respiratory system was not functioning properly. This basically was the preliminary research proving that cancer is a "metabolic disease".

His findings were not what the conventional cancer fraternity wanted to hear, so they preferred to ignore his findings and insisted that cancer was a "genetic  disease", and "trashed his research findings' and called it "unscientific", irrelevant and even "quackery".  This glucose fermentation process was subsequently accepted by the scientific world and is today known as the "Warburg Effect".  

My "AHA" Moment ! 

In 2012 I discovered something that not only changed my life forever but actually saved my life, and I hope will save thousands of other peoples lives in the future.

Following up on Warburg's work I discovered that a number of other researchers also believed that he was on to something and that it could possibly lead to understanding the "cause" of all cancers. This led me to Dr Thomas Seyfried and his dedicated team of leading cancer researchers and associated therapies and lifestyle choices.

This was the break through I was looking for. 

The Metabolic Cancer Theory

Seyfried is the Professor of Biology at Boston College, a world leading cancer researcher, with over 25 years experience who has published over 150 peer reviewed scientific research papers and is the author of the highly respected, ground breaking Book - "Cancer as a Metabolic Disease - On the Origin, Management and Prevention of Cancer". His partner, Dr Dominic D'Agostino is the Associate Professor of Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology at the South Florida University  a leading specialist on the therapeutic use of the Ketogenic lifestyle  specifically as a therapeutic treatment for cancer.

Jointly they continued Warburg's work and found additional information and conducted hundreds of lab studies and field trials over a number of years that conclusively proves that cancer is a "Mitochondrial Metabolic Disease" and not a "genetic disease". They discovered that in every cancer case that they studied the "primary" cause of the cancer was a "dysfunctional mitochondria" that in turn damaged the "metabolic pathway" (respiratory) proces . The damaged mitochondria then damages the cell which might include the DNA  resulting in gene mutations that damage the replication function resulting in the formation of cancer and cancer tumors. 

The Mitochondria are the "Energy Generators" in all cells except red blood cells. Some cells like heart and brain cells that need a large amount of energy have thousands of mitochondria to generate the necessary energy for their cells.