Sugar and Artificial Sweetners


Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners

If You are suffering from any kind of Cancer and you are working on a healing programme, this is a "n0-brainer"

STOP all forms of sugar, artificial sweeteners, diet drinks and energy drinks  as soon as possible !

Sugar, Artificial Sweeteners, diet drinks and energy drinks are a major contributor to behavioral disorders and disease, specifically ADHD, diabetes, obesity and cancer.  

Soda / Soft Drinks / Cold Drinks by any name is a "toxic killer"

Most 12-ounce cans of soda (soft drink) have the equivalent of about 13 teaspoons of sugar. Soft drinks are also one of the worst “acid forming” culprits.

On average a soft drink cola has a pH of 2.5. This means it is very acidic and would need 32 glasses of water (neutral pH -7) to counter act the acid forming effect on the body. (see my post on pH Acid vs Alkaline)

Soft drinks are so acidic that they can remove rust from metal. Can you imagine what its doing to your arteries and veins.

Most people think that drinking “diet” drinks as an alternative is healthy.

Think again !  they are much worse than normal soft drinks as they are made with artificial sweeteners, usually aspartame, which we all know is on top of the “toxic killer” list.

Sports / energy Drinks - Don’t be confused by commercial health drinks, energy drinks and sports drinks. Recent research shows that many of these drinks have the preservative sodium benzoate in them, and when mixed with ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) a chemical reaction occurs resulting in “benzene”. Benzene is a proven carcinogen and is associated with leukaemia.  We all know carcinogens cause "cancer" !

In the US the FDA recently tested 84 health and sports / energy  drinks and found 54 had detectable benzene in them, as high as 79.2 parts per billion. The irony of this is that there is a legal limit for benzine of 5 ppb for drinking water but no legal limit for other drinks. 🙁 

California recently published manufacturing information stating that benzene levels should be kept below 0.15 parts per billion.

Breaking NEWS !!!!

Waitrose in the UK has become the first supermarket to completely ban the sale of energy drinks to youngsters under 16  

 Waitrose is  to ban sales of high-caffeine energy drinks to children under 16, following calls to limit their availability to youngsters.

The retailer said customers buying drinks containing more than 150mg of caffeine per litre would be asked to prove they are over 16 years of age from March 5.

It follows calls by campaigners for a complete ban on the sale of energy drinks to children amid findings that their sugar and caffeine levels could be harmful and disrupting in the classroom. 

Your AssessmentIf you or anyone in your family, especially children, drink these drinks, we suggest that you should avoid all processed soft drinks, especially “diet” drinks, energy drinks and processed fruit juices that contain “artificial sweeteners” or sugar.


Take care and be positive and grateful for everything in your life.

With love and caring. 

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