Ownership of Your Health

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Take Ownership of Your Own Health

This is the first very important step of any Cancer Healing Programme.

Although you will have your Support Team taking care of you on your healing journey, You need to make the final decision on every action.

Take ownership of your own health.

It is crucial that the patient takes total ownership of his / her health and all aspects of the cancer treatment and the cancer healing programme. This will be done together with the Support Team discussed later.

Traumatic and Stressful

Taking ownership of your health is very difficult as we all know, being diagnosed with Cancer is extremely traumatic and stressful for both the patient and the family and friends, based on the “fear factor” that is attached to Cancer in the western world.

Unfortunately  the "fear factor" has been created by the conventional medical fraternity and BigPharma as part of the strategy to get people into “standard cancer treatment” as soon as possible. This must be avoided until you have gone through the 6 essential aspects of a successful Healing Programme.

Cancer evokes terrible emotions in almost everyone that are very hard to deal with.

"Fear" may freeze the patient who will be immediately exposed to confusing terms and advice of all types from Doctors and other well-meaning sources, including family and friends. This is where your team is extremely important, specifically your Cancer Buddy.

The 6 Essential aspects of My cancer healing Programme.

  1. Take Ownership of your Health
  2. Knowledge and Awareness
  3. Your Support Team
  4. Treatment
  5. Attitude and Mindset
  6. Time and Costs

Exploiting the Fear Factor

This is when doctors and oncologists exploit this fear factor to get you into “standard cancer treatment” as soon as possible always claiming it’s urgent and every minute counts.

Resist Making any Decision

YOU must resist any knee jerk decisions until you are fully aware of your treatment options and what healing programme you are going to choose.

Wake up Call

I was diagnosed on the 6th August 2016 but although it was a surprise I was very fortunate that I had already completed research on cancer and fully understood what I needed to do. To be honest I saw it as a “wake up” call to change my hectic stressful work schedule.

Support Team

The battle against cancer is very challenging, difficult and stressful and if you decide to go on natural alternative treatments like I and many thousands of other people have done, then you are choosing a successful BUT controversial path that needs a very competent support team of treatment specialists and a lot of “moral” support at home to be successful.

A Family Affair

The support and caring process must start at home. In most cases, especially with stage 4 cancer patients, the patient will be spending most of their time at home during the healing journey.

Therefore it is extremely important for the patient to call a meeting with the patient’s partner and any adult children to ensure that everyone fully understands the diagnoses and what the patient’s plan of action is going to be.

Shared Responsibilities

There is also a requirement to agree new responsibilities. The first critical requirement is for the patient to be staying in a safe, loving and caring, stress-free home.

Stress - the Major Cancer Driver

Stress is a major cancer driver and must be completely eliminated to provide the patient any chance of survival.

Alkaline Diet

The next thing to understand is that the patient must start a new nutritious, alkaline diet as soon as possible to create an alkaline inner terrain in the body that will slow down the cancer from spreading.

To achieve this takes a lot of planning for all the meals, smoothies and snacks, which requires the partner or adult children to assist with planning and shopping and often to prepare and cook the meals, etc.

Stress free - "Peace of Mind"

In my case I was staying alone in Hermanus  when I was diagnosed and was extremely grateful when my daughter and her husband invited me to stay with them in Hermanus.

They have a large house in a safe secure estate up against the mountains overlooking the sea.

They set me up in the small private suite at the back of the house looking out onto the mountains. This is a totally stress-free environment where I have everything I need and I can come and go as I like but still interface with the family.

My daughter helps me planning my meals and doing the shopping as well as lifting me to the various therapy sessions I have every week.

Although I like to prepare and cook my own meals and mix my smoothies, there are days when you just feel like doing nothing, and this is where my daughter has been amazing, planning, cooking and freezing meals and making sure I always have my supplements and superfoods for my smoothies.

Having grand children around is also very enjoyable and therapeutic.

Best Possible Healing Environment

Living here has definitely created the ideal safe, stress-free setting enabling the best possible healing environment which is critical to tackle this devastating disease.


My sincere gratitude to my daughter, her husband and the children  for all their support, love and caring and for providing an amazing stress free environment.

Next aspect of the Healing Programme - Knowledge and Awareness