Nutritious Cancer Diet – NOT Allowed

 Nutritious Cancer Diet - NOT Allowed

Let me start by covering the things that I am not allowed to include in my Cancer Diet as defined by my alternative Nutritionist who customizes each persons diet based on the various healing frequencies in the body and the effect various foods have on those healing frequencies. 

If you have cancer and want to recover I recommend that you consider eliminating these things from you diet while you are on your healing journey. Most of these things feed your cancer therefore all cancer patients should also avoid these foods if you want any chance of beating cancer. 

Remember food either feeds cancer or kills cancer. You just need to know the difference and eliminate the food that is toxic and contains chemicals that create an environment for the cancer to flourish.   

It is tough, but a lot of fun if you start being innovative with your smoothies and meals, but it is worth it in the long run. I was able to go into remission within 12 months. 

  • ALL dairy – no exceptions
  • ALL processed foods – including breakfast cereals, tinned foods, jams, sauces, condiments, pre-cooked meals, soups and obviously all fast foods like hamburgers, hot dogs and chips, these are all highly acidic. The simplest way I can explain this is “If it is not in the form God made it, you don’t eat it.”
  • ALL white flour and pasta
  • All breads, rolls, muffins, cake and other confectionery
  • ALL sugar – table sugar, sweets, chocolates, honey, syrup, most sweat fruit and beware of food cooked or processed with sugar, only exception is low GI fruit a few times a week
  • ALL processed cold drinks, energy drinks, fruit drinks, flavored water and flavored milk
  • All saturated oils and cooking oils ( I can have limited coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil)
  • Most Fish / Meats, especially red meat,  except I can have Trout / lean Ostrich Mince / Free range chicken breasts once a week
  • Non organic fruit and vegetables grown with chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and  pesticides, as well as GMO grains and oils
  • Most fruit – especially high GI – I am not allowed any Citrus including lemons
  • ALL alcohol or drinks with caffeine like coffee
  • Most Prescribed medicine (drugs)
  • ALL Social / Street Drugs and Smoking
  • In addition I must try to avoid ALL possible forms of stress which isn’t easy but if you discipline yourself to stop “complaining, criticizing and judging” and realize that anger, fear, hate, anxiety and rage are toxic and that you must make concerted effort to focus on being positive, happy, grateful and motivated, which has a verey positive effect open the body and supports the healing process. 

I realize that it is very difficult to eliminate all of these foods BUT it is your choice and it really depends on your willpower and how committed you are to healing yourself and getting healthy again. But i can assure you it is worth giving these up during your healing program. 

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