Natural Medicine Heist

"How Rockefeller Killed Natural Medicine"

As you will have read in the previous Topic, mankind has survived for millions of years living off the land and eating wild animals. More recently during the 18th and 19th centuries, natural medicine practitioners became very popular and were the main healthcare providers, including naturopaths, homeopaths and chiropractors. However in the early 1900's J.D. Rockefeller (snr) developed an underhanded and deceitful strategy to replace natural medicine with toxic chemical drug based Allopathic medicine using the waste petrochemical products from the oil refineries he controlled world-wide.

It is only in the last 300 years that our lifestyles have changed drastically with the introduction of petrol driven transport emitting toxic fumes, commercial farming with a focus on grains and carbohydrates, grown using chemical fertilizers, pesticides and toxic herbicides like cancer causing Glyphosate; factories using hundreds of different toxic chemicals, many of which are released into the air and waterways, rivers and dams; processed foods loaded with sugar and artificial sweeteners like aspartame, chemical additives like MSG, preservatives, emulsifiers, colorants; and toxic allopathic drug based medicines as well as chemotherapy and radiation.

With these changes we have become a sick society with over 100,000 deaths a day globally from drug based healthcare systems.

Although we don't want to go back in time and live like our ancestors, there are many lessons to be learned from how they lived and what they ate.  

Allopathic Medicine vs Natural Medicine