My Cancer Research


As a Computer Engineer with over 45 years experience, my research is ALL based on "scientific evidence based", peer reviewed published research and published clinical trials and verified outcomes from highly respected researchers, academics, clinicians and cancer therapists. My focus is on independently funded research not biased research paid for and controlled by the Pharmaceutical or cancer industry.

My 15 Year Cancer Research Journey

My lifelong dedicated Cancer Research project started in 2005 after I made a promise to my wife on her deathbed, as a result of her advanced metastasized liver cancer, and an horrific chemotherapy experience; that I would dedicate my life to finding a gentler, non-toxic, more effective and affordable cancer treatment without the horrific side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

When I started this lifelong research mission I was obviously unaware that 10 years later, while also managing a large non-profit organization part time; providing "community and social development" services and support to hundreds of orphans, vulnerable children and disadvantaged families, living in poverty ravaged communities; that the chronic stress caused by the continuous fund raising requirements and poor eating habits, would lead to me being diagnosed with stage 4 metastasized cancer.  

My Cancer Research Project

My cancer research project started in June 2005 after my wife passed away. There were 3 distinct research phases and the current phase that I continue focused research to enable me to update and share all of the advanced emerging research so that people can stay abreast of the latest information available, covering all aspects of cancer.

Phase 1 - 2005 - 2011 - Basic Cancer Research - answering the basic questions

Phase 2 - 2011 - 2016 - My AHA moment ! Discovering the Metabolic Approach to cancer - developing a "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" program

Phase 3 - 2016 - 2017 - Things get personal - Managing, controlling and healing my stage 4 metastasized cancer using the Metabolic Approach

Phase 4 - 2017 - Current - My Life's Mission and Purpose - sharing my knowledge and healing experience  

Phase 1 - Basic Cancer Information -2005 to 2011

I set out in this Phase to establish all of the basic information about cancer, including:

  • What is cancer ?
  • What causes cancer ?
  • What are the cancer statistics ? Global cases, deaths, survival and financials.
  • What are the cancer symptoms ?
  • How do I get cancer ?
  • What are the 2 totally different cancer worlds ?
  • What are the cancer industry politics ?
  • Who are the key players ?
  • Who are the world leading cancer researchers, academics, clinicians and practitioners ?
  • How does the body heal naturally ?
  • What are the business strategies ?
  • How does the Pharmaceutical industry fit in ?
  • How effective are the "standard of care" cancer treatments of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation ?
  • What non-toxic treatments, therapies and lifestyle choice options are there ?
  • What is the success rate of all of these different treatments ?
  • What side effects are there from these different treatments ?
  • What chance do I have of survival and how long will I live ?
  • What are the long term effects of cancer ?
  • What effect does Nutrition have on my healing process ?

I spent the next 6 years researching all of these questions and discovered conflicting, vague and nonsensical answers, which led to many many more questions and a lot of misinformation, lies, indoctrination and frustration.

Everything referred back to the conventional cancer industry and the controlled "standard of care" treatments of surgery, toxic chemotherapy and radiation and not to alternative natural, gentle lifestyle therapies that I was searching for.

I was totally shocked and very angry with what I had discovered regarding the conventional cancer industry; especially the cancer politics, the ruthless control and management of the industry by the highly profitable pharmaceutical industry, the toxic treatment monopoly and the "profit over people" business strategy.

At this point I was very frustrated because I kept landing up in dead end rabbit holes that were promoting the toxic "Standard of Care" conventional treatments and the indoctrination by the pharmaceutical industry to drive the "profit over people" business strategies.

Phase 2 - My AHA Moment ! - 2011 - 2015

I was about to give up in late 2011 when I got an e-mail from a friend that had a link to the life story of Dr Otto Warburg and his discovery of the primary cause of ALL cancers.

The Primary CAUSE of ALL Cancers !

During the 1920 / 30's Dr Otto Warburg, a brilliant German scientist, Bio-chemist and Doctor was a leading cancer researcher who spent a 3 decades researching cancer and discovered the prime cause of ALL cancers.

In 1931 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering that all cancers are caused by dysfunctional respiration due to a damaged mitochondria (energy source), forcing all cancer cells to bypass the cells energy generation factories (mitochondria) and switch to an ancient highly in-effective "fermentation" process to generate the necessary energy to grow and divide, using glucose (sugar).

The "respiratory system" is also called the "metabolic energy pathway" as it is the main energy generation process in every cell in the body. 

This "metabolic approach" is very different from the "genetic disease" theory that the conventional cancer industry has indoctrinated the public into believing for many years, that cancer is caused by damaged genes (DNA) and that the damage is caused by inheriting the bad genes, or just bad luck.

Warburg proved that this was wrong, and that cancer is a "metabolic disease: and NOT a "genetic disease" and that ALL cancers are caused by a damaged mitochondria.

Cancer cells are very sneaky and intelligent and take control of the normal cell processes and can adapt to ensure they survive, grow and divide. Two of the 10 main adaptations (Cancer Hallmarks) include evading the immune system, which normally eliminates cancer cells, and to stimulate the number of glucose and insulin receptors to provide the additional sugar to enable them to generate this extra energy. It is very important to remember SUGAR is the main fuel that feeds cancer, but it is also the Achilles heel that I cover in other parts of the Information Center.

The work done by Warburg initiated the "METABOLIC Approach" to treating all cancers and fortunately many brilliant researchers, academics, clinicians, naturopathic oncologists and lifestyle therapists believed in Warburg's work and continued to establish the Metabolic Approach to managing, controlling and healing cancer as a mainstream therapy. The main Warburg pioneer is Dr Thomas Seyfried, the worlds leading cancer researcher with over 30 years experience who developed the highly successful "Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy" (KMT) developed over the last decade.


By the end of 2014 I had discovered the 2nd cancer world - the "Metabolic Cancer World", a VERY different world to the "Conventional Cancer World". The Metabolic Approach is based on all the work done by Warburg and all the people who continued his work.

What I discovered during this phase of my extensive research shocked me and made me very angry and prompted the following Question ! 

WHAT IF ? Everything we have been told by the conventional cancer industry about cancer is "DEAD WRONG".

A Non-toxic Solution in Sight

By late 2015 I had developed a "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" solution based on Dr Seyfried's "Ketogenic Metabolic Lifestyle and Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies" which I believe answers the questions above and more importantly fulfills the promise I made to my wife on her death-bed !

This turned out to be a timeous blessing as I was diagnosed with "End Stage" metastasized cancer with a prognosis of 3 months in 2016 as mentioned above. 

Phase 3 - 2016 - 2017 - Things get personal

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Prostate Cancer in August 2016.

The cancer had spread extensively throughout my body including my liver, lungs, lymph nodes and my bone structure, specifically my spine, neck, shoulders, hips and ribs. The formal diagnosis from my bone scan report ended with “Extensive Osteoblastic Metastasis”. A prognosis of 3 months to live.

The doctors insisted the only small chance I had of survival was to start chemotherapy and radiation as soon as possible, but suggested I get my affairs in order.

I had a very different plan in mind and turned down the offer for cytotoxic chemotherapy and radiation much to their disbelief, anger and dismay. 

Fortunately, after the extensive research I had already completed together with the interaction I had with world leaders, I was able to immediately take control of my cancer healing journey and develop my own comprehensive "Metabolic Cancer Healing Plan and Schedule". I implemented a therapeutic Ketogenic Metabolic Lifestyle incorporating Dr Seyfried's Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy with 5 sub components. I also spent time selecting an amazing cancer lifestyle support team that guided me on my cancer healing journey.

So! What caused my cancer ? 

Chronic Stress - the Biggest Cause of Cancer 

At the time, in parallel to my extensive cancer research project I was also managing a large non-profit organisation that provides "community and social development" services and support to hundreds of orphans, vulnerable children and disadvantaged families living in 5 poverty ravaged communities in the region where I live in South Africa .

With the global recession devastating the world, fundraising became virtually impossible and I had to cut back staff and support programs and suffered from extreme chronic stress for more many years before my health declined and I got the Stage 4 metastatic cancer diagnosis. 

Fortunately, by this time I new exactly what I needed to do to manage, control and heal my cancer.  The first thing was to change my lifestyle. Although the next 12 months were traumatic and very difficult requiring dedication, discipline, a positive mind set and belief that I could beat this devastating disease, together with the "Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies" and support from  my dedicated and brilliant support team, I was blessed and was in complete remission after 12 months.

Phase 4 - 2017 - Current - My Life's Mission and Purpose - sharing my knowledge and healing experience

Having been blessed and spared from this devastating disease I knew that I had a new "life's purpose" and mission and that I had to find a way of sharing the vast knowledge I had accumulated through my extensive research, interaction with some world leaders, and my personal stage 4 cancer healing experience.

It is important to note that there are no conventional treatments that are effective in treating stage 4 metastasized cancers and less than 4% even live to the 5 year survival mark. This fact makes it even more important to look into the Metabolic Approach to cancer. 

To achieve my new goals I became a certified metabolic cancer healing lifestyle coach, mentor and "cancer buddy" and established an online metabolic cancer healing lifestyle coaching practice.

I am totally focused on sharing my knowledge, awareness and understanding of all aspects of cancer with as many people as possible. The main component of my offerings are to help people with cancer to develop the most critical component of every successful cancer healing program; a personalized "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Plan and Action Schedule"

With cancer proven to be a metabolic lifestyle disease, this Plan includes establishing your ideal cancer lifestyle healing support team and the appropriate "Ketogenic Metabolic Lifestyle" and the "Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies".

It is important to be aware that conventional Doctors and Oncologists are not taught nutrition, or other critical lifestyle therapies like energy management, fasting, natural cleansing and detox regimens and mindset management, the most critical healing component.

The Current Top World Leaders 

In addition I started a new extensive research project to identify and interact with the current top world leader in all aspects of cancer. With my previous research knowledge and healing experience I now knew exactly what to look for and how to recognize and eliminate all the fake news and misinformation, as well as all of the conventional cancer industry dogmas, indoctrination and in some cases down right lies.  

A key aspect of this was to only work with researchers, academics, clinicians and cancer lifestyle therapists that worked independently of the conventional cancer industry, the pharmaceutical industry and government. There are wide spread allegations that those funded by these sources often find their outcomes manipulated to suite the funders.

 "Fake" Information

In the absence of getting any answers about the metabolic approach to cancer from our conventional cancer practitioners, we often tend to rely on the internet. UNFORTUNATELY there is a lot of "fake" information on the Internet about all aspects of cancer, so it's difficult to know who and what you can believe and who is providing the most effective and latest information about all aspects of cancer. There is also a major problem getting honest information about emerging research based on the "metabolic approach" to cancer and the non-toxic treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices that are revolutionizing cancer treatment and healing.  

This was the reason I started this new project which has turned out to be extremely fruitful and has given me the opportunity to share all of the emerging information with as many people as possible through this "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Information Center and Portal

During this time, and after extensive screening and due diligence and interacting directly and indirectly with over 50 potential contenders I finally choose 18 people as my consolidated cancer information source. 

Here they are !