My Cancer Introduction

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My Introduction to Cancer 

In 2004 my wonderful wife was diagnosed with advanced metastatic Liver Cancer with a prognosis of 6 months and put onto an aggressive chemotherapy immediately without any other options. 

My family and I were totally devastated by my wife's cancer diagnosis. 

My first encounter with cancer was in 2004 when my wife was diagnosed with advanced metastasized liver cancer. As neither of us had any experience with cancer, cancer treatments or cancer politics, we assumed that the Doctors and Specialist Oncologists would would discuss all available treatment options and provide her with the best possible treatment to survive. Unfortunately that was not the case and after a few traumatic months of aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatment, excruciating pain, hair loss, nausea, unable to eat, and long sleepless nights crying and begging for help, she passed away in May 2005.

In hindsight we should have got a second or third opinion and looked at integrative and alternative treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices. We now know that the survival rate of metastatic liver cancer patients being treated with doxorubicin and cisplatin chemotherapy are few and far between, especially if they don't introduce a combined anti-cancer nutritious therapy in parallel to the conventional cancer treatments, and eliminate the main toxins that fuel cancer, especially sugar, processed foods, grains and commercial meats and dairy.

“In order to protect the profits of Big Pharma, any and all potentially successful alternative cancer therapy must be disbelieved, denied, discouraged, and disallowed at all costs. They are prepared to do whatever it takes to suppress and censor all alternative cancer treatments.” Ty Bollinger, in his book Cancer – Step Out of the Box.

On her deathbed I promised her I would dedicate my life to finding a far gentler, non-toxic, more effective and affordable cancer treatment without the horrific side effects of conventional cancer treatments.

Seeing her going through this experience was extremely traumatic for her and the family and friends as well; however I knew there had to be a far better alternative to the "Standard of Care" conventional toxic cancer treatments of radiation, chemotherapy and surgery, so in 2005 I started my lifelong cancer research project to fulfil the promise I made my wife.

Cancer Research.

I spent the next 6 years researching all aspects of cancer and I was totally shocked and very angry with what I had discovered regarding the conventional cancer industry; especially the cancer politics, the toxic treatment monopoly and the "profit over people" business strategy. At this point I was very frustrated because I kept landing up in dead end rabbit holes that were promoting the toxic "Standard of Care" conventional treatments and the indoctrination by the pharmaceutical industry to drive the "profit over people" business strategies. I was about to give up when I got an e-mail that had a link to the life story of Dr Otto Warburg and his discovery of the primary cause of ALL cancers. (See Primary Cause of Cancer above)

What I discovered shocked me and prompted the following Question ! 

WHAT IF ? Everything we have been told by the conventional cancer industry about cancer is "DEAD WRONG".

A Non-toxic Solution in Sight

By late 2015 I had developed a "Metabolic Cancer Healing" solution based on Dr Seyfried's "Ketogenic Metabolic Lifestyle and Therapy" which I believe answers the question above and more importantly fulfills the promise I made to my wife on her death-bed !

This turned out to be a timeous blessing as I was diagnosed with "End Stage" metastasized cancer with a prognosis of 3 months in 2016 as mentioned above. 

Things get Personal - My Stage 4 Cancer Diagnosis

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Prostate Cancer in August 2016.

The cancer had spread extensively throughout my body including my liver, lungs, lymph nodes and my bone structure, specifically my spine, neck, shoulders, hips and ribs. The formal diagnosis from my bone scan report ended with “Extensive Osteoblastic Metastasis”. A prognosis of 3 months.

The doctors insisted the only small chance I had of survival was to start chemotherapy and radiation as soon as possible, but suggested I get my affairs in order.

I had a very different idea and turned down the offer for cytotoxic chemotherapy much to their disbelief, anger and dismay of my doctors !

Chronic Stress - the Biggest Cause of Cancer 

At the time I was managing a large non-profit organisation that provides "community and social development" services and support to hundreds of orphans, vulnerable children and disadvantaged families living in 5 poverty ravaged communities in the region where I live in South Africa . With the global recession fundraising became virtually impossible and I had to cut back staff and support programs and suffered from extreme chronic stress for more many years before my health declined and I got the Stage 4 metastatic cancer diagnosis.  .

Fortunately, after the extensive research I had completed together with the interaction I had with world leaders, I was able to immediately take control of my cancer healing journey and develop my own comprehensive "Metabolic Cancer Healing Plan and Schedule". I implemented a therapeutic Ketogenic Metabolic Lifestyle incorporating Dr Seyfried's Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy with the 5 sub components. I also spent time selecting an amazing support team. 

Fortunately, I was blessed and my personalized healing journey, supported and managed by my dedicated and brilliant support team, enabled me to go into complete remission after 12 months.

My AHA Moment ! 

My AHA Moment came as soon as I read Dr Warburg,s story and that not only changed the direction and success of my research but also saved my life.

Dr Otto Warburg had basically discovered the "Metabolic Approach" to cancer which has totally changed the cancer treatment landscape and in my humble opinion will ultimately become the only successful cancer therapy in the future.

Over the next 5 years of my research project I was extremely grateful to have identified and interacted with a number of the worlds leading metabolic cancer researchers, specifically Dr Thomas Seyfried, Professor of biology at the prestigious Boston College, as well as clinicians, cancer clinic owners, cancer supplement formulators and trusted cancer related website owners. I also read many cancer research papers, case studies, books and attended cancer related presentations and online webinars. 

During this time there are 3 very important things I discovered which are critical components that need to be included in every cancer journey. 

  1.  Understanding that there are 2 very different cancer worlds that most people have never heard about.
  2. That everyone with cancer MUST take control of their own health and wellness and specifically their cancer treatment program
  3. Most importantly, everyone with cancer MUST develop a comprehensive personalized "Cancer Healing Plan and Treatment Schedule".  

 2 Different Cancer World's 

One thing that became very clear to me during my research was that there are 2 very different cancer worlds.

The Conventional Cancer World and the Metabolic Cancer World

The "Conventional Cancer World" is a trillion dollar global industry ruthlessly managed and controlled by the pharmaceutical industry based on a "profit over people" business strategy; focused on generating exorbitant profits. This world claims that cancer is a "genetic disease" that we inherit from our parents or get because of bad luck, and that we have no control over getting it or not.  This world focuses on the "tumor" which is the "SYMPTOM" of cancer and not the "CAUSE".  It also uses the "Standard of Care" cancer treatment protocol of surgery, toxic chemotherapy and radiation which ALL conventional cancer practitioners MUST prescribe, or loose their license. They are NOT allowed to offer natural, nontoxic, effective and affordable, alternative treatments like the highly effective non-toxic Metabolic Approach to preventing, managing, controlling and healing cancer.

It's no wonder that we are not winning the war against cancer with the toxic conventional treatments, borne out by the devastating cancer death statistics showing that in 2018 there were over 26,000 deaths a day from cancer world-wide, and it is getting worse each year.   

The "Metabolic Cancer World". This world, as mentioned was discovered in the 1920's by Dr Warburg, a Nobel Laureate, who proved that the "primary" CAUSE of ALL cancers, is a dysfunctional mitochondria and  "metabolic pathway". (this is the energy generation component in most of the 40 trillion cells in the body). This world focuses on the "metabolic approach" to cancer using the natural non-toxic "Ketogenic Metabolic Lifestyle and Therapies" to treat cancer, which was developed over the last decade by Dr Thomas Seyfried, the world's leading cancer researcher and his team. A number of other people have also successfully used the metabolic approach, notably Dr Nasha Winters who not only cured herself from stage 4 metastasized Ovarian cancer but has healed thousands of patients in her clinic over 28 years. Her book, the Metabolic Approach to Cancer" is a MUST read.  

1.1. Informed Cancer Treatment Decision

It is critical for every person who gets diagnosed with cancer to fully understand these 2 cancer worlds and to consciously decide which treatment option to take. This decision is often a matter of life and death. This is one of the main reasons I established this "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Information Center" to make people aware of these options.  

2. Take Control of your own Health and Wellness

As you have discovered above, there are 2 very different cancer worlds. For this reason the first critical decision you have to make, is which "cancer world" do you want live in ? Secondly, every cancer is caused by the lifestyle choices we each make, so every successful cancer healing journey must focus on lifestyle choices and on an anti-cancer diet providing all of the essential nutritious foods required for the body to heal. You are the only person who can decide to change your lifestyle and your eating habits.

So, you must "Take Control of Your Cancer Healing Program".  You must make the necessary lifestyle changes and  also take responsibility to develop your own meal plans which must include the required phytonutrients, anti-cancer bioactive compounds, herbs and spices. 

The Question is:, HOW do I know what the best lifestyle choices are and what should I be eating ? This is the reason for the 3rd important thing that you need to do and the MOST important.

3. A Cancer Healing Lifestyle Plan and Treatment Schedule

The third thing, and the most important thing I discovered during my research, is that every person who has cancer must develop a personalised comprehensive cancer healing lifestyle plan and schedule".

To assist everyone to be able to develop a personalised plan, I have developed a FREE 10 part "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Series that is accessible in the "Metabolic Cancer Portal". (link below ...) 

The main objective of the 10 part Cancer Healing Series is to take you through the process of developing your plan and schedule. The series covers all aspects of cancer that you need to know and provides all of the necessary supporting information about the "Ketogenic Metabolic Lifestyle and Therapies". 

In addition you will find out how to select the ideal cancer support team and treatment facilities, how to implement the "Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies (KMT) and the sub components of the therapies, and how to set up a "Progress Monitoring and Testing System". You will also get information on what tests are critical to monitor the cancer healing progress. This is critical so that you know if the treatment is working or if you need to make changes. 

3.1. The Metabolic Cancer Healing Coaching Option

If however you want my help to develop a "Cancer Healing Plan and Schedule" and get one-on-one guidance on how to implement the therapies and lifestyle choices plus select your ideal team and establish a testing system; take a look at my "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Coaching Program.

This is a comprehensive, one-on-one coaching program with weekly supporting documents and a 45 minute coaching session every week. (12 hours one-on-one coaching that can be extended if needed). You also have unlimited access to me through e-mail and full support.

Find Out More - FREE 30 Minute Video call

I suggest if you are interested to find out more about the program follow this link where you can schedule a 30 minute FREE video call with me to discus your needs and for you to decide if my program would suite you. I only take on a limited no of clients at any time so that I can dedicate my time to each of you. E-mail if you want to know if I am taking on new clients or schedule a call and we can discuss my availability. (Interested, check it out ......) SORRY My Schedule is Full at the moment !

Knowledge, Awareness and Understanding.

Knowledge is "power" and enables you to know "WHAT" you should be doing?

Awareness provides you options and tells you "WHICH" option to choose?

Understanding enables you to understand "HOW" You can benefit from your choices?

The main Objective of the "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Program has been designed specifically to provide you with the "knowledge", "awareness" and "understanding" you will need to develop your personalized cancer healing plan and schedule.

Time to visit the "Metabolic Cancer Portal" and find out how you can start your healing program? (Here.........)

Please take care; wishing you all the best on your healing journey with love and caring.