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My Personal Cancer Healing Journey

While I was spending many hours a day on my cancer research journey I was also managing a large non-profit charity organisation that provides "community and social development services" to hundreds of orphans, vulnerable children and disadvantaged families living in 5 poverty ravaged communities. 

Although the day to day operations are challenging and stressful, the fundraising for such an organisation over many years of global economic turmoil and recession, is extremely challenging and stressful and was the main driver of my stage 4 prostate cancer that had spread into my lungs, liver, lymph and bone structure. 

Fortunately through my extensive cancer research and interaction with global experts I had already developed a comprehensive "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Program" for family and friends. 

This was my opportunity to put the program to the test.

I immediately took total control of my own health and wellness and personalized my "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Plan and Schedule".

This included 9 key components:

  1. Established a highly competent "Cancer Support Team" with experience in metabolic therapies, energy healing, and therapeutic Ketogenic Lifestyle choices.
  2. Planned and Implemented a "Therapeutic Ketogenic Lifestyle" including:
    • A calorie restricted, mainly plant based ketogenic diet incorporating a "High fat - Low carb"  "nutritional therapy" plan including "good fat", protein and limited carbs with selected organic cruciferous and dark green vegetables, herbs, spices, nuts, seeds and low GI berries.
    • The "nutritional therapy" plan incorporated selected bio-active compounds that are anti-cancer, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. 
    • Established a natural "cleansing and detoxification" program using herbs, spices and supplements
    • Established a "fasting program" to include daily 18 hour "Intermittent fasting" and a bi-monthly 5 day "water only" fasts.
    • Established a "Mindset" Program focusing on positive "mind, body, soul" healing, meditation, a Vision Board and goals and positive affirmations. I also included my daughter and a good friend as Cancer Buddies to keep me motivated and help out with chores when I was not feeling well.
    • Started a hobby of painting rocks 🙂
    • Established a daily exercise routine walking and using a mini-trampoline (rebounder) 
  3. Created a phased "elimination plan" to cut out all sugar, processed food, GMO food, grain, commercial meat and dairy.
  4. Created an "awareness plan" to limit environmental toxins, WiFi, EMF, polluted air and water, hazardous household chemicals, and toxic personal care products. (Soap, Shampoo, deodorant, etc)
  5. Established a cancer "supplement routine" focused on the 8 main anti-cancer hotspots - 1. Immune boosting, 2. mitochondrial maintenance, 3. Inflammation and 4. oxidation, 5. genome (DNA) protection, 6. cancer pathway protection, 7. microbiome maintenance, 8. stress management using adaptogens.
  6. Established a comprehensive Stress management program (90% of all cancers are stress related - mine was)
  7. Although I did not require to take this step I include it for information. Establish (if required) an advanced cancer treatment program to be integrated into the daily program. This might include Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), Ozone Therapy (OT), Vitamin C IV's or mistletoe or combinations. The decision to go on advanced treatment will be decided by your Cancer Support team based on your ongoing test results.
  8. Established a cancer "progress monitoring and testing system" with initial baseline markers as a reference point - especially blood sugar and ketones, Vit D, Vit B12, Folate, and more. Plan a bi-monthly blood test routine with scans if unavoidable. 
  9. Created a daily "consolidated lifestyle plan" based on all of the above and ensuring 10 hours sleep every night and leisure time for hobbies, reading, listening to music and socialising with family and friends.

At times I deviated from the plan but by and large I managed to discipline myself mainly driven by my will to live and to enjoy life.

I was in full remission after 9 months but had to have a hip replacement due to the bone cancer.

Today I am fully healed and hope that I can be of help to you on your cancer healing journey.  

Thank you for reading this topic and hope you get to read all of the topics in the Series, especially Topic 10 - "Developing a Personalized Cancer Healing Program".

Wishing you all the very best on your healing journey. Stay positive, safe, grateful, happy and healthy and fill your day with love and caring.





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Cancer - The World Leaders

Reliable, trustworthy and honest knowledge is the most critical component of your cancer healing journey. Over the last 5 years I have identified and interacted directly or indirectly with many of the world leading cancer researchers, academics, clinicians, naturopathic oncologists, nutritionists, functional medicine practitioners and other cancer therapists.  

Through this process I have selected 18 leading specialists that I have sourced all my information, knowledge, awareness and understanding of all aspects of cancer that I have consolidated into my cancer lifestyle coaching practice and shared in this Information Center.

Here is the list of the world most prominent, respected and influential cancer healing specialists.


My Cancer Credentials and Personal Cancer Healing Experience

Although the Internet enables everyone to access virtually any information you may need on any topic; unfortunately not everything on the internet can be trusted or believed. This makes it very difficult to know who you can trust and what information is true and appropriate.

This is especially critical when it comes to finding honest and trusted information on anything to do with cancer.

SO! The question is why should you trust and believe me, especially as I am not a Doctor or Oncologist ?

My Credentials

I am a Cancer Research Analyst with over 15 years experience, a Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Coach and Mentor, a Stage 4 Cancer survivor who used the nontoxic "metabolic cancer approach" to managing, controlling and healing my cancer in 12 months, and I am a Cancer Buddy, Author and Blogger. 

Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Coach and Mentor - having been blessed and spared from Stage 4 cancer in 2016 I knew that my life's purpose and mission was to help people who have cancer or who want to prevent cancer by and sharing my 15 years cancer research knowledge and my personal cancer healing journey.

My passion is to support and share my vast cancer knowledge with as many people as possible. I am a certified Life Coach specialising in the "metabolic approach to cancer" and specifically helping people to develop personalised "metabolic cancer healing lifestyle plans and action schedules" to be used jointly with your "cancer support team" to guide you on your cancer healing journey.

For more detailed information on my "metabolic cancer healing lifestyle program" - go here..........

Cancer Research Analyst - I have been a cancer research analyst researching ALL aspects of cancer for over 15 years. In 2004 my wonderful wife was diagnosed with advanced liver cancer with a prognosis of 6 months. Obviously we were devastated and because we had no experience of cancer, we engaged a leading oncologist and allowed him to treat her without question or establishing treatment protocols, life expectancy and more. This turned out to be a mistake. After 6 months of horrific, aggressive, debilitating chemotherapy treatment, she passed away.  On her deathbed I promised her I would dedicate my life to finding a gentle, more efficient and affordable, non-toxic treatment that didn't have the terrible devastating side effects that shattered her dignity and quality of life. 

In May 2005 I started a lifelong cancer research journey which has become my "Life's Purpose" and passion supporting and sharing my knowledge with as many people as possible; which also saved my life from Stage 4 cancer in 2016. 

A major part of my research has been to identify the best, trustworthy, respected, leading world-wide cancer specialists, mainly from prestigious university research units that are independently funded allowing them to focus on scientific, evidence based, natural metabolic cancer solutions, without influence from the conventionl cancer and pharmaceutical industries, who only support toxic drug based treatments.

it is interesting to note that 90% of all cancer research funding comes from the conventional cancer and pharmaceutical industries. This funding primarily focuses on developing new profitable, patentable toxic drug based cancer treatments. Only 4% is invested in cancer prevention and 1% in natural alternative cancer research. This in itself tells a story of the long term vision of these industries; so I wouldn't hold my breath for a "cure" any time soon from the conventional cancer industry.  

One other fact that we should all understand is that it can take between 10 and 20 years for cancer research and new treatment therapies to be peer reviewed and accepted by the conventional cancer industry. Only then will this research be incorporated in medical schools and Universities and also implemented by doctors, oncologists and practitioners in the field.

This is further delayed, or not accepted at all, for natural alternative cancer research outcomes no matter how effective they might be. 

This is why I have interacted with many world leaders and focused on the best, trustworthy, emerging cancer research and clinical outcomes with a commitment to share it with as many people as possible without having to wait until it becomes mainstream. Hopefully this will save hundreds or thousands of lives.

However you must be aware that you will never hear information about natural alternative or metabolic therapies from from your conventional Doctor or Oncologist, who are forced to offer the conventional "Standard of Care" drug based treatments of surgery, cytotoxic chemotherapy and radiation.

Deviating from these conventional treatments may result in losing their license to practice. It is also important to remember that cancer is a "metabolic lifestyle disease" and not a "genetic disease" as the conventional cancer industry want us to believe.

Very few conventional Doctors or Oncologists are taught any  lifestyle therapies, including nutrition, energy management, fasting, cleansing and detoxification and the very important, holistic approach focusing on "mind, body and soul"  as a major component of the bodies natural healing capabilities.  

As your Doctor or Oncologist doesn't control your lifestyle, especially your grocery shopping, everyone must  take control of their own health and wellness and specifically your cancer healing lifestyle journey.

Through my research I have been blessed to have met, followed and interacted with some of the world's leading cancer researchers, cancer practitioners, clinicians and owners of trustworthy cancer related websites. This enabled me to get firsthand access to their work.

This included cancer researchers, integrative oncologists, clinicians, ketogenic lifestyle specialists, oncology nutritionists, natural medicine doctors, functional medicine practitioners, energy medicine practitioners, clinical facilities, cancer testing facilities and "mind body and soul" healing practitioners. 

Over the last 15 years I have also reviewed hundreds of research papers, clinical trials, case studies, web content and articles and cancer related books, as well attending presentations, TED talks, webinars and documentaries, not to mention the hundreds of "rabbit holes" that have resulted in "fake information" and "conspiracy theories".   

Leading Metabolic Cancer Researchers and Clinicians

I am only going to mention 4 of the world leaders here, with more details in the sidebar; but will also include a list of the best books that incorporate many more cancer specialists, to assist you to do further research.

  • Thomas Seyfried Ph.D. Professor of Biology at the prestigious Boston College, (see sidebar) is the highly respected, world's leading cancer researcher with over 30 years experience and the author of over 180 peer reviewed research papers and highly acclaimed, best selling "revolutionary" book "Cancer as a Metabolic Disease".

This is the most authoritative and respected book on "metabolic cancer", but it is very technical and targeted primarily at cancer practitioners and specialists. 

Dr Seyfried also developed the highly successful "Ketogenic Metabolic Lifestyle Therapy" that is emerging worldwide as a very effective gentle, non-toxic, more effective and affordable cancer treatment with no side effects.


  • Fortunately Travis Christoffersen a cancer research scientist who has worked with Thomas Seyfried also wrote a best selling cancer book similar to Seyfried's book but for the public called "Tripping Over the Truth". He also recently published another amazing book called "Curable". I highly recommend both these books.
  • Dr Nasha Winters - The world's leading naturopathic integrated oncologist and clinician who has also spent the last 28 years successfully practicing the "metabolic approach to cancer" in her clinic and more recently educating doctors, oncologists and clinicians on the "metabolic approach to cancer". Dr Nasha is also an expert on the ketogenic lifestyle, fasting and the use of Mistletoe in cancer treatments, as well as being a highly sought after international keynote speaker at cancer events all around the world. She is the co-author of the highly successful best selling book called "The Metabolic Approach to Cancer". This is practical day to day guide on how to manage, control and heal cancer that I used extensively on my cancer healing journey.
  • Dr David Jockers - A Doctor of natural medicine, functional nutrition and a chiropractor. He is the owner of the Exodus Clinic in Georgia and the founder of the amazing website that is packed full of easy to understand information on every aspect of healthcare and cancer. This website averages a million visitors a month and is my "go to" website. Because I have been following Dr Jockers for over 5 years and trust him absolutely, I am an Affiliate member of his site and recommend many of his articles on cancer and have many links to his cancer management programs.

I hope that that through this 20 part "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Series, you will  get a better understanding of the "Metabolic Approach to Cancer" and that the information in this Series will enable you to develop a personalised "metabolic cancer healing lifestyle plan and schedule" to guide you on your cancer healing journey. 

The two critical things that I learned on my cancer research journey was that everyone with cancer should "Take Control of their own Health and Wellness" and MUST have a personalized "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Plan and Action Schedule !" to have any chance of beating this devastating disease.

If you are interested in finding out about my cancer research Journey, please take this link .

My Cancer Research Journey....... (more...)

I hope that knowing my cancer credentials will give you the confidence to trust me and use this information to manage, control and heal your cancer.

 If you want to get more information about the "Metabolic Approach" to cancer, take a look at the 10 part "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Series in the Metabolic Cancer Portal. (link below).  The 10 part Series covers all the knowledge, awareness and understanding required to take control of your cancer healing journey and to develop the most important document required to manage, control and heal cancer - a personalized "Metabolic Cancer healing Lifestyle Plan and Action Schedule.  

I wish you ALL the very best and hope your day is filled with happiness, gratitude, positive emotions, healing, love and caring !






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