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Understanding the the 2 Cancer Worlds

As  a metabolic cancer healing lifestyle coach with over 15 years cancer research experience and a stage 4 metastasized survivor, I am often asked how you can best decide which cancer approach and treatments are the most effective primary cancer therapies.

Hello everybody this is Dave the Cancer Healing Buddy and my lovely daughter Jacqui. I hope you are all having a great positive happy and "pain free" day filled with joy, love, healing and caring.

Re-publishing my Research

As choosing between modern toxic chemotherapy, radiation and prescription drugs with side effects to treat cancer; and natural alternative medicine and ketogenic metabolic lifestyle therapies, is is a very important, critical and personal decision.  This is often a life and death decision which must be based on many factors specific to the type and stage of YOUR cancer and the available treatment options where you live.

The best way I can assist you is to re-publish the related research I have done over the last 15 years and specifically the research I did after I was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastasized cancer with the prognosis of a few months. This research enabled me to make this VERY important and critical decision I made, which enabled me to become a cancer survivor, and I hope it will help you to make an informed decision on the cancer treatment options you decide on..

Become Aware and Make an Informed Decision

I suggest you read this article and then do your own research and make your own decision. If you are looking for the very latest and most advanced cancer research and treatment trends and therapies, take a look at my "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Series in the Metabolic Cancer Portal.

The comprehensive 10 part Series takes you through all of the steps required to to fully understand how to develop a "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Plan and Action Schedule" that will enable you to implement the Metabolic Approach to managing, controlling and healing cancer using the very successful "Ketogenic Metabolic Lifestyle and Therapies", developed by Dr Thomas Seyfried the world leading cancer researcher with over 30 years experience.

The extensive scientific, evidence based research included in the 10 Part Series will enable you to make an informed decision on how you want to take control of your cancer healing journey. I hope this comprehensive information and guidance will enable you to make this very important decision.

My Research

My research covered all aspects of both modern cancer treatment options and natural alternative treatment options with the specific goal of taking control of my own health and wellness and developing a comprehensive proven “cancer healing program”.

As the outcome of my research was based on my specific stage 4 metastasized cancer condition, I had no hesitation in choosing a comprehensive natural alternative “metabolic cancer healing lifestyle" program”.

It is important to remember that the conventional "Standard of Care" cancer treatments of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are totally ineffective in treating stage 4 metastasized cancers. So! This was the perfect option, and worked for me. 

Fortunately like many thousands of other people it was the right decision and I was able to go into remission after 12 months by following a totally natural metabolic cancer healing program that I developed based on the Metabolic Approach to managing, controlling and healing cancer and the "Ketogenic Metabolic Lifestyle" and the "Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies".

Here is the original article which I hope will provide you with the necessary facts that will assist you to make a decision based on your circumstances.

What Cancer Treatment Should I Choose ?

If you have cancer the most important decision you will ever have to make, to have a chance to beat this devastating disease, is –

What type of cancer treatment should I use as my prime cancer treatment ?

Allopathic vs Naturopathic

To assist you make this decision it is important firstly to understand what modern, conventional “allopathic” medicine is and how it originated and the truth behind the goals. However it is just as important to understand what kind of treatments are included under the umbrella of the Metabolic Approach and the Ketogenic Metabolic Lifestyle and Therapies.  

“Standard” Cancer Treatment vs Natural Alternative Metabolic Cancer  Treatment

Secondly it is important to understand the history of cancer as well as the difference between the 2 VERY different cancer worlds that most people don’t even know exist and are never told about by conventional Doctors and Oncologists.

Knowledge and Awareness

To assist you to make this most important decision about your Cancer healing program, I will cover these topics in detail which hopefully will give you the necessary knowledge and awareness to do further research or to discuss your options with your family and your doctors. However be aware that conventional doctors will NEVER recommend non-allopathic alternative treatments. For this reason you must take control of your own Cancer Healing Program and research the best options for yourself.

Please remember this decision in many cases is a life or death decision, especially for "end stage" cancers, so it is extremely important and you MUST be certain that you have not only covered all of the various options available to you but that you are confident and happy that you have chosen the right options.


The History of Modern, Conventional, “Allopathic” Medicine.

To fully understand how and why “Allopathic” Medicine (often called Rockefeller Medicine, or Western Medicine), based on toxic petro-chemical prescription drugs and chemotherapy ,  came about, we need to go right back to the early nineteenth century.

The taking over of “medicine” was only a part of the devious, underhanded and deceitful plan by the Rockefellers, that currently control the world-wide petro-chemical and prescription drug business, the banking systems and the food supply in a quest to monopolize all aspects of life.

This is a story that shows how the oil industry has shaped and controls the world as we know it today.

The BIG Oil Story

This all started soon after oil had been discovered in Titusville, Pennsylvania in 1859.

“Dr. Bill Livingston” later known as “Devil Bill”, realized he could use chemical bi-products from the oil refinery process and became an authentic “snake oil salesman” and con–artist. He made money conning people into buying a useless mixture of laxative and petro chemicals that he claimed cured cancer, amongst other things.

However as he was always on the run he continuously changed his identity and used a fake name. Bill was neither a doctor nor Livingston, he was actually William Avery Rockefeller, the father of John D. Rockefeller Snr.


Corbett Report – here is a quote from the Corbett Report.

The world we live in today is the world created in 'Devil' Bill's image. It's a world founded on treachery, deceit, and the naïveté of a public that has never wised up to the parlor tricks that the Rockefellers and their ilk have been using to shape the world for the past century and a half."

William Rockefeller taught his children all the tricks of the trade. His son John D. Rockefeller, a Cleveland book-keeper soon realized the opportunities that the oil industry would provide him and set off to make his fortune. Which he did !

To get the whole story about “How Big Oil Conquered the World” watch this video…...

The Standard Oil Monopoly

In 1870 John D. Rockefeller founded the Standard Oil Company and slowly developed his “plan” to become rich and powerful and to control all the industries affiliated to the Petro-chemical industry.

Rockefeller soon controlled 90% of all the oil refineries world-wide and by the early 1880’s he controlled the marketing of oil.

After the US Supreme court demanded that he dissolved Standard Oil under the Sherman Anti-trust Act in 1911, he split Standard Oil into 34 companies of which Chevron, ExxonMobil, BP and Marathon Petroleum are currently the largest.

He became the first billionaire ever and had a personal wealth of $336bn when he died in 1937 and with this came huge power and influence. He soon became involved with a number of other wealthy families, including the Rothschild’s, Morgan’s, Carnegie’s, Warburg’s and the Dutch Royal Family which would help him implement his “plan” and become involved in other industries, specifically medicine, agriculture and banking.


Over the next 2 decades these “partnerships” enabled him to progress his evil plan to control all aspects of life.

He slowly developed his international oil monopoly and realized that he could use the chemical bi-products for a number of other industries, specifically energy, petro-chemical, medicine and agriculture.

Taking Over the Medicine Industry.

With all the success he had in the oil and chemical industry, he decided that he could take over and control the “allopathic” medicine industry by using all of the toxic chemical bi-products from the oil refinery process.

Stumbling Block

However, there was one massive stumbling block. In the years between 1820 and 1880 Homeopathy, Chiropractic and Naturopathy using gentle healing therapies. Nutrition, plant based and herbal medicines was the predominant medical support system that everyone preferred and used, as it worked.

There were some so called doctors practicing “Allopathic” medicine which was a harsh aggressive medical practice which in the early 19th Century included bleeding, purging, vomiting, and the use of highly toxic poisonous drugs like mercury and arsenic.

J D. Rockefeller’s allopathic journey started in 1847 when he dominated the American Medical Association (AMA). The AMA's stated mission “To bring together physicians and communities to improve the nation’s health”.

However this required some very devious strategies to overcome the competition of that time, which Rockefeller plotted very successfully with a little help from his friends, for appropriate compensation. Overtime the AMA became known as the “American Murder Association” based on the deaths that were caused by toxic chemical drugs. These prescription drug deaths, even today in America, conservatively exceed over 700,000 per year.

Watch the “Death by Medicine” video here …….

The Flexner Report

The first strategy was to get rid of the competition which included all the non – allopathic healing modalities, treatments and products. This included homeopaths, naturopaths, chiropractors and eclectic medicine using botanicals and herbs as well as holistic medicine. This also included Hemp that had been proven to alleviate pain and help heal many diseases as well as cancer. Remember that natural medicines cannot be patented like chemical drugs therefore there was no way to make money from natural medicines.

Enter the FLEXNER Report.

John D. Rockefeller established the Council of Medical Education (CME) as part of the American Medical Association (AMA) to become the “authority” on all aspects of medicine.  In 1908 the CME asked the “Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching” (friends of Rockefeller) to investigate the allegedly disastrous state of medical education and training in America. The Foundation commissioned Abraham Flexner, who was not a doctor, but a schoolmaster with a classic degree from Johns Hopkins University.  Coincidentally Simon Flexner, Abraham’s brother was a founding executive of the AMA and later became the first director of the Rockefeller University.

Standardization of all Medical Training

Flexner spent 18 months visiting over 150 medical schools and training facilities. The Report, against the will of the great majority, called for the “standardization of all medical education and training” and that there were too many doctors and medical schools in America.  He also criticized all education and proposed that a more “scientific” approach be taken with an emphasis on laboratory research and the patenting of medicines. It also proposed a new structure for the proper preparation and examination and certification of all physicians and hospitals.

Rockefeller used his influence with the Rothschild’s, who owned and controlled most of the media, as they do today, and through a very clever but devious campaign generated a huge public outcry at the findings of the Flexner’s report.

This got his desired result and ultimately led Congress to declare the American Medical Association (AMA), owned by Rockefeller, to be the only body enacted by law to grant medical school licenses and to oversee the examination and certification of doctors.

He immediately started implementing new chemical based toxic allopathic curriculums at the medical schools and only certified doctors that had graduated from these schools would be registered and allowed to practice in America. The first University to implement this new allopathic “Medical Doctor” (MD) 4 year curriculum was Johns Hopkins University, however many followed soon thereafter until a total monopoly was soon achieved.

This was the breakthrough that Rockefeller was looking for to start the journey to monopolize the “allopathic” medicine and healthcare industries.

Three Pronged Strategy

For his plan to maximize the opportunities that now presented themselves, Rockefeller had to do 3 critical things.

  • Monopolize and control the Pharmaceutical Industry world-wide
  • Persuade all the Universities and Medical Schools to implement his allopathic curriculums
  • Convince the Government to close down ALL natural healing facilities and Doctors.

Chemical Based Medicine – Pharmaceutical Monopoly

J D Rockefeller was very smart and realized that he could follow in his father’s footsteps and use chemical bi-products from oil to create chemical based medicines.

Over the next decade he acquired and controls the 18 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world as well as being a major shareholder in I G Farben a German industrial consortium that owns BASF the largest chemical company in the world as well as Bayer, Hoechst and Sanofi.  I G Farben were also the biggest manufacturer of explosives for the German war effort and also produced all of the chemicals used in Auschwitz including mustard gas and Zyklon-B which was used to murder millions of Jews. Mustard gas later became the basis of most modern day chemotherapy drugs.

As Ty Bollinger the founder of the “Truth About Cancer” and the host of the “Cancer – Global Quest said. “Rockefeller’s goal was to dominate the oil, chemical, and pharmaceutical markets, so his company [Standard Oil of New Jersey] purchased a controlling interest in a huge German drug/chemical company called I.G. Farben”

Total Control

With total control of the Oil industry and the Pharmaceutical industry world-wide, he now had all of the raw toxic chemicals to feed his chemical drug manufacturing plants and a HUGE pharmaceutical structure, marketing, selling and distributing his patented prescription drugs.  However he still had to convince the Universities and Medical Schools to implement the “Allopathic” Curriculum which would force every Doctor or Hospital that the AMA certified, to only use his toxic chemical based synthetic drugs for every possible disease.

Control of the Teaching Agencies

He then teamed up with the “Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching”  to redevelop all of the medical training curriculums into Allopathic toxic chemical drug based systems to teach doctors to use patented chemical “drugs” and not natural treatments. Obviously these would be supplied by his pharmaceutical companies


The next step in his devious “plan” was to use the Rockefeller Foundation, a philanthropic organization who’s stated mission is “Promoting the well-being of humanity throughout the world” to achieve this goal. However the real objective was “social control” of the masses through toxic drugs, which he became very successful at.

As part of the “plan” he approached all of the Universities and Medical Schools and offered them huge donations which they all accepted willingly. However he then insisted that he put some of his own men on the Boards of all these institutes in exchange for the donations and slowly forced them all to follow his “Allopathic” Curriculum, which is still the predominant focus in all medical schools today.

"The last annual report of the Rockefeller Foundation", reported Bealle, "itemizes the gifts it has made to colleges and public agencies in the past 44 years, and they total somewhat over half a billion dollars. These colleges, of course, teach their students all the drug lore the Rockefeller pharmaceutical houses want taught. Otherwise there would be no more gifts, just as there are no gifts to any of the 30 odd colleges in the United States that don't use therapies based on drugs.  Morris Bealle – Editor Washington Times and Herald.

Amazing Stroke of Luck !

During this time there was an interesting debate going on in France between a biologist Louis Pasteur (1882-1895) and Dr Antoine Bechamp and his associate Claude Bernard’s (1813-1878).

“Germ Theory” vs “Cellular Theory”

Pasteur had re-established the “Germ Theory”. This theory stated that every disease is caused by a specific external germ and is seen to cause multiple different diseases.

On the other side of the discussion was Dr Antoine Bechamp’s (1816-1908) and Claude Bernard’s (1813-1878) “Cellular Theory”. This theory is based on the “healthy terrain” concept. (a healthy inner body). So what is the healthy terrain? Béchamp began to describe it nearly two hundred years ago, but Claude Bernard finally stated that to maintain a “healthy terrain” (disease free body) there were two factors, which when violated were responsible for every known disease.

  • The necessary Nutrition to feed the bodies numerous cells
  • Toxin free blood, cells and body tissues


It has been undeniably proven that one must eat non-toxic, nutrient dense food with phytonutrients and bio-active compounds to be free of toxins to maintain a “healthy terrain”. Bechamp also established that germs were attracted to diseased tissues and cells and were not the cause of the disease, dispelling Pasteur’s “Germ Theory”. Which by the way; Pasteur admitted that his theory was incorrect on his deathbed.

The following paragraph is taken from the Antoine Bechamp’s website.

“Bechamp was one of France's most prominent and active researchers and biologists. He taught in universities and medical schools, and published widely on cell biology, disease, botany and related subjects. His would probably be a household name today if it wasn't for the activities of Louis Pasteur, who history has treated very kindly indeed, considering his fake science, his tendency to steal ideas (mainly from Bechamp), falsify experimental data, and in general make claims which had no basis in fact. “

Fatal Birth of the “Disease Business”

This was the fatal birth of Rockefeller’s “Disease Business” and the most lucrative and protected industry on earth today – the pharmaceutical industry. Although Pasteur was recognized at the time as the father of bacteriology and microbiology based on his “Germ Theory of Medicine”, he was not a medical man and was in direct conflict with other research doctors of the day. However his theory was just what Rockefeller and BigPharma needed to exploit the medical industry, so Pasteur was totally supported and well-funded.

 Rockefeller soon realized that the “Germ Theory” solution would support his strategy and enable him to sell specific patented prescription drugs to address and mask each of these different disease symptoms, often with bad side effects, without getting to the cause of the disease, but requiring additional drugs for the side effects. A brilliant but underhanded and devastating "business strategy"

Current Status

It is unfortunate that Rockefeller’s modern medicines profit driven “Disease Business” continues to endorse the “Germ Theory” for obvious reasons. They still claim that there are over 10,000 different diseases, with new ones being announced regularly, that require treatment from different toxic chemical prescription drugs, radiation and surgery.

The truth is that there is vast scientific research proving that most illness are due to cellular malfunction caused by toxic chemicals and other toxic materials together with cellular malnutrition, both of which can be successfully treated naturally which supports the Cellular Medicine Theory.

The “Golden Egg” - Toxic Cancer Treatments

As Cancer was becoming one of the main causes of death, Rockefeller got Frank Howard, a Standard Oil executive to persuade Alfred Sloan and Charles Kettering to donate large sums of their fortunes to establish a cancer hospital and research center called the Sloan Kettering Institute. Howard became the Director of Research and appointed a pathologist Cornelius Rhoads to establish a research team to develop new cancer treatments. Rhoads was involved with the US Army war effort researching “mustard gas” and immediately recruited the entire program and staff of the Chemical Warfare Service and formed the Sloan Kettering Institute Drug Development Program who worked on creating the first toxic chemotherapy chemicals from “mustard gas”.

 Modern “Standard Cancer” Treatments

Although up until 1864 cancer was being treated successfully by chiropractors, homeopaths and naturopaths using natural healthy lifestyle choices, including nutritious diets and supplements as well as stress management, massage and detox programs, the research done for Rockefeller by the Sloan Kettering Institute Drug Development Program would change all that to enforce treatments prescribed by the Rockefeller chemical based prescription drug and chemotherapy Curriculum and profit agenda. 

It was soon decided that there would only be 3 forms of “allopathic” cancer treatment that would be called “The Standard of Care" cancer treatment that ALL Doctors, Oncologists and hospitals that were certified by the Council of Medical Education (CME), which was now the only “authority” on all aspects of medical training and licensing, would be forced to use.

These were”

  • Chemotherapy which would consist of different patented toxic chemical drugs for each type of cancer which was estimated to be about 100 different types
  • Radiation which opened up a whole new business on the back of the rising prices of radium and the manufacturing requirement of various radiation machines
  • Surgery which would ensure long hospital stays generating additional profits


The Natural Cancer Treatment

The cheap, successful natural cancer treatments was another threat to the Rockefeller “allopathic” medicine takeover that had to be addressed.

The Real Cause of Cancer

Dr. Otto Warburg was a well-respected physiologist and noted biochemist who had a doctorate in chemistry and a second doctorate in medicine. He lived in Germany and won the Nobel Prize in Physiology in 1931. He was awarded the Nobel prize for his discovery that cancer is caused by weakened cell respiration (energy source) due to lack of oxygen at the cellular level, and proving cancer thrives in anaerobic (without oxygen), or acidic, conditions. In other words, the main cause for cancer is toxic acidity of the human body that damages the Mitochondria, the energy source in every cell. 

An Alkaline Body 

For the human body to be totally healthy, the 40 trillion cells that make up our bodies require specific non-toxic nutrients in the form of macro and micro nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids. The blood is tightly controlled to be slightly alkaline (7.365), however our modern lifestyles are predominantly acidic which can cause damage to the mitochondria triggering the cancer process. Under normal healthy conditions the bodies main defense system, the Immune System, will identify this damage and kill off the pre-cancerous cells, keeping us healthy. However when the Immune System is suppressed and overwhelmed, cancer takes over. 

It is important to understand that we have known the proven cause, prevention & cure of cancer since 1931 despite what the modern medical fraternity claim and the indoctrination that Rockefeller's Standard of Care cancer treatments are the BEST and ONLY cancer treatments.

This is NOT TRUE !!! 

Successful non-allopathic Cancer Treatments

In addition to Warburg there were many other examples of highly successful non-allopathic practitioners and cancer treatments recognized, which included Dr. William Keeley, Harry Hoxey, Raymond Dr. Max Gerson, Dr. Binzel, Dr. Burzynski, Gaston Naessens, Dr. Nicholas Ganzalez, James Beard, Rene Caisse (Essiac tea), Kurt Donsbach, William Koch, Dr. Blass, Dr. Loffler, Stan Bynum, Patrick Flanagan, Dr. Jonathan Wright and many more.

Allopathic Competition 

This sort of competition could not be tolerated by Rockefeller and the AMA so in 1963 he devised another deceitful plan – The “Committee on Quackery”.


Although over the next few years most of the homeopaths, chiropractors and naturopaths were slowly closed down there were still many very successful natural practitioners as mentioned above that were a major threat to Rockefellers Allopathic medicine take over.

So to expedite the elimination of competition Rockefeller did 2 things.

  • He created the “Committee on Quackery” in 1963 to discredit all natural treatments and practitioners including chiropractors, homeopaths and naturopaths
  • The Bureau of Chemistry was renamed the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1913, the same year that the Rockefeller Foundation was founded and Rockefeller partnered with the FDA to close down ALL non-allopathic practitioners. 

The Demise of Naturopathic Medicine

The final goal was to close down all of the existing non-allopathic competition.

To achieve this Rockefeller used his influence to compel Government to destroy all natural competition using the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which started its life as the Division of Chemistry and then as the Bureau of Chemistry before becoming the FDA. Coincidently it was renamed in 1913 at the same time the Rockefeller Foundation was formed, to conceal its alignment with the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries. The FDA’s true mission is to provide legal immunity to companies manufacturing food with toxic chemicals as well as protecting the pharmaceutical companies through the FDA’s “approval” process. This partnership was, and still to this day is very ruthless and effective as many alternative practitioners have discovered. This is also the reason why so many natural cancer healing clinics have moved to Mexico.

Cradle to Grave – Profit over People

Having eliminated all competition and secured the endless supply of toxic chemicals for his prescription drug manufacturing plants, together with a global network of outlets, as well as controlling all the medical schools and training facilities, the only thing left was to create a “sustainable” patented prescription drug “strategy”.

This strategy is based on the fact that all toxic chemical prescription drugs have “side effects” which require additional drugs, as well as 2 critical objectives. You can’t make money from dead people or cured people, so once you have a person on prescription drugs the objective is for that to be a lifetime requirement.

The image is a slide from a senior drug company executive’s presentation to senior managers.


Modern Medicine Monopoly

This concludes how the Rockefellers created the pharmaceutical and “modern allopathic medicine” monopoly, that focuses on highly profitable toxic chemical prescription drugs and chemotherapy that all have side effects requiring additional drugs that are all designed to make you dependent on these drugs throughout your lifetime. Not only are they toxic but they have serious long term effects on your health and wellness.


The 2 Cancer Worlds

Natural Alternative Cancer Healing

Despite the Rockefeller monopoly on conventional allopathic medicine and cancer treatments, it has become obviously evident over the last number of years that there is something terribly wrong with the conventional “Standard of Care" cancer treatments of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. They are ineffective, toxic, devastating and somewhat barbaric, and the cause of death in many cases. (See the section - Global Cancer Statistics - Why so many deaths? in the "Metabolic Cancer Healing Series")

This has resulted in 2 very different cancer world’s that you must be aware of as the final part of your decision making process.

There is the Conventional Cancer World, using the toxic chemical based "Standard of Care" cancer treatments of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, covered above, and there is the Metabolic Cancer World, discovered by Dr Otto Warburg back in the 1920's and continued by a number of brilliant researchers, academics and clinicians that believed in Warburg's cancer research findings. Including Dr Seyfried, Dr Nasha Winters and Dr David Jockers to mention a few using the Metabolic Approach to manage and control and heal cancer ( see the section - "The 2 Cancer Worlds" in the 10 part Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Series in the Metabolic Cancer Portal.) 

My Personal experience that saved my Life

I am extremely grateful that my research provided me with the necessary information to get through all my cancer related trauma and healing, and together with the awareness and knowledge I gained through my wife’s traumatic cancer experience my experience wasn’t as bad as hers. This also prepared me to make informed decisions based on all of the available cancer treatment options that has enabled me develop and follow a very successful healing program that resulted in me going into remission within 12 months.

The 2 Main Options

As mentioned above there are 2 totally different Cancer worlds and treatments that most people are not aware of, as you will not hear about the Metabolic Cancer world from conventional Doctors or Oncologists as they are not allowed to offer any other treatment outside of the "Standard of Care" cancer treatments. It is however absolutely critical that you are aware of these options before you make any decision on which primary cancer treatment you want to choose. You should not let anybody bully you into any treatment telling you that it’s urgent to start immediately before you have had the time to do some research and take control of your own healing program. Cancer takes years to form and in most cases there is no immediate urgency, and very few people die from the tumor, which is the symptom of cancer and not the cause. People mainly die from from "end stage" cancer that has spread into the organs.  The Standard of Care treatments are NOT at all effective against Strage 4 cancers. Remember “Cancer” is a VERY lucrative business generating excessive profits for the Pharmaceutical Industry and cancer practitioners, therefore they must sell their services and products to live just like any other business. In addition, as you have read above the pharmaceutical companies drive the “cancer” business aggressively and ruthlessly focusing on profits without compassion or sympathy for people’s lives.

I believe, choosing the right cancer treatment is by far the most “critical” decision every cancer patient must make which will have a profound effect on the outcome of your treatment, often being the difference between life and death.

To get a better understanding of the 2 Cancer Worlds, I suggest you read the section covering the 2 Cancer Worlds in the "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" 10 part Series in the Metabolic Cancer Portal. These are VERY different worlds - with different Cancer support Teams, cancer treatments and lifestyle choices and most importantly survival outcomes. 


I hope this has enabled you to fully understand how the modern allopathic medicine world was formed and what its main objectives are as well as becoming aware of the 2 different Cancer Wolds and their objectives.

Wishing you all the very best with your decision and stay positive, happy, motivated and grateful and have faith and believe that you will recover from this terrible disease if you have a comprehensive proven “Cancer Healing Program”.

Please e-mail me if you have any queries or need additional information.

With Love and caring –






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