Metabolic Cancer


"Metabolic Cancer"

Time to discover the "real truth" about Cancer.


It is important to understand

Cancer is not an accident

Cancer is not a disease you can catch

Only 5%-10% of cancers are inherited



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 Knowledge, Awareness and Understanding 

are a critical part of your "healing" Journey

The best way to achieve this is to develop a personalized "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Plan and Schedule.


The best way to develop a comprehensive, effective, personalized "metabolic cancer healing lifestyle plan and schedule" is to engage an experienced "metabolic cancer healing lifestyle" coach. Preferably a coach with experience as a cancer research analyst and a cancer survivor who fully understands the terrifying effect of a diagnosis and the trauma and challenges experienced every day living with cancer.  It is critical to chose a coach who understands all aspects of cancer including the politics, business strategies, conventional and natural lifestyle treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices.  

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Cancer - The Most Studied Disease Ever ! 

Despite cancer being the most studied disease with more money invested into research than any other disease, it is totally out of control and the cancer industry carries on making huge profits while thousands of people are dying, as though there is nothing wrong !    

According to the Global Cancer Observatory there were 18 million new cases of cancer globally  in 2018, and 9 million deaths.
That is 49,530 new cases per day, and a devastating 26,178 DEATHS per day.

In America, 1 in every 2 men and 1 in every 3 women WILL get cancer. The 2018 stats show that there were 5,833 new cases per day and 1,690 DEATHS per day. 

Sadly, things are getting worse every year as this is a 2.7% increase on 2017. 

First Encounter with Cancer

My first encounter with cancer was in 2004 when my lovely wife was diagnosed with advanced liver cancer. In 2005 she passed away after enduring a terrible, devastating and painful 6 months of a very aggressive and toxic chemotherapy with horrific side effects that made her "end stage" life unbearable.  At the time of her diagnosis in 2004 neither of us had any knowledge or experience of cancer other than knowing what we are told by the cancer industry that it is usually a "terminal" disease, which was undeniably evident and unmistakably driven home by the leading specialist oncologist we had engaged, when he "matter of factly" said she had about 6 months to live and we should get her affairs in order. 

On her deathbed I made her a promise that I would dedicate my life to finding a gentle, non-toxic, more effective and affordable treatment with less pain and side effects.

A Life long Dedicated Cancer Research Journey

I immediately started a comprehensive cancer research project that has continued up to this moment. 

I researched all aspects of the cancer industry and related industries, looking at business and research strategies, treatments, products, therapies, effectiveness and success, and death rates. In addition I analysed hundreds of research papers and case studies, read dozens of books, watched webinars, attended presentations, followed credible websites and blogs and even interacted with world leading researchers, professors, cancer doctors, oncologists, practitioners, therapists and specialists.

Cancer - a "Genetic Disease" ? Or NOT ! 

The ONE thing that was absolutely common throughout my research was that cancer was presented and treated as a "genetic disease" by all conventional researchers, academics and cancer practitioners and that this was accepted as an irrefutable fact (dogma) and not ever questioned by people in the cancer industry.

This was based on the "Somatic Cancer Theory" taught in most Universities and Medical Schools in the US, and globally,  that assumes that a damaged DNA causes gene mutations and that, in simple terms, results in the cell becoming "rogue" and  replicating uncontrolled, forming a cancerous tumor over time.

Research has proved that cancer is a modern lifestyle disease caused by the toxic environment, the processed food we eat and chronic stress that damages the  "Metabolic Energy Pathway".

This indicates that cancer is a "Metabolic Disease" and NOT a "Genetic Disease", which can be managed, controlled and healed using the Metabolic Approach.

Dr Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO, the co-author of the innovative, highly acclaimed, best selling book - The Metabolic Approach to Cancer - Integrating Deep Nutrition, the Ketogenic Diet, and Nontoxic Bio-individualized Therapies" , stated "The prevailing (and failing) dogma in Western Medicine today is that cancer is caused and driven by genetic mutations or just bad luck". She goes on to say "The problem is that this outdated mutation focus is not getting us any closer to preventing or curing this scary, heartbreaking, expensive and painful disease. We simply must take a new approach because right now we are not winning the war on cancer - NOT EVEN CLOSE ! Today there is a better chance of surviving Russian roulette than cancer and its associated Western treatments. Something is terribly wrong with the current cancer model".

Something IS Terribly WRONG !

With over 26,000 deaths a day from cancer worldwide, something is terribly wrong and the "genetic approach" has a lot to do with it, and the solution lies in the "metabolic approach".

In addition to Dr Winter's concerns, the "genetic theory" focuses on the tumor which is the end result; "the symptom" and not the cause of the problem. This really bothered me as a researcher as I was wondering how cancer could be treated effectively without knowing the cause of why it has occurred or focusing on fixing the cause and not the symptom; - the "tumor". 

In 2010 I had become very depressed, frustrated and stressed as I had more questions than answers about "cancer in general" as there is so much conflicting information and I was not progressing as I had hoped and hadn't got any closer to a better solution that I was searching for. 

I decided to go back to basics and list the main questions that were bothering me and try to find answers for each, hoping that would lead me to some kind of solution. It is interesting just to take a moment and consider these questions. 

  • Why after 49 years since President Nixon declared "war on cancer" and more than $2 trillion have been invested and spent globally on all aspects of cancer, are the death rates globally more than 26,000 EVERY day and  1,600 EVERY day in the USA in 2018 ?
  • Why is the cancer industry ruthlessly controlled by the pharmaceutical industry (the providers of chemotherapy)
  • Why do most Universities and Medical Schools and most research centers follow the outdated  "Somatic Mutation Theory" of cancer and teach that cancer is a "genetic disease"? and not accept that it has been scientifically proven to be a "metabolic disease"
  • Why do all of the conventional cancer treatments target the symptom (the tumour) and not the CAUSE of the problem ?
  • Why is the future forecast in the US that one in every 2 men and one in every 3 women will get cancer ?
  • Knowing that cancer is caused by carcinogens! Why is cancer being treated by chemotherapy and radiation which are both toxic carcinogens ?
  • Why are we still using chemotherapy which is more than 75 years old and a derivative of the highly poisonous mustard gas which killed thousands of people during the war ?
  • Why are we still using chemotherapy, when most Cancer Authorities publish figures that show most chemotherapies are between 3% and 6% effective in prolonging life beyond 5 years ?
  • Why are we still using chemotherapy for metastatic cancer when we know it CANNOT treat metastasized cancer or stem cells found in tumours ?
  • Why is the cancer "standard of care" of chemotherapy and radiation the only treatment allowed in many countries, when there are many effective and non-toxic alternative treatments, especially "metabolic cancer" therapies ?
  • Why is the "standard of care" treatment so very expensive ?
  • Why is the cancer industry so extremely profitable ?
  • Why is the cancer industry so aggressive, secretive and threatening when it comes to discussing "cures" or alternative therapies ?
  • Why do most people believe "Cancer is a Death Sentence", especially Stage 4 cancers that have spread across the body ?

Professor Thomas Seyfried the world’s leading cancer researcher, made the following remark: “At present, the cancer industry is focusing on the downstream effects of the problem, which is why the "war on cancer" has been such a miserable failure”.

I spent nearly 2 years researching these questions and the only conclusion I could reach was to agree with many leading cancer researchers and practitioners that there is ONE more big question. 

"What if everything we have been told about cancer is        DEAD WRONG ?"

The Warburg Effect

Just as I was about to give up on my research, I was re-reading some research papers that Dr Otto Warburg had published back in the 1920's. Dr Warburg was a brilliant German researcher with a Doctorate in Medicine and in Chemistry and was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1931 for his extensive cancer research which discovered that the ONLY primary cause of ALL cancers is a "damaged cellular respiratory" problem  in the "metabolic energy generation pathway" of cells.

The "metabolic pathway" of a cell is where food and oxygen are processed and used to create energy for each cell to fuel itself to achieve its designated function. What Warburg discovered was that cancer cells created energy through an ancient inefficient "fermentation" process as the normal respiratory system was not functioning properly. This basically was the preliminary research proving that cancer is a "metabolic disease".

His findings were not what the conventional cancer fraternity wanted to hear, so they preferred to ignore his findings and insisted that cancer was a "genetic  disease", and "trashed his research findings' and called it "unscientific", irrelevant and even "quackery".  This glucose fermentation process was subsequently accepted by the scientific world and is today known as the "Warburg Effect".  

My "AHA" Moment ! 

In 2012 I discovered something that not only changed my life forever but actually saved my life, and I hope will save thousands of other peoples lives in the future.

Following up on Warburg's work I discovered that a number of other researchers also believed that he was on to something and that it could possibly lead to understanding the "cause" of all cancers. This led me to Dr Thomas Seyfried and his dedicated team of leading cancer researchers and associated therapies and lifestyle choices.

This was the break through I was looking for. 

The Metabolic Cancer Theory

Seyfried is the Professor of Biology at Boston College, a world leading cancer researcher, with over 25 years experience who has published over 150 peer reviewed scientific research papers and is the author of the highly respected, ground breaking Book - "Cancer as a Metabolic Disease - On the Origin, Management and Prevention of Cancer". His partner, Dr Dominic D'Agostino is the Associate Professor of Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology at the South Florida University  a leading specialist on the therapeutic use of the Ketogenic lifestyle  specifically as a therapeutic treatment for cancer.

Jointly they continued Warburg's work and found additional information and conducted hundreds of lab studies and field trials over a number of years that conclusively proves that cancer is a "Mitochondrial Metabolic Disease" and not a "genetic disease". They discovered that in every cancer case that they studied the "primary" cause of the cancer was a "dysfunctional mitochondria" that in turn damaged the "metabolic pathway" (respiratory) process . The damaged mitochondria then damages the cell which might include the DNA  resulting in gene mutations that damage the replication function resulting in the formation of cancer and cancer tumors. 

The Mitochondria are the "Energy Generators" in all cells except red blood cells. Some cells like heart and brain cells that need a large amount of energy have thousands of mitochondria to generate the necessary energy for their cells.

Healthy Mitochondria are what are called "metabolically flexible" which means that they can adapt to 3 different fuel types to generate energy for the cell, HOWEVER cancer cells are "inflexible" and CANNOT process all 3 types, which is their "achilles heel".

The most common fuel is glucose (sugar), which is abundant in most of our lifestyles BUT isn't the most efficient fuel, as it gives off a lot of waste (free radicals) but because of all the sugar we consume these days, this is by far the most utilised fuel and the most damaging, BUT also  by far the most preferred and "loved" by cancer cells, as they absolutely thrive on all kinds of sugar.

The bodies preferred fuel  are fatty acids  which the body converts into ketones for the mitochondria to use to process energy. This process is highly efficient and has little damaging waste. When the body is consuming ketones it is in a state of ketosis which can be achieved primarily by a therapeutic Ketogenic lifestyle or by 5 day, or longer water fasting. The most important  thing to know about ketones is that cancer cells CANNOT process ketones for fuel, so when the body is in ketosis there is no glucose for the cancer cells to feed on which causes them to starve and die.

The third fuel is glutamine, the most abundant amino acid in the body. Cancer can also use glutamine as an alternative fuel to sugar but can be limited by using glutamine inhibitors as part of a Ketogenic lifestyle. 

"Tripping Over the Truth"

Although Dr Seyfried's book is absolutely amazing it is more of an academic text book as it is very detailed and technical that requires some medical knowledge and a good understanding of the biology of the body and the cancer pathways and mechanisms. However we are very fortunate that Travis Christofferson, the founder of a "metabolic cancer" charity, a bestselling author with a degree in Biology and a masters degree in Engineering and Science, worked closely with Dr Seyfried and Dr D'Agostino, who wrote the foreword to his book,  has also written an amazing book covering the same subject, but aimed at you and me, the laypeople. His book, "Tripping Over the Truth - How the Metabolic Theory of Cancer is Overturning one of Medicine's Most Entrenched Paradigms" is a must read for anyone with cancer or wanting to prevent cancer.

Major Break Through

What Seyfried and his team have discovered, is that cancer thrives on sugar through the very inefficient fermentation process and that cancer cells have far more "sugar" receptors than normal cells to enable them to get enough sugar to thrive.

The next, and by far the most important discovery, is that cancer CANNOT process Ketones to make energy.

So, if we stop the input fuel of sugar to our cells and provide ketones, this starves the cancer cells and makes them very vulnerable to being killed off. This is at the core of Dr Seyfried's "Press - Pulse" metabolic cancer healing therapy.

The Ketogenic Diet

When the body is utilising ketones, this is called ketosis and is achieved primarily through a Ketogenic Lifestyle.   

The other way of starving the body from sugar (glucose)and generating ketones is through extended water or fat "fasting".  (preferably 5 days or more)

Both Dr Dominic D'Agostino amd Miriam Kalamian are world leading "Ketogenic Lifestyle" specialists. Miriam worked with Dr Seyfried and is the author of the very informative and detailed bestseller ,"Keto for Cancer".  Miriam has aligned this book with Seyfried's research and published "Press-Pulse" therapy. If you or anyone you know have cancer or are thinking of going on a therapeutic ketogenic diet to fight cancer, I highly recommend you read her book.

Metabolic Cancer Therapy

In the early 1900's the ketogenic diet was used very successfully as a therapeutic treatment in epilepsy and seizures, and over the last few years it is becoming a very efficient therapeutic protocol as part of a solution to manage and control cancer. 

Dr Seyfried and his team have developed a "metabolic cancer" therapy and lifestyle protocol that is proving to be very effective, gentle, non-toxic, affordable and has no side effects like the current ineffective, toxic "standard of care" chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Dr Nasha Winters

Dr Winters , a Naturopathic Doctor and acupuncturist as well as a Fellow of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology, who I quoted earlier, is a leading world expert on "Metabolic Cancer" with over 28 years experience. She has helped tens of thousands of people to manage and control cancer and has trained hundreds of Doctors from all over the world on the "Metabolic Theory" of cancer.

She herself was diagnosed with Stage 4 terminal ovarian cancer at the age of 19 with a prognosis of a few months and healed herself against all odds.

She is the co-author of the best selling book "The Metabolic Approach to Cancer" - Integrating Deep Nutrition, the Ketogenic diet, and Non-toxic Bio-Individualised Therapies, which I highly recommend that everyone should read.

I believe Dr Nasha Winters is by far the most knowledgeable and experienced integrative oncologist in the world who fully understands how to manage, control and heal cancer.  

"Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Program" 

The  5 MOST important and critical things I learned during my research over 14 years together with  my personal cancer healing journey, include the following:

  1. There are 2 VERY different cancer worlds - The conventional toxic "Genetic Cancer World" and the natural, alternative, non-toxic "Metabolic Cancer World".
  2. Cancer is a "Mitochondrial Metabolic Disease" which requires a totally different therapeutic and treatment approach and healing program.
  3. Everyone must "Take Control of their own health and wellness" and establish a "Support Team" and a "treatment, therapy and lifestyle" regimen to  help guide you on your cancer healing journey.
  4. If you have cancer ? your best chance of survival is to develop a comprehensive, personalized "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Program, Plan and Schedule (I can honestly say that without my healing program I would not have conquered this devastating disease).
  5. Knowledge, Understanding and Awareness of all aspects of cancer are absolutely critical to be able to successfully manage,control and heal cancer.

Developing an effective "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" plan and schedule requires extensive knowledge, understanding, awareness and experience across a wide range of subjects. It requires a good understanding of all aspects of the cancer industry, especially the often misleading business strategies,  and an in-depth awareness of the 2 totally different cancer worlds, knowledge about nutrition, neuroscience, energy therapies, epigenetics and especially the very different metabolic healing modalities. The extremely important area of healing that is seldom mentioned involves the magical healing trio - "Mind, Body and Soul" and the universal energy system. Possibly, most importantly is to fully understand the "metabolic cancer" treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices.

In addition it is critical to have a good detailed knowledge and understanding of some other aspects of the "metabolic cancer" approach, which include:

  • The "Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy" (KMT)" treatment regimen developed by Dr Thomas Seyfried and his brilliant team.  
  • The "metabolic therapeutic" Ketogenic Lifestyle (Including the Calorie Restricted Ketogenic Diet - CRKD)
  • All healing aspects of both intermittent fasting and long term fasting 
  • The benefits of Autophagy and Mitophagy
  • Cancer body "detox" programs   ( )
  • The healing capabilities of the "Miracle Healing Trio" - the Mind, Body and Soul (The Universal Energy system - chakras and meridians) 
  • Knowledge of the "mitochondria" and the "metabolic pathway" (biogenesis)
  • Food and supplements that support cancer healing, eliminate inflammation, boost the immune system and specifically repair and generate new mitochondria
  • Progress monitoring and a testing system. 
  • A personalised "cancer healing lifestyle" plan and schedule

Things Get Personal !

Although I was dedicating as much time as possible to "Cancer Research", I was also managing and administering a large non-profit charity that was founded in 1999 that provides comprehensive "community and social development" services and support to hundreds of orphans, vulnerable children and disadvantaged families living in 5 poverty ravaged communities in the Overstrand, where I live. These communities are dominated by gangs, drug dealers and crime syndicates which creates huge challenges for us to be able to protect our children and families and provide them with a safe, secure and healthy living environment. This and the economic recessionary downturn between 2012 and 2016 created   very stressful working conditions and placed enormous pressure on me as the administrator,  to secure the necessary funding to ensure the charity could continue providing these critical services and a safe living environment.

In 2016 my body decided it was time for a "wake up" call before it was too late !

I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastasized prostate cancer that had spread into my liver, lungs, lymph and bone structure, with a prognosis of 3 months by conventional doctors who wanted me to start chemo and radiation IMMEDIATELY !

After my wife's experience of chemo and the 10 years research I had already completed, it was time to put my money where my mouth is and follow the "Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Program I had created for friends and family.

Blessed and Extremely Grateful !

I am extremely grateful for all the knowledge, understanding, awareness and support I got from so many cancer pioneers and legends through my extensive research which enabled me to conquer my cancer in 12 months.  A special thank you goes to my amazing "Support Team" and my daughter for her support and helping with the daily logistics as well as my "cancer buddy", who despite the distance between us, managed to keep me positive, motivated and grateful through some very difficult times.    

HOWEVER !, and VERY importantly, this experience enabled me to achieve the promise I made to my wife on her deathbed.

The "Metabolic Approach" to cancer proved to me that there is a far gentler, more effective, non-toxic and affordable cancer treatment that has no serious side effects or that requires extensive pain management.

Life's Purpose !

This "approach" gave me a second chance at LIFE and established my "Life's Purpose", which is to make as many people as possible aware of the "metabolic approach" to cancer and to assist them to establish personalized "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle"  Programs to guide them on their cancer healing journey.

This approach saved my life and I believe everyone with cancer should consider developing a personalised "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Program, Plan and Schedule as the core of their cancer healing journey.   

To help you achieve  this I have covered the basics here on my website which I suggest you look at, BUT if you want a more detailed solution I have developed a "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Course that is delivered by e-mail over a 3 month period with 2 Modules each week, but you can download them and go through them in your own time. The course also includes e-mail support.

If, however you are looking for an opportunity to experience comprehensive, personalised,"one-on-one"  sessions with me, please look at my unique "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Coaching Program. based on the extensive research I have done over the last 14 years together with the experience gained healing my own stage 4 metastasized cancer. I limit the number of people participating in my "one-on-one" coaching sessions so that I can dedicate time to each of the participants. 

You can also contact me on to see if I can help you and if you would like a FREE (NO obligations) 45 minute Skype / Zoom session to discuss your needs and to understand how the 3 month coaching program works ?  

"Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Coaching Program

As you can see developing a comprehensive personalized " Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" plan and schedule is a complex process and extremely important, so you may want to consider engaging an experienced "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Coach to work with you to develop a personalised program and to help you establish your "support team" and the resources and facilities that you need to use, together with suitable options of treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices.  

Whats NEXT ? 

Now that you understand more about the "metabolic approach to cancer" you might want to look at the main points of my "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Series in the Metabolic Cancer Portal. here.......   

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Thank You for taking the time to read this page. I hope you found it helpful.

Wishing you ALL the very best on your healing journey and I hope your day is filled with hope, happiness, healing, love and caring.


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