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The "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Program

The "Metabolic Cancer Approach" focuses on the scientific, evidence based research carried out by Dr Thomas Seyfried, the world leading cancer researcher and Professor at Boston College, together with his highly competent and well respected team, over the last 30 years.

Cancer has been proven to be a metabolic lifestyle disease and not a genetic disease, thus requiring a metabolic lifestyle approach to managing, controlling and healing cancer and NOT the toxic Standard of Care outdated cancer treatments of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

Dr Seyfried has developed the very successful "Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy" that is based on the metabolic approach to managing, controlling and healing cancer, and is being implemented globally. 

Although the "ketogenic metabolic cancer therapy" is the core component used in the metabolic approach to managing, controlling and healing cancer, there are many other aspects that are required to have any chance of successfully healing from this devastating disease.

During my extensive research I discovered what I believe are the most critical things that should be included in every cancer healing program which I then used to develop a comprehensive personalised "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Programme.

Things Get Personal

So in 2016 when I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Prostate cancer that had metastasized into my lungs, liver, lymph and bone structure, with a 3 month life prognosis, the obvious thing was for me to implement my cancer healing program, which I did.

Fortunately I was in full remission 12 months later and I knew my Life's Purpose was to share this information with as many people as possible to enable them to be aware and understand the truth about cancer and what other treatments, therapies and lifestyle choice are available to enable everyone to have different options than the "Standard of Care" cancer treatment based on cancer being a "genetic disease". This incorrect approach to cancer and the existing cancer treatments of toxic chemotherapy and radiation have resulted in the horrific cancer death-count of over 26,000 deaths a day in 2018.

My "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Program

This is an overview of the Cancer Healing Program to give you an idea of what's included in the program and why. 

If you are interested to find out more, I suggest you look at the FREE 10 part "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Series in the Metabolic Cancer Portal. 

My "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Series has ten parts which are delivered weekly with links to all of the documentation required to fully understand how you can take control of your own cancer healing journey and how you can develop a personalized "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Plan ans Action Schedule".

Most modules have links to videos and other related documents. Each Module can be downloaded as a PDF File that you can read in your own time. 

The Primary Goal

The primary goal of the metabolic cancer healing lifestyle program is to help you develop a comprehensive personalized "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Plan and Action Schedule. 

This is a "blueprint" that will guide you on your cancer healing journey so that you know exactly what you need do and when to do it. 

1. Take Control of Your Own Health and Wellness  

This is the first step and most probably the most important step in your cancer healing journey.

Cancer has been scientifically proven to be a "Metabolic Lifestyle" disease. This means that cancer is caused by our modern lifestyles, that damage the energy source (mitochondria) in our cells, triggering the cancer process.

There are 3 main causes that damage the energy generation pathway.

  1. Toxic chemicals in our water and air and our food, especially agricultural products, GMO foods and processed foods. This includes chemotherapy, radiation and prescription drugs.
  2. Nutrition Deficiency in our diets. Our bodies need very specific nutrients to feed every cell in out bodies to generate energy, remain healthy and to carry out the cells specific function.  
  3. Chronic Stress. All forms of chronic stress generate acidic chemicals that damage our mitochomdria.  

As You are the only person who can control these lifestyle activities, You must take control of your health and wellness and specifically your cancer healing lifestyle program.

You are the Chief Executive of Your Cancer Disease Business and your Support Team are your Board of Directors to provide you with the necessary information for you to make informed decisions about all aspects of your cancer healing journey. Remember your Doctors and Oncologist's etc. are all working for you and being paid by you, they need to deliver what you need, to conquer this devastating disease. 

Conventional Doctors Dictate

 It is also important to remember that people following the conventional Standard of Care cancer treatment have no say ! The Doctors “dictate” what will happen, what treatment you will get, what scans and tests you must have,  and what you MUST do ! They seldom tell you everything about the treatment and the side effects and that nutrition is important. As a matter of fact many oncology centres give out cakes, sweets and cup cakes – all loaded with sugar which cancer loves !

The "Metabolic Therapy"

Whereas in the case of the Metabolic Therapy it has a major focus on nutrition, fasting, detoxing, supplements and exercise, all things you do at home and things that you have control of. You are the Driver (You and your Team) But you make the final decisions so you MUST take control.

Discovering the Truth

There is so much fake commercial information and misinformation on the web that one doesn’t know what is true and who can be believed, so you must be the filter. Because knowledge, awareness and understanding are the backbone of the "metabolic cancer healing lifestyle" program you need to know which researchers, Doctors, Oncologists and web sites are trusted and honest resources that you can trust and follow. Over the last 14 years I have developed a short list of trusted resources that are world leaders and can be totally trusted.

The best web sites that can be totally trusted and believed in, are –, and the  - the best people to watch on Youtube are Dr David Jockers, Dr Nasha Winters, Dr Thomas Seyfried, Dr Edward Group, Dr Eric Berg, Dr Josh Axe, Dr John Bergman, Dr Joseph Mercola, Dr Bruce Lipton and Dr Joe Dispenza

Knowledge, Awareness and Understanding

This is by far the most critical part of taking control of your cancer healing program. Unfortunately most people dont have the time to do this research and most people dont feel that well after a diagnosis and are not quite sure what to do or who to turn to / This usually leads to people just accepting what their Doctors tell them, which isnt the best option. 

Fully understanding the importance of having the iknowledge, awareness and understanding and the difficulty to do the research, I have done all of the relevant research and i cover it all in this section providing options and the reasons why and the importance of each bit of information. This is a consolidation of over 14 years comprehensive research and my own personal healing experience. 

"Knowledge is Healing"

To fully understand

  • Knowledge, Awareness and Understanding – “ healing is all about knowledge” - this focuses on some background and things people should be aware of – incudes 9 terrible, devastating “dogma’s” – 1. Cancer a genetic disease – 2.Sugar is good for you (as well as sweeteners) . 3. Processed vegetable oiland margarine are good for you. – 4.  High Carb – low fat is good (My Plate, Food Pyramid)(good saturated fats are bad ) – 5. GMO foods are Good.  6. Tap water with chlorine and fluoride are good for you, 7. Vaccines are good and “harmless”, 8. Nutrition is not important and has no effect on cancer. 9. Thoughts, emotions and stress CAN NOT cause disease – and some other points including epigenetics
  • Mind (thoughts, feelings, emotions, subconscious, habits, behavior , Body (the terrain)  and Soul – the miracle healing trio – the importance of spirituality, meditation, consciousness, Quantum space, subconscious reprogramming to change beliefs and habits, - universal energy- chakras, meridians etc) (Dr Joe Dispenza – the ultimate specialist with Bruce lipton)
  • Establishing your “Support Team” as directors of your Health Business. Both social (personal helpers – spouse, friend, cancer buddy, etc) ) and the medical, nutrition, keto professionals and energy therapist
  • Establishing the facilities, treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices – (Press- Pulse) CRKD Keto lifestyle, fasting, detox programs, advanced non-toxic treatments – Mistletoe, Hyperbaric oxygen, etc (Glutamine inhibitors)
  • Consolidating, agreeing (team) and publishing the final comprehensive “metabolic cancer healing” program, plan and schedule. Blueprint and tracking - (managing, controlling, healing)
  • Establishing a Monitoring and Progress System and Process (Best tests, scans etc ) There are simple cheap but very effective tests that enable you to monitor the cancer progress- Dr Nasha calls them the “trifecta” – see below, especially LDH , blood and simple inexpensive tests and although there are expensive tests like Organic Acid Test, it is only as good as the person analyzing the results.
  • Creating a “post” cancer management and control / healing lifestyle regimen for life – Keto lifestyle, walking, rebounding, meditation, prayer, community , positive approach to life and be happy, have fun, laugh, and fill your life with love, healing and caring.

The best advice I got from Dr Wayne Dyer, the amazing motivational speaker was – Try to stop “complaining, crticising and judging” and always forgive and tackle every challenge with love,  this has changed my life (watch his movie on Youtube if you ever get a chance – “The Shift”)

  • Enjoy Life – Life is too short not to enjoy every moment and live life to its fullest

2. Mind, Body and Soul - The Magical Healing Trio






3. Establishing Your Cancer Journey "Support Team"





4. Select Treatments, Therapies, Lifestyle Choices and Facilities





5. Finalise Your Cancer Healing Lifestyle Plan and Schedule





6. Establish Your Monitoring System - Tests and Scans 





7. Enjoy Life - Implement a Preventative Lifestyle