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Why Hire Me ?

Selecting a Cancer Coach is a very personal and difficult experience, and yet a Cancer Coach has become a very important and critical player in all successful Cancer healing support teams.

Over the last decade a lot of new and highly effective scientific, evidence based cancer research has emerged based on a totally new cancer treatment paradigm. 

The "Metabolic Approach to Cancer" is an emerging paradigm that is being embraced extensively world wide and at last gives everyone new hope and alternative cancer therapy options compared to the highly toxic conventional "Standard of Care" cancer treatments of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Many of these treatments are over 100 years old and have contributed to the unacceptable daily global cancer death rate of over 26,000 per day.

Conventional cancer treatments focuses on the disease, and specifically on eradicating the tumor which is actually the downstream symptom of cancer and NOT the cause of the cancer. These conventional treatments are usually carried out by an oncologist, radiologist and a surgeon when required.

HOWEVER Cancer is a very complex and devastating disease and to have any chance of survival requires a multi-disciplinary and diversified professional practitioner support team, including specialists in many different modalities as well as social and emotional support through an holistic "mind, body and soul" approach. 

The ideal Cancer Coach is much like an Architect on a building project who understands all aspects of the building and which artisans, building skills and materials are required. The Architect develops the overall plan and manages and coordinates all the building processes by controlling and synchronising all the different builders and artisans as the building progresses through to completion.

A Cancer Coach has a similar role to play as an architect, with the main goal being to help a cancer patient to "take control of their own health and wellness" and specifically their cancer healing program. This includes helping to manage the fear, negative emotions and the feeling of hopelessness and helplessness and not knowing who to turn too for help and support, but with the main goal being to jointly develop a PERSONALISED "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Plan and Schedule, selecting the cancer support team and the best treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices applicable.

What are the most important criteria when selecting a Cancer Coach ?

Ideally a Cancer Coach:

  • Should be a certified Wellness or Life coach with extensive cancer experience and a focus on natural "mind, body and soul" healing
  • Should be dedicated to working with patients, honest and listening and being aware of a patients fears, emotions, needs and boundaries; be positive, kind compassionate and empathetic
  •  Should have experience as a "Cancer Buddy" and sharing and supporting patients and family members through difficult times, fears and emotions.
  • Should have at least 5 years cancer research experience on all aspects of cancer including both conventional and metabolic aspects of cancer
  •  Should be a cancer survivor who fully understands the fear factor and what cancer patients experience on a day to day basis
  • Should have direct interactive communications with leading metabolic cancer researchers and cancer clinicians and integrative oncologists
  • Should have direct contact with the owners of the major reliable healthcare websites and facilities
  • Should have direct contact with the leading and reliable cancer supplement manufacturers and suppliers
  • Should have read up extensively on all aspects of cancer and cancer treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices
  • Should have read up on key emerging cancer treatments, case studies, clinical trials and peer reviewed cancer papers
  • Should have attended cancer related webinars, presentations and TED talks
  • Should offer a FREE introductory 45 minutes session to establish rapport and enable patients to make a decision
  • Should be accessible and responsive to e-mails and offer weekly coaching sessions by skype, or zoom
  • Should have a content rich, scientific evidence based website covering all aspects of cancer and cancer treatment
  • Should provide supporting documentation for patients to read in their own time and to be used for discussions in the weekly coaching sessions
  • Should be transparent and collaborative

My Credentials

As I am NOT a Doctor or Oncologist it is important for me to share my credentials so that you can decide if you would like to work with me as your Coach and Mentor. I have a detailed page explaining my credentials (Link below), however here is a short summary.

I am a "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Coach and Mentor with over 15 years cancer research experience. I am also a stage 4 metastasized cancer survivor having used the "metabolic approach" to manage, control and heal my cancer. 

As a retired computer engineer with a 30 year career, my research focus is on establishing the true facts based on scientific, evidence based research and clinical outcomes of real patients. 

Unfortunately the Internet has a lot of misinformation about cancer and most conventional cancer practitioners are not allowed to offer any other treatments other than the conventional Standard of Care cancer treatments of surgery, toxic chemotherapy and radiation. 

My most important credential is the interaction, directly or indirectly with many of the world leading cancer specialists. (See my Research)

Check out my credentials here ..........


My "Metabolic Cancer" Healing Lifestyle Coaching Program

WHY would You want a Cancer Coach ?

Cancer is the most frightening, traumatic, stressful and distressing disease ever known to man. The conventional cancer industry has indoctrinated the public over many decades into believing that we have no control over getting cancer and that cancer is a "death sentence" and uses this "fear of death" to get newly diagnosed patients immediately into toxic "Standard of Care" cancer treatments of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. 

There will NEVER be any mention of alternative natural cancer treatments or the importance of nutrition and diet in the conventional cancer practitioner facilities. 

Cancer is also the most complex, complicated and intelligent disease ever known; elusive, cunning, sneaky, adaptable and totally misunderstood, outsmarting conventional cancer practitioners and researchers for decades.

Most importantly we need to be aware that cancer is the most researched and studied disease and ALSO the most profitable "disease business" which is ruthlessly controlled by the Pharmaceutical industry and their masters. 

Processing ALL of this information while being terrified and not knowing who to trust and who to rely on for your treatment options is very traumatic, difficult and extremely stressful and this stress aggravates the disease even further.

This is where the Cancer Coach becomes VERY important and a critical player in every Cancer healing program to help navigate through all the options and also the fake information on the Internet.

What does a Cancer Coach do ?

A good Cancer Coach (see side bar for criteria) is not a counsellor but is an important player in your Cancer Support Team who provides guidance and advise on ALL aspects of cancer and shows you how to take control of your own health and wellness and specifically your personalised Cancer Healing Plan and Schedule. This cancer healing  plan focuses on the body's miraculous innate and intelligent healing capability of the "mind, body and soul".

The Miracle of Life.

Remember ! your body built itself from 2 cells that are barely visible to the naked eye, 1 each from your Mom and Dad. These 2 cells had the blueprint that enabled your body to be built into a highly intelligent being of more than 50 trillion cells, with over 200 different cell types, 11 body systems, all interlinked, 2 energy systems and a highly advanced internal communications and signalling system that enables the body to heal itself if provided the right environment, lifestyle choices and stress management.

YOU Body knows how to heal itself naturally without toxic chemicals, chemotherapy, radiation, prescription drugs, processed foods and sugar.

A Cancer Coach offers many activities which will enable a cancer patient to manage, control and heal cancer and to live a cancer-free life and thrive.

These are some of the activities that I provide in my Cancer Coaching Program.

  • Helping with a cancer diagnosis and the fears, negative emotions and the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness without knowing who to turn to for honest reliable guidance
  • Assist with the development of a personalised cancer healing lifestyle plan and schedule with local resources, facilities, and natural metabolic cancer treatment options
  • Lifestyle management incorporating positive thoughts, feelings, emotions and activities, as well as an anti-cancer Ketogenic lifestyle and nutrition program, supported by intermittent and 5 day water fasting as well as natural cleansing and detox regimens.
  • Stress management using visualisation, goals, wishes and dreams supported by a Vision Board, 3 key goals, prayer and meditation and positive affirmations
  • Providing Cancer Buddy services and support to help both the patient and the family to manage fear and emotions and understand the TRUTH about cancer.
  •   Adapt to whatever phase of the cancer healing journey the patient is at
  • Help to understand ALL aspects of Cancer and specifically understanding the 2 VERY different Cancer Worlds. (Focused on scientific evidence based research)
    • What is Cancer ?
    • What causes Cancer ?
    • How do I get cancer ?
    • Understanding successful Metabolic cancer treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices (the science behind why they work)
    • Understanding how to manage stress and which natural adaptagenic herbs and spices to combat stress
    • Sharing knowledge on anti-cancer foods, plants, herbs and spices, with a focus on the most potent cancer fighting bio-compounds found in vegetables and berries
    • Sharing knowledge on the worst foods that cause cancer
    • Sharing knowledge on the best anti-cancer supplements, smoothies and juices
    • Understanding the key players that you need in your cancer Support Team
    • Understanding the critical cancer tests and a progress monitoring system to stay on track
    • Developing an anti-cancer Lifestyle once in remission

My Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Coaching Program

My Cancer Coaching program starts off with a FREE 30 minute introductory Zoom session to enable you to ask questions and to get the necessary information to enable you to make a decision if you would like to work with me on your Cancer Healing Journey.

Thereafter you have a few days to make your decision and to ask further questions through e-mail free of charge.

Once you make the decision and register; the coaching program begins.

The initial Cancer Coaching program is a one-one online program that runs over 3 months. (12 weeks) This can be renewed month by month thereafter if required

There are 24 Modules each containing a specific topic with critical information that you need to be aware of that are sequentially accessible at your own pace. These Modules are in PDF format that you can download and read at your leisure.

Each week there will be a pre-booked cancer coaching Zoom session. The format of the coaching sessions are totally flexible and provide you with the opportunity to discuss any topic you want. However some time will be allocated to discuss topics that were allocated to the previous week of the program. The last 10 minutes of the session will cover activities that should be implemented in the following week and an introduction to the new topics allocated to the new week. 

The main goal of the coaching Program is to to provide you will the knowledge, awareness and understanding of all relevant aspects of managing controlling and healing cancer.

The key objectives are:

  • To assist and guide you to understand that cancer is a "metabolic LIFESTYLE Disease" and not a "genetic disease" that the conventional cancer industry has led us to believe for the last 75 years
  • To assist and guide you to "Take Control" of your health and wellness and specifically your cancer healing lifestyle journey. You are the only person who can control your own lifestyle
  • To assist and guide you to develop a personalized "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Plan and Action Schedule". This is the most important document in the fight against cancer.   

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