Introduction to Cancer

Topic 1 Introduction

Metabolic Cancer

The "Metabolic Cancer Approach" refers to a group of natural cancer treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices that are being implemented as a result of the vast, scientifically proven research, that has been carried out globally in prestigious Universities over the last 20 years. 

Dr Otto Warburg, a Brilliant German bio-chemist and Doctor was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1931 after spending a decade researching all aspects of cancer. He discovered that the primary cause of all cancers was due to a damaged cellular respiratory energy system, later identified as the mitochondria, the energy source of most cells in the body. The damaged mitochondria forces all cancer cells to fall back on an ancient, highly inefficient glucose fermentation process to survive.

His findings revolutionised the approach to treating cancer and was the introduction of the "Metabolic Approach to Cancer" and the use of a therapeutic version of the Ketogenic Lifestyle to be the main component of a cancer healing therapy. 

This APPROACH to treating cancer naturally is contrary to the conventional "Standard of Care" cancer treatments that include surgery, toxic chemotherapy and radiation.

These natural cancer healing therapies cannot be patented and therefore are not supported by the Pharmaceutical industry or the conventional "Cancer Business". The conventional "Cancer Business" is a highly profitable industry and ruthlessly managed and controlled by the Pharmaceutical industry.

The main components of a "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Program should be based on a Ketogenic Lifestyle.

  • A Ketogenic Lifestyle, which should include:
    • A positive and grateful mindset
    • A "Stress Management" program including meditation, vision boards, affirmations and life goals
    • A Calorie Restricted (Mainly) Plant based Ketogenic Diet using organic veg and berries (High fat - Low carb)
    • An intermittent fasting and  5 day water only fasting regimen
    • A natural "Cleansing and Detox" program
    • A well defined anti-cancer, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory "nutritional therapy" and anti-cancer supplementation program
    • An appropriate exercise program

The Ketogenic Lifestyle is covered in great detail in the "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Program topic.

I suggest you also look at Dr Jockers Ketogenic Course which includes a lot of essential information and great recipes too.

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So ! What is the "Metabolic" Approach to Cancer ?

This is the first Topic of the "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Series

Introduction to Cancer

Cancer is the most frightening, traumatic, stressful and distressing disease ever known, and the conventional treatments are driven by the "fear of death".

Cancer is also the most complex, complicated and intelligent disease ever known; elusive, cunning, sneaky, adaptable and totally misunderstood, outsmarting conventional cancer practitioners and researchers for decades.

Most importantly we need to be aware that cancer is the most researched and studied disease and the most profitable "disease business" which is ruthlessly controlled by the Pharmaceutical industry and their masters. 

  The Cancer Diagnosis

So !!! It is no surprise that a cancer diagnosis is a terrifying experience that leaves all the people involved in a state of shock and totally overwhelmed, feeling hopeless, helpless, and powerless and not knowing who to turn to, where to start, or who to trust and believe; to provide the best personalized healing solution to the patient. Having experienced my wifes cancer diagnosis and 10 years later my own, I fully understand the devastating emotions for patients and family.   

The “FEAR” Factor Strategy

Unfortunately the conventional “Cancer Business Industry” which is a trillion dollar, highly profitable global industry, uses this “fear factor” strategy to exploit the patient and family in this moment of trauma, turmoil and helplessness by getting the patient into the toxic “Standard of Care” cancer treatments of surgery, chemotherapy or radiation: IMMEDIATELY !

Cancer Perception

Most of the people I have spoken to during my research project, had very little knowledge of cancer or cancer treatments, although they were all fully aware of the terrifying consequences that cancer has “no cure” and that it is “terminal” in most cases.

Cancer Treatment Options

Very few people I spoke to have any knowledge of natural, alternative cancer treatment options but are only aware of the “Standard of Care” treatments.  When I asked what they were most afraid of; most said “dying and leaving loved ones behind without their love, care and financial support”.  However most were terrified of the chemo, radiation and surgery treatment and the horrific side effects as well as the devastating quality of life and debilitating consequences of the treatment with little hope of survival.

 Alternative Treatments or Support

None of the people I spoke to were given any information on alternative treatments, therapies or lifestyle choices by their Doctors or Oncologists. Nutrition was not mentioned, and they were urged to eat whatever it took not to lose weight during the treatment. They were also told NOT to take supplements during treatment. It is also interesting to note that many oncology centres provide sweets, cupcakes, doughnuts and  sugary cold drinks. This is totally absurd and irresponsible as cancer thrives on sugar. 

Essential Nutrition - Training

It is unfortunate that modern day conventional doctors are not given any training in nutrition, BUT are only taught how to use toxic chemical prescription drugs because the Pharmaceutical industry is so powerful and it relies on prescription drug and chemo sales to drive their highly profitable "disease businesses".

This is really sad as the human body has an innate and highly intelligent healing system that requires 90 essential nutrients to be ultimately healthy and vibrant. It is important to understand that it is this same healing system that is also responsible for building our bodies from the 2 cells that initiated the miraculous birth and development of about 50 trillion cells that make up an adult body.  


No doctor or healthcare practitioner, prescription drug, chemotherapy, radiation or supplements can heal the body. ONLY the body can heal itself,  but it must be given the necessary internal and external environment and nutrition to create the enabling healing terrain within the body.  

 Unaware and Ignorant.

Unfortunately, through NO fault of their own, most people are totally ignorant and unaware of what cancer is, what causes it, what treatments are available, how effective the treatments are and many more factors.

The main goal of this Series is to answer all these questions and to provide you with the knowledge, awareness and understanding required to develop a successful personalised cancer healing plan and schedule for yourself to guide you and your cancer support team on your personalized healing journey.  

 Knowledge, Awareness and Understanding

These are the 3 pillars required to create the platform needed to enable the miraculous healing trio of the “Mind, Body and Soul” to work together to enable the body to heal from any lifestyle disease including all types of cancer . (Spirit – Universal Life Energy) 

A major part of the “cancer healing lifestyle” program that I have developed and used on my own cancer healing journey, and in my cancer coaching sessions, focuses on me sharing my 15 years of cancer research and my personal stage 4 "terminal" cancer healing experience with you. Through this "cancer healing" Series, I will provide you with all of the necessary information required to establish this critical platform of “knowledge, awareness and understanding”, that is required to develop a personalised metabolic cancer healing lifestyle plan and schedule that will enable you to manage, control and heal cancer.

Research and Due Diligence

Although the Internet provides the ability to research cancer and treatments; we all know that there is so much misinformation about cancer on the internet, especially where “silver bullets” are proclaimed to be the "CURE".  Worse still, a lot of the information is plainly just “LIES” promoting useless treatments and concoctions for profit.

This means that every cancer patient MUST take control of their own health and wellness and specifically their “cancer healing lifestyle” program.

HOWEVER, most people who have cancer don’t have the time or the energy or even the facilities to do the in-depth research and the necessary due-diligence on researchers, practitioners, facilities and treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices required to develop a personalised "Cancer Healing Plan".

It is also most important to note that you should only use information from credible sources. This includes cancer practitioners, cancer coaches and specifically you should only use independent researchers working in prestigious Universities who are NOT funded by the conventional cancer industry or by the pharmaceutical industry who are often paid to be biased in some way or another..

Another goal of this Series is to provide you with the TRUTH about ALL aspects of cancer and ensure that you have reliable information which I have gathered from independent resources that I have worked with for years and who are reliable and the very best source of cancer information available.  

Discovering the TRUTH about Cancer

The most important role of a cancer research analyst and an independent cancer coach is to establish the TRUTH about Cancer and to share that with as many people as possible.

To assist You I have spent 15 years analysing cancer research papers, case studies and peer reviewed scientific papers as well as reading many books and attending seminars, webinars and workshops, establishing and interacting with the most credible, well respected, "leading edge" cancer researchers, practitioners and survivors and I have have also discovered the best highly effective and affordable natural metabolic treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices which are all included in my "Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Program.  

I will be covering ALL aspects of my "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Program" and Coaching sessions, in this SERIES of topics, which I have based on my extensive research and my interaction with leading experts and my own personal stage 4 cancer healing journey.  More on this in future topics in the series. (Links to the all the articles on the Portal page)  

 Indoctrination and Dogmas

In the articles where I provide “Knowledge, Awareness and Understanding” I also cover some of the most critical events in history and 9 “dogmas” that have all, accumulatively contributed to the totally unacceptable global death rate caused primarily by “VERY BROKEN” global healthcare systems; totally outdated and ineffective toxic "Standard of Care" cancer treatments and associated lifestyle aspects that are ruthlessly controlled by BigPharma, BigAgri, BigFood and BigMoney; and their “cartel masters”.

Power, Greed, Lies, Corruption and Profits

Although most people in the Healthcare Industry are all dedicated to taking care of their patients and do everything possible to care for them and support them, there are many situations where the control and business strategizing, management and implementation is driven by “power, greed, lies, corruption and profits”. There is evidence that this is prevalent in the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Cancer and related industries.  

Dedicated to Care and Support

HOWER, we must all remember that each and every person involved in the day-to-day Healthcare Industry can ONLY utilize the knowledge and skills that they have been taught, learned and possess; to provide the service or product that they offer and practice. This is based on the education and training and the curriculum used by the Medical Schools, Universities and other education and training facilities, that teach and prepare the people working in the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Cancer industries.

The "Allopathic" Prescription Drug Era

It is important to note that most universities and medical schools globally base their conventional medical training on the Rockefeller "Allopathic" toxic prescription drug curriculum that does NOT cover any natural treatments, therapies, lifestyle choices, nutrition, medicine plants, herbs, spices or natural plant based healing"bio-compounds".

IF the training and education is based on the toxic prescription drug, conventional medicine / modern Western medicine / Rockefeller Allopathic medicine teachings that are focused on symptoms and “band aids” to mask the symptoms; ONLY using toxic chemical prescription drugs, chemo and radiation , then that is what the practitioners are educated and trained on, and what they  offer and practice. We shouldn’t expect anything different. BUT we have a choice !

I am providing you with that choice, which includes non toxic options that are far more effective and cheaper treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices.  

Natural, Alternative, Holistic, Metabolic and “Cause” Based Solutions

In contrast there are many thousands of people educated, trained and successfully practicing and offering natural, alternative, holistic and “CAUSE” based solutions.  In the section covering the "Ideal Cancer Support Team" I will be giving you guidance as to who you should be selecting to be in your Cancer Support Team. I will also be providing some references to resources and facilities that you might be able to use locally. In the "Ideal Treatments, Therapies and Lifestyle Choices" sections you will introduced to scientifically proven natural non-toxic, efficient and affordable healing treatments, therapies and natural non toxic lifestyle choices with NO or very limited "side effects".

 My Life’s Purpose

Since I have been spared from this devastating disease I have made it my "Life’s Purpose" and mission to share all of the information I have gathered over the last 15 years of research, as well as my own personal healing and coaching experience. 

This Series includes a vast amount of information that you will not get anywhere else, especially FREE of charge.  My main objective is to help you "take control" of your own health and wellness and especially your personalised "cancer healing plan and schedule".

I am hoping to reach as many people as possible to enable everyone to benefit from my vast knowledge and experience in assisting people to fully understand the various alternative, successful treatment options to help them manage, control and heal cancer on their cancer healing journey.

My "Metabolic Cancer" Coaching Program

I am fully aware that managing, controlling and healing cancer is a complex process and that there is a lot of information to absorb and to put into practice, which is very scary for most people.

To help you; if you feel this way, you might want to check out my  4 month "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Coaching program which includes weekly information and ZOOM interactive sessions to take you step by step through the healing journey. The main objective of the coaching program is to assist you to develop a personalized "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Plan and Schedule" that you can share with your cancer support team as a planned, live day to day schedule to guide you and your team on your cancer healing journey.

Part of this Plan includes a "Progress Monitoring and Testing System" which is absolutely critical to track your healing progress and make any necessary adjustments to the treatments.  A comprehensive well thought out metabolic cancer healing plan and live schedule, that can be used and shared by your cancer support team is a major part of being able to manage, control and heal cancer.

The coaching program also includes supporting resources and facilities as well as e-mail communications to address your personal challenges while doing the program. Find out more about the "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" coaching program here  ..........

 The “Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle” Journey

SO!!! What is the "Metabolic Approach to Cancer ?

"Metabolism" refers to the chemical reactions that take place in every cell in the body to process the food we eat together with oxygen we breathe in, to generate energy for every cell to carry out its function. This is often referred to as the "Metabolic Pathway" or the Respiration Process which is controlled by the Mitochondria, the energy source of the cell.

Because, as you will discover in future articles, the primary cause of ALL cancers is due to a damaged "Metabolic Pathway" or the Respiration Process (Mitochondria). 

I will be covering this in detail in a future topic; BUT before we cover that You need to be aware of the current Global Cancer Statistics to fully understand why it is so very important to find out WHY there are so many cancer related deaths using the conventional "Standard of Care" treatment.

But more importantly you need to be aware of the alternative, non-toxic options, which I cover in a later Topic.

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Thank you for reading this Topic.

I hope this has set the stage for you to read all the other topics in this series and to find out how you can manage, control and heal your cancer by developing a personalized cancer healing lifestyle plan and schedule to guide you on your healing journey.

If you would like my personal help to develop a personalized "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Plan and Schedule", please look at my cancer coaching program...........  

I wish you ALL the very best and hope your day is filled with happiness, healing, love and caring !





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