Introducing the “Metabolic Approach” to Cancer

  1. So! What is the “Metabolic Approach” to cancer ?

This is the first Topic of the 10 part “Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle” Series

Introduction to Cancer

Cancer is the most frightening, traumatic, stressful, and distressing disease ever known, and the conventional treatments are driven by the “fear of death”.

Cancer is also the most complex, complicated, and intelligent disease ever known; elusive, cunning, sneaky, adaptable, and totally misunderstood, outsmarting conventional cancer practitioners and researchers for decades.

Most importantly we need to be aware that cancer is also the most researched and studied disease and the most profitable “disease business” which is ruthlessly controlled by the Pharmaceutical industry and their masters. 

The conventional cancer industry wants us to believe that cancer is a “genetic disease” inherited from our parents or just bad luck.

This has been scientifically proven not to be true !

Cancer has been proven to be a “Metabolic Lifestyle Disease”.

What does this mean ?

It means that cancer is caused by our modern lifestyles.

There are specifically 3 main causes of ALL cancers.

  1. Toxic overload of the body, primarily by air and water pollution, chemical toxins, processed and GMO foods, pesticides, commercial meat with anti-biotics and growth hormones, radiation, chemotherapy, and chemical based prescription drugs
  2. Nutrition Deficiency (Food) – Every one of the 40 trillion cells in the body need specific nutrients to generate the necessary energy for the cell to carry out its function, as well as feeding various components in each cell.  “Food is Medicine” but it can also be “poison”
  3. Chronic Stress – All forms of chronic stress, negative thoughts and emotions cause the body to generate harmful acidic chemicals that in turn damage the mitochondria, often starting the cancer process

Damaged Energy Source

Scientific evidence based research that goes back to the 1920’s by Dr Otto Warburg, a brilliant German bio-chemist, Doctor and Nobel Laureate, proved that the primary cause of ALL cancers is due to a damaged cellular energy source.

The Mitochondria is the energy generation factory in every cell and is part of the “Metabolic Energy Pathway”, hence the name – the “Metabolic Approach” to cancer.   

The “Metabolic Cancer Approach” refers to a group of natural cancer treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices that are being implemented as a result of the vast, scientifically proven research, that has been carried out globally in prestigious Universities over the last 20 years. 

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