How did this come about ?

Hello, This is Dave (The Cancer Buddy).

In my last post I discussed the “2 Cancer Wolds” which present each of us who have cancer with a huge decision that will have a profound effect on the healing programme we decide to follow and the effectiveness of the healing. You could even say it’s a matter of life and death without being too dramatic.

These are the  2 conflicting “Cancer Worlds” i discussed.

  • The “modern medicine” conventional Cancer World, started in the 1940’s with the use of nitrogen mustard and folic acid drugs that were incorporated into what is known as the “standard cancer treatment” – “surgery, radiation and chemotherapy”. This Cancer World enforces the use of this treatment and aggressively fights and destroys all other natural alternative therapies and closes down alternative practitioners. These treatments are claimed to be between 3% – 6% effective by Oncology Control bodies in most advanced countries.
  • The natural alternative, complimentary, integrative Cancer World takes a  holistic approach to the gentle healing of the body by focusing on the cause and not the symptom using natural “non-toxic” supplements, superfoods, herbs and essential oils. Although Alternative practitioners providing these services are prevented by law and aggressively enforced, in most countries, from claiming effectiveness or success, there is a lot of scientific evidence that some alternative treatment options are between 60% – 90% effective. (

To enable you to start assessing which Cancer World you want to primarily align with, you need to fully understand how we got to the situation, but more importantly why it has remained like this for so long. I hope this short “history lesson” will help you to start making an informed decision  🙂 .

The Germ Theory         

Modern medicine is based on Louis Pasteur’ s (1822-1895) “Germ Theory” where every disease is caused by a specific external germ and is seen to be different. The solution being, specific prescription drugs to address and mask each and every one of these symptoms, of which there are currently hundreds. Modern medicine does not focus on the cause of the problem, it is more a “band aid” solution to temporarily address the symptom.

This was the fatal birth of the “Disease Business” as we know it and the most lucrative and protected industry on earth today – the pharmaceutical industry.

Although Pasteur was recognized at the time as the father of bacteriology and microbiology based on his “Germ Theory of Medicine”, he was not a medical man and was in direct conflict with other research doctors of the day.

The Cellular Theory (Terrain Theory)

Alternative medicine on the other hand has a holistic, gentle preventative approach and is based on Dr Antoine Bechamp’s (1816-1908) and Claude Bernard’s (1813-1878) “Cellular Theory” which is based on the “healthy terrain” concept. (a healthy inner body).

So what is the healthy terrain? Béchamp began to describe it nearly two hundred years ago, but Claude Bernard finally stated that to maintain a “healthy terrain” (disease free body) there were two factors, which when violated were responsible for every known disease.

1. The necessary Nutrition to feed the bodies trillions of cells

2. Toxin free blood, cells and body tissues

To this day, this has proven to be true and is still absolutely applicable.  One must have proper nutrition and be free of toxins to maintain a “healthy terrain- that is a healthy body.

He also established that germs were attracted to diseased tissues and cells and were not the cause of the disease, dispelling Pasteur’s “Germ Theory”.

The following paragraph is taken from the Antoine Bechamp website.

“Bechamp was one of France’s most prominent and active researchers and biologists. He taught in universities and medical schools, and published widely on cell biology, disease, botany and related subjects. His would probably be a household name today if it wasn’t for the activities of Louis Pasteur, who history has treated very kindly indeed, considering his fake science, his tendency to steal ideas (mainly from Bechamp), falsify experimental data, and in general make claims which had no basis in fact. “

It is unfortunate that the profit driven “Disease Business” , ruthlessly driven by the Pharmaceutical industry continues to endorse the “Germ Theory” for obvious financial reasons, despite vast scientific research proving the “Cellular Theory” to be by far the most effective and true state of disease management and healing.  Notable work has been done for numerous years by many credible researchers worldwide, with numerous new scientifically proven discoveries leading to a Cellular Medicine theory.

I hope this gives you some background on how we got to this situation with 2 opposed, conflicting opinions and hence the 2 “Cancer Worlds”.

Another interesting question is, how has the “Germ Theory” managed to continue competing with the Cellular Theory all these years despite it being totally ineffective when it comes to healing by eliminating the cause ?

Look out for my next post on how some of the most powerful families on earth ruthlessly exploited this situation to become the most profitable industry on earth  – “BigPharma” the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Thanks for spending time with me.

Take care, be positive, happy and grateful.

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