Health and Wellness – the “Did You Know Series?” – Introduction:

Hi everybody this is Dave the Cancer Buddy wishing you happiness, healing, love, caring and good health, where ever you find yourself in the world.

I hope you are all prepared for a fantastic 2018.

A few years ago I wrote an e-Book that focused on what causes most chronic diseases, which covered 22 modern lifestyle choices that form the blueprint of our health and wellness and how we live.  It is a fact that “How we live influences how we die ! “

Recently a friend asked me if I would write a series of blogs to cover these lifestyle choices and describe how they affect our lives, some positively and some negatively.

So today is the introduction to the Health and Wellness “Did You Know ? ” Series that will cover some essential steps that will prepare you for a successful “Health and Wellness” programme, followed by the 22 Modern Lifestyle Choices. There will be 26 Blog posts in this “series” over the next 2 months.

This is the “Introduction” post  that will include the subjects that I will be covering, with a one line description, so you can look out for the topics that you are interested in.

The Programme topics include the following.

  1. Taking Control of Your Own Health and Wellness. As many highly successful natural alternative treatments have become available in most countries, which have a proven track record of being highly effective and successful and often a lot cheaper than patented drugs that most conventional doctors prescribe for most disease symptoms, it is absolutely critical that you take control of your own health and decide what treatment you want.
  2. Knowledge and Awareness.  To be able to make the best treatment options you need to gain some knowledge and awareness of the options available to you. With access to the Internet this has provided everyone with the ability to get basic knowledge and to be aware of various successful treatments. I cover some of these options in more detail in this post.
  3. Attitude and Mindset.  Every aspect of our lives is controlled by “thoughts” with the Law of attraction and affirmations playing a major role in how we live. For instance if you are positive, happy and grateful you will attract similar people and all aspects of your life will be positive, however if you are negative, unhappy, angry and hateful you will attract similar people and your life will be miserable. I will also explain how these conditions affect your health directly.
  4. Modern Lifestyles and Lifestyle Choices. This is an introduction to the 22 Modern Lifestyle Choices that I am going to be covering in detail which are listed below.

I will be posting a blog post over the next 2 months on each of these topics in detail to help you asses the effect they may be having on your lifestyle. This will more importantly cover what you should try not to be eating specifically as many of these are carcinogenic which we all know causes cancer.

  1. Nutrition – this will cover what we should and should NOT be eating and drinking, including the right things  to provide our bodies with the essential nutrients it requires to achieve longevity, optimum disease free health and ultimate wellbeing.
  2. Your Own Individual Diet – this enables you to compare what you should be eating with what you are eating so you can gradually make the changes you feel will benefit you and assist with your health and wellness.
  3. Emotional Stress – this is a critical lifestyle choice which i urge everyone to become aware of – stress is the worst possible driver of chronic disease especially cancer  causing premature death and  chronic stress is the most difficult to manage, find out why ?
  4. Processed Foods – an insight into the poisonous toxins you will encounter in these man made toxic bombs.
  5. Fast Foods – you will see why fatty, fried foods, trans fats, hydrolysed fats and hydrogenated oils are causing chronic diseases, especially cancer and the world wide obesity epidemic.
  6. Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners – the deadly duo that are part of the deadly toxins responsible for most chronic diseases.
  7. Soft / Cold Drinks and Energy Drinks  – beware these are liquid poison, this is where sugar and artificial sweeteners perform at their best – or is that “worst”. Find out way major super markets in the UK have banned energy drinks for children under the age of 16.  Something every parent should consider.
  8. Refined Carbohydrates – This will cover why sugar, flour, cakes, cookies, biscuits, white breads and sweets should be limited.
  9. Fresh Produce Pollution – this is mainly to make you aware of how important it is to buy organic produce when ever possible.  Find out how the dangerous chemicals in fertilisers and pesticides are contaminating the fresh fruit and vegetables that we eat, as well as the food radiation process that is often carried out on imported produce in most countries. These  all contribute to chronic disease, especially cancer and cause  premature death.
  10. Groceries – this will help you to look out for carcinogens and excitotoxins in your groceries and find out on which shelves you will find cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, obesity and more.
  11. Cosmetics and Personal Care products – This is the biggest surprise package that you and all your family MUST be aware of.  Find out why we are all exposed to human carcinogens and reproductive developmental toxins and their nasty long term consequences on a daily basis. Did You know that 12.2 million adults – one of every 13 women and one of every 23 men – are exposed to ingredients that are known or probable human carcinogens every day through their use of personal care products.
  12. Processed Dairy Products – find out the dangers of milk and processed dairy products and the effects of pus, antibiotics and bovine growth hormones on humans, especially asthma sufferers.
  13. Pollution –In this day and age where pollution is everywhere and affects our daily lives it is important for you to fully understand how air, water and environmental pollution affects your health and wellness.
  14. Water – what you should know about this essential nutrient and some of the bottled waters.
  15. Nutritional Supplements and Superfoods. Find out why you need superfoods in your diets and why nutritional supplements are so important to fill the gaps and how to  decide which nutritional supplements you need.
  16. Prescription Drugs and Illegal Drugs – This is most probably the most surprising and shocking topic i will be covering in detail. You should be aware that prescription drugs caused the deaths of an astounding 783,936 people in the USA in 2001 and continue to cause thousands of unnecessary deaths every year without having to accept the responsibility for this assumed legal massacre by the conventional medical fraternity and the “profit driven” pharmaceutical companies.
  17. Exercise, Sunshine and Grounding – Find out the easiest way to add years onto your lifespan through yoga, rebounding and other exercise routines, especially for seniors this is a must. It is also critical to understand the importance of sunshine and the well proven positive effects of grounding to promote health and wellness.
  18. Smoking – Although so many people are addicted to cigarette smoking this is something that has a proven record of causing all sort os Cancers and lung diseases so its actually a “no brainer” But if you aren’t aware of the extreme dangers of smoking thin you can find out why smoking cuts ten years off your normal lifespan and creates so much disease, pain and suffering.
  19. Alcohol – This will let you discover what’s good and what’s bad ?.
  20. Sunscreen and Tanning Lotions. Learn to decide between myths, facts and marketing hype, it could be a lifesaver.
  21. Breathing and Meditation.  Of course we are all breathing :-), otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article, BUT most of us are lazy shallow breathers. Find out why “deep” breathing is so important for your health and ultimate wellbeing and why meditation is so important especially as part of cancer healing programmes.
  22. Meaningful Work, Hobbies and Relaxation. This is part of having a positive attitude and mindset  which is absolutely critical. Find out why being positive, happy and grateful and keeping your mind active and practicing body relaxation while enjoying life to its fullest is critical to achieving optimum health, ultimate wellness and a fulfilled quality of life.

Although this is not an exhaustive list it does focus  on the most important modern lifestyle choices that you need to be aware of when assessing your current lifestyle profile. I will be expanding on each of these “Lifestyle Choices” in the various blog posts over the next 2 months. If you are interested to find out more about be how these choices impact on your health and wellbeing and how you can start  managing your Lifestyle Choices,  then I suggest you visit my blog regularly over the next 2 months.

I am really excited to be able to share this critical information with you and look forward to hearing from you.

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