“HEALING” with Love, Caring and Empathy

Hello everyone, this is Dave (the Cancer Buddy)

I hope you are all having an awesome day and feeling grateful for everything and everybody in your life.

Today  I want to answer a question I often ask my self !

When some of my friends hear I have cancer they seem to cut me out of their lives, which really hurts !

I could never understand why ?

So I decided to ask a few 🙂 and build a response to their dilemma.

Most are honest and fall into 2 groups –

  • they  are so scared of cancer because of the way the cancer industry has forced us all to  believe that cancer is an incurable monster, which unfortunately many see to be true because of the the complete failure of the conventional cancer treatments that Doctors are forced to use.
  • Then there are those that don’t know how to handle the situation, what to say, or how to help ?

In this post I want to briefly  address my approach to both of these groups who are well meaning but uninformed.

  1. Please understand the scare tactics of the conventional cancer industry and their “death sentence” approach is a “sickening” and “despicable” way to convince cancer patients the only hope they have is to get into the conventional cancer treatment of “surgery” (slash), “Chemo” (poison) and “radiation” (burn) as soon as possible. Although there might be times to consider these options, the global track record of successful conventional cancer treatment published by many formal cancer associations, is on average, about 3%- 6%. A bit tough if you are among the 94 people out of a hundred that didn’t make it ! It is a proven fact that many natural alternative cancer treatments are between 60% and 90% effective. Far better “odds” 🙂 But these are not allowed to compete with the most profitable “Disease Business” – Cancer. So all I ask of my friends that are in this group, is to ignore the negative hype, continue the friendship and interact with us positively and focus on supporting us through love, caring and empathy. (see below)
  2. My answer to my friends in the second group is pretty similar. Please just carry on treating us just as you always did, but try to understand that we all have good days and some bad days. Be there for us by trying to  focus a bit more on love, caring and empathy.

We all know what love and caring is; each with our own approach, however “empathy” is more difficult but possibly the most important.

Here is my simple  definition of “empathy”


Requires that you step outside your own emotions

and view things entirely from the perspective

of the other person, just while you are interacting with your friend, who happens to have cancer.

All we ask is please understand what we are going through and realize all we want is your friendship. your positive reassurance, your understanding, your love, your support and caring and moist of all your empathy.

To all my cancer friends around the world, I hope this might enable you to get some of your friends back too, it definitely has worked for me.


With love, caring and lot’s of empathy,