Premium Cancer Buddy Monthly Membership

Welcome to the Premium Cancer Buddy Membership Registration Page

Thank you for your interest in  the Premium Cancer Buddy Monthly Membership Subscription.

Personal Profile Form – IMPORTANT NOTE 

On completion of your first payment, you will receive a Receipt with the details of your payment transaction which will also include a link to your Personal Profile registration form that you MUST fill in and Submit to enable the Cancer Buddy Service. Your Profile will be kept, safely, securely and totally confidential.  This form will enable me (Dave the Cancer Buddy) to fully understand your personal details and your cancer history and current status as well as lifestyle information. Please download the form and fill it in with as much detail as possible so that I can support you to the best of my ability. The information is safe, secure and confidential and will never be shared.

Once completed please submit the form for my prompt response.

Once you have paid and submitted you Personal Profile You can start e-mailng me (Dave the Cancer Budddy) at  ALL e-Mails will be answered, usually within 24 hours depending on the time zone that you are living in.

You also have the option of  corresponding with me through the WhatsApp messaging application (10 messages per month)  BUT only through messages and not by phone. You will find my phone details in the Personal Profile Registration Form.

Monthly Subscription Payment 

Please note that when you checkout and select the payment you have the option of selecting 1 or any number of months you want. However if you prefer to renew your subscription each month then only pay for one month at a time. A single months purchase is valid for 30 days from the date you completed the payment transaction,  and must be renewed each month to continue to access the service.

To find all the details of the Premium Cancer Buddy Service check here.

 To process the payment click the price button and you will be directed to the Checkout page and then to our secure PayPal payment gateway to complete your monthly membership subscription payment. Please read the Terms and Conditions on the check out page.