CHCP-Module 1. Introduction – Session 1.

CHCP-Module 1. Introduction

Session 1. Introduction to the Cancer Healing Coaching Program (CHCP)

Module 1. Session 1 – Introduction to the Cancer Healing Program

I vividly remember the day I heard those devastating words from my Urologist.

“I am sorry to tell you that you have stage 4 Prostate cancer that has spread into your liver, lungs, lymph and bone structure”.

The prognosis is a few months – get your affairs in order !

 Although I was devastated, terrified, confused and angry, I immediately went back to the comprehensive research I had done on all aspects of cancer after my wife passed away in 2005 from an aggressive toxic chemotherapy course that the Oncologist said was the only chance she had to survive the liver cancer she was diagnosed with in 2004.

At the time of doing the research I had no idea that I would be diagnosed with stage 4 cancer 11 years later in 2016.

The 7 Step Natural, Alternative Cancer Healing Program

So the first thing I did was to create a comprehensive 7 step “Healing Program” with all the critical components that a natural, alternative cancer healing program requires based on my comprehensive research.

Fortunately this program enabled me to go into remission after 12 months. 

Supporting Family and Friends

Since then I have been assisting family and friends who have been diagnosed with various types and stages of cancer. I soon realized that from the moment that a person is diagnosed with cancer their lives change completely. They are terrified, confused, depressed, angry, helpless and not knowing what to expect; and having so many questions. The first is, "Will I die ?"When will I die ?" and many many more.  


I also realized that the KEY to survival is having a comprehensive “Cancer Healing Program” which prompted me to develop my unique customized “Cancer Healing Program" that you are starting today.

What can you Expect ?

The 7 Step Cancer Healing Coaching Program.

The main goal of the program is to assist you to fully understand all aspects of cancer and be aware of all the various support and treatment options available to you which will enable you to develop your own customized “Cancer Healing Program”

The 9 Essential Activities

There are 9 essential activities in all successful healing programs regardless of the type or stage of cancer. However some of the details of each activity vary depending on the type of cancer or stage. That is what you will find out on this Cancer Healing Coaching Program. 

As there is a lot of information that you need to be aware of to be successful, I have developed the Program to be scheduled over 2 months so you don’t get overwhelmed and confused.

Essential Activities 

  1. An Introduction to the World of Cancer and an understanding of the 2 very different Cancer Worlds that exist today, and what each of these worlds offer, and what treatment options they provide as well as the effectiveness of the various treatment options.
  2. Taking Control of your own health and wellness and your "healing program". Once you understand the "World of Cancer" you will also find out that "Cancer" is multi-billion dollar "Disease Businesses" mainly driven by power, profits, greed and lies. All aspects of cancer are controlled not only by the Doctors, Oncologists, Therapists, labs and hospitals, but also by the ruthless Pharmaceutical  companies. For this reason it is absolutely critical to take control of your own healing program so that you and your support Team can make independent decisions based on your needs and not someone else's benefits or profits.
  3. Knowledge and Awareness. It is absolutely essential that you fully understand all aspects of the 2 cancer worlds and the treatment options as well as the effectiveness of these options. In this activity I will provide you with the most effective options with supporting information that will enable you to make well informed decision on what options are best for you and what the make up of your Healing Program should be.
  4. Attitude and Mindset.  Our "thoughts" control every aspect of our lives, good and bad. Therefore having a positive attitude is one of the most critical aspects of any healing program. However most of us have negative habits and beliefs hard wired in our sub-conscious mind that controls our day to day actions.  For example the conventional "Cancer Industry" wants everybody to think that cancer is a "death sentence" and that their only hope of survival is to start the "standard cancer treatment" of "surgery, chemotherapy and radiation" as soon as possible. In this activity you will learn how your sub-conscious mind can either assist the healing process or derail it. You will find out more about the Law of Attraction and how you can reprogram your thoughts through powerful affirmations and Mind Movies to create a very positive and grateful mindset and attitude to support your healing process.  
  5. Heart and Soul. You have 2 options in life; you can live based on your mindset driven by your conscious and sub-conscious minds, or you can live based on you heat and intuition. The overall ideal goal of the heart is "To do NO Harm" which is very difficult. However the main characteristics of living by the heart include the following : a positive mind, being happy, humble, compassionate, grateful, empathetic, loving, caring, self-loving  and forgiving while trying not to complain. criticize or judge. In this activity we will focus on taking the "longest" journey from the "Mind to the Heart" which is only 45 cms. Living from the Heart is an essential part of any successful healing program. 
  6. Your Support Team. Once you are fully aware of the Cancer therapist and treatment options, you can select your Support Team. This activity will cover the various options and who the key players are in a successful cancer healing program. The health practitioners in your Support Team together with your Cancer Buddy and "Home partner" will jointly finalise your treatment procedures and processes as well as your alkaline cancer diet (ketogenic), supplements and super-foods.   
  7. Treatments - As mentioned in the previous activity your Support Team will finalise your treatments. This activity will consolidate all the treatments, diet and exercise routines. 
  8. Time and Costs. This activity will face the issues of cost of treatments and time required to manage your healing program which will include meals, organic groceries, supplements and super-foods.
  9. Conclusion. In this activity all aspects of the healing program will be consolidated into your customized healing program ready for you to start living the Healing Program.  

Program Delivery Process

The 9 activities have been broken down into Modules and Sessions which will include all the details of each activity and the information and resource references you will be required to read to enable you to decide on what options you want to include in your Healing Program.

You will receive an e-mail every few days that will have a link to the next Module and Session, much like this one, on this web site. You can either read it in your browser or down load a PDF version that you can store on your computer or tablet and read at your leisure.

Personal Customized Action File 

I suggest you store these in a dedicated file on your computer so that you can get easy access to them on a daily basis and that you create an "Action File" with NOTES on the actions you will be required to carry out in every session. These Notes will be used to consolidate and finalize your customized Healing Program at the end of the Coaching Program, which will become your day to day guide on how to manage your Healing Journey and what to do from day to day ?

Live Telephone Sessions (2 per month)

We will also schedule the 2 live monthly telephone sessions during the Program at convenient times and to suite your needs. The telephone calls are to give you a chance to ask questions or discuss anything you want. You are also welcome to e-mail me at any time. 


The Program Content will be as Follows.

Tomorrow you will receive an e-Mail to start Module 2 Session 1 of 6 and you will get subsequent e-Mails every few days depending on the content of each session. Some sessions have reading assignments and recommended video’s to watch so you will get a few days more between those e-Mails.  

  • Module 2. Understanding the Cancer World. Session 1 of 6 – The History of Modern Allopathic Medicine and Cancer, including the 2 Cancer Worlds.
  • Module 2. Understanding the Cancer World. Session 2 of 6 – The Germ Theory of Disease.
  • Module 2. Understanding the Cancer World. Session 3 of 6 – The History of Chemotherapy
  • Module 2. Understanding the Cancer World. Session 4 of 6 – The Pharmaceutical Monopoly.
  • Module 2. Understanding the Cancer World. Session 5 of 6 – The Simple Cure.
  • Module 2. Understanding the Cancer World. Session 6 of 6 – Modern Life style choices affecting chronic diseases and Cancer.


  • Module 3. Step 1 - Taking Control of your own Health and Wellness.


  • Module 4. Step 2 - Knowledge and Awareness.
  • Module 5. Attitude and Mindset Session 1 of 5 – The 2 Cancer Worlds.
  • Module 6. Heart and Soul. Session 1 of 5 – The 2 Cancer Worlds.
  • Module 7. Your Support Team. Session 1 of 5 – The 2 Cancer Worlds.
  • Module 8. Treatment, Therapies and the Cell Healing. Session 1 of 5 – The 2 Cancer Worlds.
  • Module 9. Time and Costs. Session 1 of 5 – The 2 Cancer Worlds.
  • Module 10. Conclusion - Consolidating you  customised " Cancer Healing Program". Session 1of 5 – The 2 Cancer Worlds.
  • Module 2. Understanding the Cancer World. Session 1of 5 – The 2 Cancer Worlds.
  • Module 2. Understanding the Cancer World. Session 1of 5 – The 2 Cancer Worlds.
  • Module 2. Understanding the Cancer World. Session 1of 5 – The 2 Cancer Worlds.
  • Module 2. Understanding the Cancer World. Session 1of 5 – The 2 Cancer Worlds.

Session Actions

Here are the actions you need to carry out from this Session.

  1. Create a file download the PDF, etc more