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Welcome to the Premium Cancer Buddy Members Page

Cancer can be a very lonely experience with very few of your family or friends aware or understanding what you are going through, especially on the bad days and long nights. I know that I would NEVER have coped without my amazing Cancer Buddy. Despite being 12,000 kms apart and a 6 hours time difference,  e-mail and WhatsApp messaging enable direct communication at all times.

I found that I often just wanted a true friend that really understood my situation that  I could openly and confidentially confide in and chat about my deepest personal feelings include my fears and anxieties, other times, rejoice about my cancer marker test results, or share my feelings, positive and negative, but most of all being able to ask advice and guidance and getting inspiration, compassion, empathy, love and caring from a true friend. This has been a major contributing factor to my difficult, challenging but successful healing journey to remission.  

If you have the same needs, why not consider joining my Premium Cancer Buddy Programme. 

Your monthly subscription will give you the following benefits:

  • Direct access to Dave - the Cancer Buddy who is in remission after a year having been diagnosed with Stage 4 Prostate Cancer spread into lungs, liver, lymph and total bone structure. 
    • I am aware and fully understand what you are going through
    • I offer a friendship based on respect, honesty, compassion, empathy and a positive, motivating attitude, sincere support, love and caring. 
  • Access to my healing programme - specifically
    • My diet of natural organic vegetables, herbs, super-foods and natural supplement
    • Unique advice and guidance on natural healing treatments and special successful cancer therapists. 
    • Sharing difficult times or future events, fears, wishes, dreams and aspirations   
  • Unlimited e-Mails asking for help, questions advice, recommendation or just wanting to chat or share your thoughts. I try to respond within 24 hours but occasionally with the high volumes it might take up to 48 hours. 
  • 10 Emergency WhatsApp messages a month to share difficult situations. I discovered that if I could initiate a message discussing my immediate situation of pain or suffering no matter if i didn't get an immediate response, I felt immediate relief knowing I had shared it with  a caring friend.  
  • Cancer patients often experience friends and even family  members distancing themselves from you not knowing how to handle the situation. I am happy to communicate with them and helping them to overcome this fear and uncertainty and guiding them as to how than can be supportive, loving and caring.
  • I will also assist you with research if you want to know more about a product or a treatment option
  • When you register as a member you will get a 2 page questionnaire which I ask you to dedicate some quality time to filling it in. This will enable me to immediately understand you condition, your treatment history, your family, friends, fears, wishes, Dreams and aspirations. This information is treated totally Confidentially and will never be shared. The more i know about you the better i can serve and support you ! 
  • Finally I am currently  offering this comprehensive personal Premium Cancer Buddy Service for a crazy discount of 50% as a special 2018 New Years offer to you. Normal Price $99.99. Register now for $49.99 per month, which you can cancel at any time you choose after the first month if you are not totally satisfied.

Register NOW ! for this amazing discounted offer that will end on 31 March 2018. 

Please e-mail me on cancerbuddy@cancerbuddy.co.za if you have any questions