Cancer Treatments

Cancer Treatment Options

Cancer Treatments

The most critical decision you have to make, which is literally a matter of "life and death", is what cancer treatment options you are going to select as your prime treatment.

Basically there are only 2 main options.

Cancer Treatments 

The first decision you and your Support Team must make is what cancer treatment options you are going to select as your prime treatment.

To help you make this decision I have included some background information and various options you might want to consider and get your Support Team to research. 

The 2 "Cancer Worlds".

Let me start by introducing you to the 2 very different "cancer worlds" I discovered in my research, as this will be the most critical decision you will have to make once you get over the terrible shock of being given those dreaded words " I am sorry to tell you that you have Cancer".

The Conventional Modern Medicine "Cancer World"

The conventional "cancer world" uses the "standard cancer treatment" of “surgery, radiation and chemotherapy” that all registered conventional doctors, clinics  and hospitals are forced to use or they will loose their licences. Most Cancer Associations around the world acknowledge that the standard cancer treatment that has been around since 1943 is only 3% to 6% effective in most cancers. Not great for the other 94%. Despite these treatments being outdated, barbaric and inefficient, the Pharmaceutical companies and the associated drug agencies in most countries will go to any length to prevent all natural alternative therapies from being available and becoming mainstream, as this would seriously impact the unacceptable, outrageous profits that are made from the "Cancer Business", which is the most lucrative of all the "Disease Businesses". 

The natural alternative, complimentary, integrative cancer world on the other hand takes an holistic approach to the gentle healing of the body by focusing on the cause and not the symptom and there are scientifically proven treatment that are between 60% and 90% effective but are no commonly known. 

Fortunately I decided to use natural alternative treatments, which have enabled me to be quite successful on my healing journey. Although I still have a long way to go to be considered a survivor, I felt that I should share some of my knowledge and experience in the hope that other people can become more aware of the various successful treatment options available to them.

Please bear in mind every individual and every cancer is unique and there are no general treatments that apply to everyone, but I am hoping that most people will find the approach and the process I have taken worth researching further, based on their own situation.

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