Cancer – the critical decision

Hello !  my name is Dave, (the “Cancer Buddy”)

This is my first post since starting my “Cancer Buddy” Blog and I hope to cover a wide  range of topics about Cancer over the next few months. I hope that through my cancer experience this information will make you far more aware and knowledgeable about all aspects of cancer. I will be providing you with the  “Truth about Cancer” and many successful treatment options that most people have never heard about and that you wont hear from your Doctor or Oncologist.

Positive, Happy, Honest, Humble and Grateful !

I have created this blog based on these core values. The blog is all about being positive, happy, honest, humble, loving, caring, trustworthy, motivating, inspiring and most of all grateful, under challenging circumstances.

Although just the mention of cancer creates fear in most people’s mind, I want to assure you that is exactly what the conventional cancer industry wants. Cancer is the most profitable “disease business” making over a billion dollars a year with a workforce of hundreds of thousands of people.

Can you imagine the consequences if it became common knowledge that cancer can be healed with a radical lifestyle change ?


With the “Cancer Disease Business” being the most profitable business that is ruthlessly managed by the Pharmaceutical industry, they will continue to enforce the global “Standard Cancer Treatment” of Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation that has been around since the 1940’s, despite it not being very effective, but with many patented drugs, that creates the huge profits that the industry makes regardless of the loss of life.

I want to set the scene by taking you through the typical sequence of events when you get that dreaded message: “I am sorry to tell you that you have CANCER”. 

So you have just been diagnosed with Cancer !

You have Stage 4 Prostate cancer that has spread into other organs and your bone structure !

You hardly hear anything beyond “CANCER” 

You cant believe it ! Why Me ? How long will I live ?

You know this is a death sentence ! You break out into a cold sweat ! You mind starts to race !

What about my wife, my children ? Who will look after them ?

You cant think straight ! You are terrified ! You never imagined this could happen to you !

With all this rushing around in your head you vaguely hear the oncologist say “Don’t worry we will get you onto chemotherapy right away !

You have no idea of what to do, but you trust the oncologist, after all he knows what is best for you and how to best handle this situation.

You halfheartedly nod and say “Whatever You say Doctor”

Typical Introduction to a “Cancer Healing Programme”

This is how most cancer patients start their cancer treatment, which is so sad because there are many cancer treatment options available to you which in many cases are far more successful than the global standard cancer treatment of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

My Introduction to Cancer

In 2005 I went through all these emotions from a husbands perspective when my wife was diagnosed with “liver cancer”. Niether of us had any experience of cancer and were excited that we had found a top oncologist in Johannesburg and we followed his instructions blindly and started a very aggressive chemotherapy treatment.

To cut a long story short, the next 6 months was absolute hell as the chemo attacked both healthy and cancerous cells with her hair falling out, constant nausea, unable to eat, unable to sleep, often crying all night with the horrific pain, despite the morphine and all of its side effects, begging for relief and a better quality of life.

In May 2005 she passed away which was devastating for the family and friends but a blessing for her.

Traumatic Awakening

This traumatic experience triggered a lot of unanswered questions, so i decided to carry out extensive research into all aspects of cancer over a 3 year period.

What I discovered during my research was shocking, unbelievable and scandalous, dishonest and bordering on immoral, but also opening my eyes to whole range of very successful alternative therapies.

Little did I know while I was doing the research that in 10 years time I would be diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic cancer with little hope of survival.

The 2 “Cancer Worlds”

I am extremely grateful to the Universe for  guiding me through all the cancer related trauma, and the awareness and knowledge I gained through my wife’s saga and the extensive research that I was able to do. This prepared me to make informed decisions that has turned out to be a very successful healing programme getting me into remission within 12 months.

Today I want to cover what I think is the most “critical” decision every cancer patient must make which will have a profound effect on whether you survive or NOT !!

There are 2 very different and conflicting “cancer worlds” out there.

  • The “modern medicine” conventional Cancer World, started in the 1940’s with the use of nitrogen mustard and folic acid drugs that were incorporated into what is known as the “standard cancer treatment” – “surgery, radiation and chemotherapy”. This Cancer World enforces the use of this treatment and aggressively fights and destroys all other natural alternative therapies and closes down alternative practitioners. These treatments are claimed to be between 3% – 6% effective by Oncology Control bodies in most advanced countries.
  • The natural alternative, complimentary, integrative cancer world takes a  holistic approach to the gentle healing of the body by focusing on the cause and not the symptom using natural “non-toxic” supplements, superfoods, herbs and essential oils. Although Alternative practitioners providing these services are prevented by law and aggressively enforced, in most countries, from claiming effectiveness or success, there is a lot of scientific evidence that some alternative treatment options are between 60% – 90% effective. (

I will elaborate on these 2 “cancer worlds” over the next few weeks. However to fully understand this situation and how we got here be sure to read my next post: “How did this come about ?”

Thanks for stopping by, I  hope to see you soon.

With love and caring.