Cancer Myths and Facts

Hello this is Dave (the Cancer Buddy)

I hope this finds you all positive, happy, humble, motivated, aware and grateful.

As you all know there is an ongoing criticism of all alternative cancer treatments from the “Modern Medicine” fraternity, promoting the Standard Cancer treatment of Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surgery as being the only effective treatment available and  belittling all alternative treatments calling it “quackery”.

In this post I want to present you with some interesting Cancer Myths and Facts I discovered in my research.

  • Myth: At the present time, high-dose chemotherapy is the best treatment available for cancer patients.
  • Fact: According to the international medical research community, including the best medical experts in the USA, high-dose, non-targeted chemotherapy is an obsolete, barbaric and harmful treatment that should be declared illegal. There exist targeted, non-toxic chemotherapeutic and other procedures that do not harm healthy cells, and do not cause side effects. They are being practiced now, as we speak, by fully licensed, board certified medical doctors in the United States, with excellent results.


  • Myth: The standard protocol, based on chemotherapy and radiation, produces much better results today than it did 30-40 years ago.
  • Fact: According to national and global statistics, this is not true. The long-range survival of cancer patients has not advanced in any clinically observable way, except in the case of a few very rare cancers. The majority of the public regards a cancer diagnosis as equivalent to a delayed death sentence.


  • Myth: 5-year survival of a cancer patient is a success. The recurrence of cancer, once the treatment is finished, is not preventable.
  • Fact: According to progressive, integrative oncologists, 5-year survival of a cancer, instead of a long-term cure, is a miserable failure, and medically unacceptable. The recurrence of cancer is completely preventable.


  • Myth: All cancer treatments that are claimed to work better than the standard protocol are based on hearsay, spread by people with inadequate scientific training, or by quacks and charlatans.
  •  Fact: Most of the treatments, described in reports from the leading alternative cancer web sites like “Cancertutor”, are the results of meticulous, exhaustive clinical trials and documented research. Their therapeutic effects, far from being hearsay, are on record in research institutions and in hospitals. Some of the treatments were developed decades ago, and were suppressed ever since by the medical authorities. They are all supported by scientific evidence, and are being practiced by highly reputable medical professionals. Some other methods are completely new, and they are producing nearly miraculous results.

Stay positive, happy, humble, motivated and grateful.

With Love and Caring,