Cancer – the “Healthy Cell” Solution Part 3

Cancer – the “Healthy Cell” Solution 

Part 3 – The Body Cleanse and Detox Program

In this Blog Post I am going to cover the second of the critical “Body Preparation” activities. 

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Cleansing and Detoxifying the Body

As we have seen most degenerative chronic diseases, including cancer are caused by dangerous toxins entering the body and damaging cells, usually by the destruction of the mitochondria ( the energy source) or the DNA ( The blueprint controlling the cell).

These toxins can enter through the mouth, nose and skin and depending on the state of your immune system, will normally be eliminated or if the immune system is stressed and overwhelmed, the toxins will slowly accumulate and cause diseases including cancer.

So !! The starting point to achieve ultimate health and wellness, NO matter what degenerative disease you have, is to cleanse and detoxify your body to get rid of all the accumulated waste that you currently have in your body.

Toxic Exposure

No matter where you live these days we are all bombarded with some kind of toxins every moment of every day, whether it be the processed foods we are eating or drinking, the poisoned fruit and veg, GMO foods, or from cosmetics and care products, household cleaning products, the water we drink and bath / shower in, the polluted air or from pets.

Cleansing and Detoxifying the Body – the Solution

In my research I have identified the “Cleansing and Detoxifying” Programs presented by the “Global Healing Center” as the best  range of unique, effective and proven cleansing and detoxifying products available. These have been successfully used by hundreds of thousands of people over the last 20 years. The GHC website gets over 120,000 visitors a day and has a proven track record of providing the best reliable and honest information and a unique range of highly effective alternative supplements, super-foods and herbal mixtures.

I will be covering their “Cleansing and Detoxification” Programs in this Blog Post.

I have included a link to the GHC  website in each program where you will find extensive information about each of these programs and recommended unique products developed by Dr Edward Group the Founder and CEO of the Global Healing Center.

The Global Healing Center

I recommend that you check out Dr Edward Group and the “Global Healing Center” to fully understand why it is by far the best source of honest reliable information about natural alternative healthy solutions and the very best manufacturer and supplier of a unique and highly effective range of products. Find out more about GHC …… Here is a short introduction video to the Global Healing Center.

I also recommend that you take a few minutes to visit the Global Healing Center website and browse their amazing articles on every aspect of natural health you can imagine and find out about their excellent range of products that are considered by independent researchers to be the best products available anywhere in the world.  Visit NOW …..

The GHC Cleansing and Detoxifying Programs

It is important to Note that You should detox your whole body as part of the preparation process to establish a healthy inner terrain that is required as a platform to enable the “Healthy Cell” program to be effective and enable ultimate health and wellness.

There are 5 separate GHC Cleansing Programs that are recommended over a few months starting with the Colon, however I have also included the famous 9 Step Body Cleanse Kit Overview which is so very popular.

Obviously you can choose any Cleansing and Detox programs you are happy with to do a full body cleanse to prepare your body for the “Healthy Cell” Program. However if you live in the USA or Canada and you are serious about achieving ultimate health and wellness, at least look at the videos and do some of your own research on the GHC website. GHC delivery is free in the US and Canada and the prices are very good, AND you are getting the VERY BEST products available any where in the world.

See what a few people had to say and feel free to go through the hundreds of (verified) positive reviews on the Web site – Dr Group and his products are the “real thing”!!!!. 

By: Jen

Verified Buyer
Amazing Cleanse  (5/5)

Great products! I was having an abdominal bloatness from the first cleanse I did from another company. The other company used all herbs and it was very pricy, $1,500 per month. After having completed the first cleanse I couldn’t figured out why I was bloated as I have never had this issue before starting the cleanse. I’m happy to have found Dr Group as his colon cleanse took care of my bloating issues the very first week. I’m so grateful! And I appreciate that his prouducts does what it said it suppose to do. I’m currently doing the harmful organism cleanse 2/3 of the way of the 9 body system cleanse. After completion of the kidney cleanse I can see my skin clearing up from lifelong acne sufferer. Yay! Can’t wait to complete the rest! I feel great and healthy. My gratitude to Dr Group and his staff.

By: Kji
Verified Reviewer
The BEST Cleanse on the market!  (5/5)

My whole family did this cleanse, beginning right after Christmas 2015. We completed around May 2016 sometime.
It is truly fantastic…in my estimation Dr. Group ‘walks on water’. He just does his role REALLY well and knows what he’s about. Does not surprise me that he completed Grad School at Harvard and now consults with M.I.T. What a guy. No wonder this cleanse does a body “makeover”. I feel like I have added an extra 20 years onto my life span. I liked it so well I purchased two extra liver cleanses and am planning on repeating the whole 9 step again within a year. My body/mind deserves it and so do I!

Introducing Dr group’s “9 Step Body Cleanse Kit.”

Get Started Today & Discover How The 9 Step Body Cleanse Kit Can Boost Your Well-Being… Or Your Money Back!!

This is the ultimate body cleanse and detox system available. It is the most advanced, most potent and most effective body cleansing system you will ever find.

Listen to Dr Group explain the benefits, then follow the link to find out a whole lot more information about this amazing cleansing kit so you can start your cleansing journey that will enable you to become healthy like thousands of other people who have successfully used it all around the world over the last 2 decades.

9 Step Body Cleanse Kit

Introducing Dr Groups Amazing Colon Cleanse Kit

If you are not doing the “9 Step Cleansing Program” then I suggest you start with the Colon Cleansing Program. (The Colon should always be the first cleanse you do. It is also the most important together with the Liver.

Searching for a more advanced, deep-cleansing colon cleanse experience? The Colon Cleanse Kit contains everything you need to complete the full 6-day cleanse AND have enough Oxy-Powder remaining for periodic maintenance!

The Colon Cleanse is designed to clean your small intestine, large intestine, and colon of toxins and impacted fecal matter. First, Oxy-Powder releases monatomic oxygen directly into your digestive tract to flush and neutralize toxins. Then, Latero-Flora™ repopulates your gut with beneficial probiotics to support healthy digestion.

Listen to Dr Group explain the benefits, then follow the link to find out a whole lot more information about this amazing Colon Cleanse kit. Getting rid of the toxic residue and fecal matter that accumulates in your digestive track will enable you to become healthy like thousands of other people who have successfully used it over the last 2 decades.

Colon Cleanse Kit

Did you know that the digestive track is between 8 and 10 meters long and when laid out fully would cover the area of a tennis court. This is a large area to keep clean and is the source of most diseases.

Here are some of the benefits of his amazing Colon Cleanse Kit.

  • Colon Cleanse kit gently and effectively cleanses your intestinal tract of toxins.Cleanses with safe and gentle oxygen, NOTharmful herbs or laxatives.
  • Backed by a 100% satisfaction, 180 day money back guarantee
  • Won’t interrupt your daily schedule.
  • Easy to swallow capsules!
  • Cleanses the entire digestive tract while you sleep!
  • Maintains intestinal harmony by promoting friendly probiotic growth!

We Asked Our Customers What They Liked About The Colon Cleanse…

  • “Blasted All the Junk Out of My System! Laxatives made me feel sick and only work when you use them, while Oxy-Powder seemed to keep me clean after one use. And other remedies weren’t strong enough for me. You can do the cleanse and then keep Oxy-Powder around in case you ever want to clean out again. It provided me with a solution when I thought my options were all exhausted!” † ~Anna S.
  • “This is the real thing!!! This combination is not one that my husband and I will be without. It works!!! It is the ONLY product we have ever used (and we have tried many) that does what it says…does what we need. Thank you for your expertise. It truly makes a wonderful difference.” † ~Pat T
  • “You must try this formula! If you suffer from constipation, you must try this. I was hooked on herbal laxatives for a decade. I was miserable. I used this formula and now have total, complete relief of digestive indications. I can even eat foods now I would shy away from previously. No return of problems in over 1 month!” † ~jasmyne amy

Find out more about the “Colon Cleanse Kit”


Introducing Dr Groups amazing Liver Cleanse Kit

Learn About The Astonishing Power of Liver Cleansing and How You Can Benefit From a Liver Cleanse Today!

What is a Liver Cleanse?

A liver cleanse is designed to detoxify, flush and purge the liver of deposits, toxins, and stones. Most liver cleanse programs also target the gallbladder to help it purge toxins.

The liver cleanse protocol involves following a healthy, organic diet and drinking an organic herbal mixture for 4 days to stimulate the liver and soften stones. On the 5th day, 6 ounces of organic raw unprocessed virgin olive oil is ingested to induce the purging of toxins and stones from the liver.

The Liver Cleanse Kit includes one bottle of Livatrex, one bottle of Oxy-Powder, and one bottle of Latero-Flora. One bottle of Livatrex is enough for one liver cleanse protocol. However, after completing one liver cleanse, you’ll have enough Oxy-Powder and Latero-Flora remaining for a second cleanse. You can purchase an extra bottle of Livatrex, offered as an add-on at a discounted price if you wish to perform a second liver cleanse or share the kit with a friend.

Listen to Dr Group explain the benefits, then follow the link below to find out a whole lot more information about this amazing Liver Cleanse kit.

Liver Cleanse Kit

We Asked Our Customers What They Liked About Our Liver Cleanse…

  • “I lost 10 pounds! Livatrex has proven to be effective without causing any problems. My digestion has improved and I have lost TEN pounds in six weeks with no changes other than using a mild serving of Livatrex. Thanks! I love this product.” † ~ Elizabeth D.
  • “Changed my husband’s life! As a “regular cleanser” I coached my skeptical husband through his first liver cleanse. He removed between 300-400 stones! Thank You Dr. Group for saving my husbands future.” † ~ P. W.
  • “Livatrex is simple, quick, and effective! I found Livatrex to be a simple, quick and effective way to cleanse my liver. I was amazed at the results and even more amazed at how my life has changed. My sugar cravings have disappeared!” † ~ Tom V.

Find out more about the “Liver Cleanse Kit”

Introducing Dr Groups Amazing Kidney Cleanse Kit

The Kidney Cleanse Kit is designed to detoxify, flush and purge the kidneys of built up toxins. Toxins accumulate and stones form when the kidneys aren’t functioning at normal efficiency.

A kidney cleanse involves eating a healthy organic diet and drinking an organic, herbal kidney cleanse mixture for 4 days to stimulate the kidneys and soften any deposits. The kidney cleanse protocol also includes an intestinal cleanse with Oxy-Powder and a probiotic supplement, Latero-Flora, that work in tandem to encourage a balanced internal environment.

 Listen to Dr Group explain the benefits, then follow the link below to find out a whole lot more information about this amazing Kidney Cleanse kit.

Kidney Cleanse Kit

Shocking Statistics About Kidney Health

  • One of the most common reasons for emergency room visits, kidney stones are a common urinary tract disorder.
  • 10% of Americans can expect to develop kidney stones.
  • 1 in 3 Americans are at risk of developing kidney disease, according to the National Kidney Foundation.
  • Diabetes and high blood pressure are the two primary causes of kidney disease.
  • Kidney disease kills more Americans annually than breast and prostate cancer combined.
  • Dialysis or a transplant are the only options for nonfunctioning kidneys.
  • 100,000 people in the United States are waiting for a kidney transplant.
  • Thousands die every year waiting for a kidney transplant.
  • Medicare spent $29 billion in 2009 treating kidney failure!

Find out more about the Kidney Cleanse Kit


Introducing Dr Groups Amazing Toxic Organisms Cleansing Kit

What is a Harmful Organism Cleanse?

A harmful organism cleanse is a natural process designed to flush and cleanse your body of harmful organisms. These unhealthy invaders exist in many forms and live throughout the body, especially the digestive tract. Acquiring an infestation is easy as they may be inhaled, ingested in food, or consumed in drinking water. Even pets carry harmful organisms. When your body is overtaken you may experience many negative health conditions.

The Harmful Organism Cleanse Kit provides you with everything you need to begin cleansing your body. Paratrex helps create an environment within your body that is toxic to harmful organisms. Latero-Flora is a probiotic supplement that encourages a normal balance of healthy, beneficial probiotic colonies in the gut.

Don’t let harmful organisms affect your well-being, start cleansing your body today!


Harmful Organism Cleanse Kit™


We Asked Our Customers What They Like About The Harmful Organism Cleanse..

  • “Noticed a major difference! I have a client that used the product and noticed a major difference in her mood and energy. I do believe that the Paratrex helped her.” † ~ Jennifer ND
  • “I believe I passed some eggs the first week… I found the Paratrex cleanse to be very simple to do and very effective. I also noticed that the discomfort I used to experience around my liver area stopped once it passed. I will do the cleanse again in a few months.” † ~ Linda
  • “Part of my cleansing routine! I have gotten used to the refreshed feeling that comes with performing the colon and liver cleanse protocols. I recently started adding the harmful organism cleanse to my routine and have noticed an uptick in how good I feel, good stuff!” † ~ Chris Calloway

Find out more about the “Harmful Organism Cleanse Kit™


Introducing Dr Group’s Amazing Chemical and Toxic Metal Cleanse

What is a Chemical and Toxic Metal Cleanse?

A chemical and toxic metal cleanse is a process designed to flush, detoxify, and purge the body of harmful chemicals and toxic metals. Chemicals and toxic metals accumulate in the body from exposure to contaminated air, water, food, VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), beverages and environmental contaminants. For most people, such exposure is a daily occurrence.

Once in the body, chemicals and toxic metals can multiply the production of harmful free radicals (by up to one million times) and cause deadly chain reactions. They poison the body, impair the function of cells, tissues, and organs, and can ultimately lead to a number of serious health concerns.

A chemical and toxic metal cleanse combines the power of detoxifying herbs with organic detox foot pads to help the body eliminate the accumulation of toxins.


Dr. Group’s Chemical and Toxic Metal Cleanse Kit


The Top 3 Questions People Ask About Chemical and Toxic Metal Cleansing


  1. What will come out of me?The chemical and toxic metal cleanse will help flush damaging metals and chemicals. These toxins can be eliminated through your fecal matter and urine. Other forms of toxic material trapped in the cells, tissues and organs may also exit the body.
  2. Is the Chemical and Toxic Metal Cleanse harmful?The cleanse program is safe and should not cause harm. However, every person is different and some may show temporary detoxification signals such as fatigue and headache.
  3. How long will it take to cleanse my body?The best results come with regular cleansing. Because most people have years of accumulated toxins, one chemical and toxic metal cleanse may not be enough. It is recommended that you perform three chemical and toxic metal cleanses per year. Using Detox Foot Pads and following the maintenance serving of Zeotrex can also encourage regular cleansing.

Find out more about   Dr. Group’s Chemical and Toxic Metal Cleanse Kit

I hope that you now are fully aware why you need to do a full body Cleanse and detox but also which products to use and what to expect from each cleanse. As mentioned there is a whole lot more helpful information on the GHC Website.

Take care and I wish you all the very best with your ‘Cleansing and Detox” journey. I would love to get your feedback.

With Love and caring.




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