Cancer- the “Healthy Cell” Solution Part 1.

Cancer- the “Healthy Cell” Solution Part 1.

3 Facts about Cancer

  • Cancer is NOT a DEATH SENTENCE !
  • Cancer IS a symptom of an in-efficient Immune System
  • Cancer can be healed naturally by 4 key factors


This Blog Post is Part 1 of a series of 23 Posts that will be posted over the next few weeks. The “Healthy Cell” series is a comprehensive, all inclusive unique “Ultimate Health and Wellness” series focusing on practical ways to prevent or heal all diseases, especially cancer.

Whats covered in this Series ?

In this series you will find out why “healthy cells” are so important and what the 4 unique key factors are that are required to keep them healthy ?

  • Cell Communications
  • Cell World
  • Cell Food
  • Cell Exercise

You will also find out about the 6 critical things you need to do in preparation for implementing the 4 Unique Healthy Cell factors.

  • Assess your Lifestyle Choices
  • Cleansing and detoxifying the body
  • Boosting the Immune System
  • Managing physical and emotional Stress
  • Focusing on Mind, Heart and Attitude
  • Migrating to a Natural Healthy Nutritious Diet

The “Health” Critical Success Factors

You will also be introduced to the 2 most critical “health” success factors required when you plan your “health and wellness” journey. Very  few people realise how important it is to “Take Control of Your Own Health and Wellness” when it comes to managing their own health and wellness and to focus on these 2 critical success factors.

You MUST be aware of your options and have true factual information as well as the very best available toxin free products to be successful by addressing these 2 critical requirements.

  • Fake versus honest, factual Information about Diseases and Cancer
  • Best effective, scientifically proven supplements and super-foods with a track record.


  1. Comprehensive Factual Information

Finally you will get access to the most comprehensive “health and wellness and healing” website that is jam packed with hundreds of pages of FREE information from a leading Doctor who is a natural alternative health expert with over 20 years experience helping millions of people to prevent and heal all kinds of disease and live an active, long and healthy life.

2. Best Supplements and Superfoods

In addition, to overcome cancer I know that taking the very best supplements and superfoods is absolutely critical, so I have searched all over the world to find the very best range of highly effective, toxin-free products that have a proven track record, for myself, my family and for all my readers and followers.

Introducing the Healthy Cell Concept

This Blog Post series is based on the “Healthy Cell” Concept originally developed by Dr A Carter and applies to all diseases and not just cancer.

The Miracle of Life

The miracle of life starts with a single cell that has a DNA with a perfect blue print of every aspect of what your future body is going to look like.  The color of your hair, eyes and skin, how big your bones are going to be, how tall you will be, how smart you will be, etc.

As you grow in the foetus (fetus) and go through the birth, this single cell duplicates itself exactly over and over so that when you are about 3 months old you will have 100 trillion cells (including bacteria cells) all derived from the original cell. Stop to think about this for a moment- every feature of your body was formed from ONE cell and created 100 trillion cells making up your body – WOW !!!! that is a miracle, especially because each cell is actually modified for a specific task. There are over 200 different cell types that make up the organs, eyes, bone, skin, hair, tissue, muscles, etc.

Each cell is a mini-factory with a specific job and a predetermined life span. It is important to note that every cell is being replicated on a regular basis. All “healthy” cells are like factories which have certain facilities and carry out certain activities.

These include:

  • A manager, business plan and strategy – controlled by the Nucleus with the DNA which is the unique blue print of your body
  • An “energy source” – generated by the mitochondria which manufactures ATP – “energy”
  • A communications network – controlled by the nervous system that interacts with, and controls every cell in the body
  • A supply chain management system – supplied by the cardiovascular system which provides oxygen and nutrients to every cell in the body
  • A security system – protected by our “private army” – the immune system which identifies and kills all foreign objects that enter the body
  • A “garbage” removal system – the lymphatic system removes all cell waste, toxins and poisons from the body including the cells that die naturally.


Although the body is extremely intelligent it does make malformed (mutant/malignant) cells which are usually caused by toxic chemicals including carcinogens like chemotherapy (all prescribed drug medication have toxic chemicals), radiation, free radicals,  ultraviolet rays from the sun, polluted air and water, toxic food and drink from processed foods, chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, GMO grain, oils, fruit and vegetables, and normal waste byproducts from the cell factories, if not removed.

These cells will either be repaired by the DNA in the cells or if they become cancerous, a healthy immune system, which is the bodies’ highly effective and intelligent defense system, will kill these cancerous cells and they will be eliminated from the body. As a matter of fact every one of us have about 10,000 cancer cells in our bodies at any point in time which is a natural occurring condition in all of us. Fortunately while the immune system is “HEALTHY” it identifies these mutant cells and kills them so that we don’t all get cancer.

Modern Lifestyles

However if the body becomes so toxic and acidic from all the toxic acidic chemicals and poisons that we are exposed to and consume in the modern world of convenience fast fried foods and boxed, bottled and packaged processed foods that overwhelm and destroy the immune system, then cancer cells multiply freely and we get cancer.

What Causes Cancer ?

We have just seen that when the body becomes overloaded with toxic acidic chemicals and poisons then the immune system gets overwhelmed and destroyed and it can’t do its job properly and cancer forms.

The AMAZING Immune System

SO!!!! From this it is obvious that “Cancer is a symptom of an inefficient immune system”. It is also important to note that cancer is caused by an accumulation of these malignant cancer cells which can ONLY happen when the Immune system is incapable of destroying these malignant cancer cells.

It is also important to remember that cancer is caused in ALL cases by the mutation of individual cell genes that accumulate over many years if not the immune systems is degraded. Depending on which part of the body the cells are located, that is how “modern conventional medicine” name the cancer, thus creating over 100 different types of cancer. This is particularly convenient for the Pharmaceutical companies who can treat each of these cancers differently with their own in-effective, toxic and highly profitable, patented chemical drug medication.

Self-Healing and Regulated

Most of the cells in the body are being continuously replaced other than the “central nervous system” or the eye lens cells. The rate of replacement varies from a few days like the stomach cells to 2 weeks for bone cells, 4 months for the red blood cells and 8 months for fat cells. The dead cells are “vacuumed up” by the lymphatic system and eliminated from the body together with other toxins and poisons.

It is also important to note that the amazing body has the ability to heal itself as long as every factory (cell) gets oxygen and the right “cell food” (nutrition) and exercise, and not flooded with toxins or poisons.

The body, fortunately can also regulate itself as part of the healing process through a whole range of control mechanisms and homeostasis. Homeostasis refers to the stable state of a cell and its internal environment by balancing the bodies control mechanisms within pre-set limits.

These include, amongst others, body temperature, fluid balance, concentration of calcium, sodium and potassium ions, the ATP generated by each cell, blood sugar levels, bile acids in the liver, the control of trace minerals and proteins, the release of hormones, the control of the breathing, the levels of oxygen and removal of carbon dioxide, the filtering of both food and drink that we eat, the elimination of toxic acidic chemicals and poisons and the very critical control of the pH of all bodily fluids. Other than the stomach acid the blood pH is stringently controlled at 7.365 and most other body fluids need to be maintained in a slightly alkaline state as well.

The Acid / Alkaline Discovery

“The body is alkaline by design, but acidic by function.” So noted Nobel Laureate Albert Szent-Györgyi, the scientist who discovered vitamin C. This often quoted one-liner refers to the fact that most of our body’s physiological functions require a slightly alkaline environment for optimum functioning.

It has been scientifically proven that all modern chronic disease is caused by “acidosis”. It has also been proven that cancer cells cannot spread or live in an alkaline environment.  Our bodies pH is affected negatively by the acidic food we eat and drink and also by fear, anger, a negative mindset and chronic stress. However it is positively affected by a positive, happy, compassionate and grateful mindset.

Ultimate Health and Wellness

How do we ensure we have ultimate health and wellness and prevent or heal modern chronic diseases like cancer, dementia, obesity and stroke / heart attacks?

The Natural “Healthy Cell” Concept

For the body to be ultimately healthy, every cell in the body and especially the Immune System cells must be healthy.

To achieve this Dr Carter devised the “Healthy Cell” concept over 20 years ago that has been proven to be highly effective.

The natural “Healthy Cell” concept consists of 4 contributing factors that you can control by the lifestyle choices you make.

This requires you to take control of your own health and wellness and NOT rely on conventional health practitioners who mostly do NOT understand or even know anything about acidosis, alkalinity, nutrition or that this “Healthy Cell” concept exists. They are mainly forced by the conventional medical fraternity and the Pharmaceutical companies to only use prescribed, expensive patented toxic chemical drug medication like toxic chemical chemotherapy.

The 4 Factors of the “Healthy Cell” Concept

It is important to understand that these 4 contributing health factors are integrated and all 4 are required to be functioning optimally to  achieve healthy cells and therefore a healthy body. It must also be understood that the “healthy cell” treatment is only one part of a successful Cancer Healing Program. 

  1. The Cell Communications – these are the “Essence of all Life”
  2. The Cell World – which requires all cells to function without any toxic chemicals or waste in the cells or in the surrounding interstitial fluids around the cells
  3. The Cell Food – the food that cells require isn’t always the food that people enjoy and buy especially in the modern age of convenience fast and processed foods
  4. Cell Exercise – cells make up all muscles and tissue and organs which all benefit from a very specific exercise called rebounding. Jumping up and down against the force of gravity not only stimulates the lymphatic system and the immune system but also conditions every cell in the body.

Next Post

 Cancer – the “Healthy Cell” Solution – Part 2 – Introduction to the 6 critical Body Preparation Activities 

Before we can start addressing the 4 “Healthy Cell” Factors we need to prepare the body with 6 critical activities to ensure the body will be ready to maximize the benefits of the 4 “Healthy Cell” Factors.

In the next Post I will introduce these 6 critical preparation activities.

  • Assess your Lifestyle Choices
  • Cleansing and detoxifying the body
  • Boosting the Immune System
  • Managing physical and emotional Stress
  • Focusing on Mind, Heart and Attitude
  • Migrating to a Natural Healthy Nutritious Diet

I hope you have found this introduction to the “Healthy Cell” concept interesting and informative. In the next post I will be introducing the 6 critical preparation activities which will ensure that the body will be ready to maximize the amazing benefits of the 4 “Healthy Cell” factors that will enable you to achieve ultimate health and wellness in the future.

Be sure to visit soon so you don’t miss this important information to ensure you are on the “health and wellness”  journey.

Until next time – Best wishes, stay happy, positive and grateful.



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Cancer – the “Healthy Cell” Solution – Part 2 – Introduction to the 6 critical Body Preparation Activities