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So ! WHY listen to me ?

"My Story", My Life's Purpose and My Personal Mission"

I was first introduced to Cancer in 2004 when my dearest wife was diagnosed with Stage IV liver cancer. Not having had any experience with Cancer we felt that we were in very capable hands being treated with one of the leading Oncologists in the Country. However after a devastating few months of highly toxic chemotherapy with the most debilitating side effects, horrific pain, loss of dignity and a totally detrimental quality of life, she passed away. Indeed a blessing for her !

On her deathbed I promised her I would dedicate my life to finding a far more effective, gentler, non-toxic and invasive cancer treatment that ideally would have no side effects, be affordable and available and could be treated at home with limited "quality of life" effects and disruptions.

That was the start of a 14 year research journey that I am still on today, to "research every aspect of cancer and the cancer related industries and to  "Discover the Real Truth about Cancer".

Although this entailed analysing thousands of cancer research documents from prestigious Universities, reputable Cancer research facilities and highly credible web-sites around the world, it also included attending seminars, presentations, listening to podcasts, reading many books and scientific papers as well as interacting with leading researchers, professors, oncologists, natural practitioners, doctors and therapists of every nature.

BUT there were 2 things i didn't expect.

The first was that my research would take me down many alarming "rabbit holes" and places I had never imagined I would venture into. These exposed some horrific, terrifying, unimaginable and little known information that everybody fighting cancer MUST be made aware of.

Secondly that the journey would became very personal when in 2016 I was diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer that had spread into my lungs, liver, lymph and entire bone structure, with a prognosis of a few months from the conventional cancer fraternity.

I soon realised that the "cancer disease business" is NOT what we are indoctrinated to believe, so I ask you all to consider the following question. 

What if everything we are told about cancer from the conventional cancer industry is DEAD WRONG ? 

This is one of the critical questions I answer in my "Natural Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Series that I am currently launching and which I suggest you register for, so as not to miss any of the blog posts that I will be publishing over the next few weeks.

Dave Wreford, the author of the "Natural Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Series, is not only a Stage IV Cancer survivor against all conventional odds, but an experienced cancer researcher and cancer industry analyst, with close to 15 years experience,  an author, blogger, Cancer Buddy and a "Natural Cancer Healing" Lifestyle Program Coach. 


The "Natural Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Series

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By registering below you will be notified and receive "FREE of Charge" all the blog posts of this unique, comprehensive, advanced, lifesaving  "Natural Cancer Healing Lifestyle"  Series, as they are published over the next few weeks. This exclusive "Series" is the culmination of over 14 years of comprehensive research analysis into EVERY aspect of the "cancer disease business" and supporting industries, with the main objective of

"Discovering the Real Truth about ALL Aspects of Cancer".

This includes the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY that everyone must be made aware of, which will expose the real cause of cancer and various available, effective non-toxic healing modalities as well as some unknown, unbelievable, deceitful, terrifying and inconceivable information about cancer and how the exorbitantly profitable Pharmaceutical and "Cancer Business" industries are managed and ruthlessly controlled by the global elitists, pursuing a  "profit over people" strategy.

Included in this expose is how my dedicated research, especially over the last 3 years, enabled me to create an effective, comprehensive, personalised "Natural Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Program with a natural, far more effective, gentle, affordable, available, non-toxic cancer treatment with no side effects, which enabled me to heal my Stage IV prostate cancer which had spread into my liver, lungs, lymph and entire bone structure, within 12 months, at home, after a prognosis of only a few months to live, by conventional cancer practitioners.  

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Discover the Real TRUTH about Cancer

This FREE Series is the first time that such a comprehensive assessment of all aspects of the Cancer and related industries and controlling entities, has been consolidated into a single, FREE Series of Posts by joining all the seemingly unrelated dots. The Series will be exposing critical information, never revealed before that has been secretly withheld from the public for so many years, driven by a terrifying and unconscionable  "Global Agenda".




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