Cancer Healing Programme

“My Cancer Healing Programme”


Hello This is Dave (the Cancer Buddy)

I hope this finds you positive, happy, humble and grateful wherever you are in the world.


After my wife passed away from cancer in 2005 I was shocked and traumatized at how she hand been treated with the standard cancer treatment using an advanced and highly aggressive Chemotherapy, because of her advanced stage, that unfortunately was mot successful.

This prompted me to carry out extensive research on all aspects of cancer, which took me about 3 years.

I must just mention that while I was doing this research I never thought that I would be diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer some 10 years later.

Awareness, Information and Knowledge

So although my research provided me with awareness and a huge amount of information and knowledge, some good and unfortunately some bad, it enabled me to become fully aware of what I would do if I was diagnosed with cancer, which happened in August 2016.

Once I got over the initial shock of being diagnosed I immediately went back into my research and spent a while updating the information with the latest treatments and trends, before setting out “My Cancer Healing Programme”.

However before I share the 6 essential steps that I believe are critical for a successful healing programme, I want to share 2 statements with you which explains why I decided to go with the treatment programme I developed soon after my diagnosis.

My Preferred Treatment

Please understand that although I decided on this alternative cancer healing programme, I am not suggesting that this is always the best or preferred programme for everyone.  You will see that 1 of the 6 essential aspects of my healing programme is “Attitude and Mindset”.

Obviously my wife’s experience was a major factor in my choice, however there were many more factors that enabled me to make an informed decision to follow my programme.

The main aim of this blog is to provide you with what I discovered and have experienced to allow you to make your own informed choice.

So I want to start by sharing 2 statements that led me to making the decision that I did.

By the way I have covered my complete experience in an E- Book called CANCER – a “Temporary Inconvenience” that is available from the Services page, if you are interested ?

Two opposing Views

Please remember these are my own personal conclusions.

  • BigPharma, especially those manufacturing patented cancer drugs, ruthlessly control the medical industry and will virtually go to any lengths to destroy all natural alternative treatments, often under very suspicious circumstances. BigPharma is the most lucrative industry that is driven by power, lies, greed and profit, with no concern for patient’s wellbeing or ever finding a cure for cancer. Cancer is the most profitable “Disease Business” by far, worth $160 billion a year, even though the outdated standard treatments are only about 3% to 6% effective. Because BigPharma invests such huge amounts of money in lobbying government, advertising, using fear tactics and rubbishing alternative treatments as “quackery”, they are powerful enough to ruthlessly enforce the “standard cancer treatment” regardless of its failure, often with the support of the FDA in the US and other similar regulatory organisations around the world.
    • “In order to protect the profits of Big Pharma, any and all potentially successful alternative cancer therapy must be disbelieved, denied ,discouraged, and disallowed at all costs. They are prepared to do whatever it takes to suppress and censor all alternative cancer treatments.” Ty Bollinger, in his book Cancer – Step Out of the Box.
    • “Dr Wright was attacked and dragged off to jail by the FDA Storm Troopers who had broken into his office with guns drawn. His crime – suggesting that his clients use “ Red Yeast Rice”, a food from the Orient. An extract of this food contains a natural form of lovastatin, which happens to be the active ingredient in Mevacor, a patented cholesterol lowering drug.
  • There are well over 300 alternative treatments for all types of cancer and all stages. The top treatments all have an effective success rate over 90%. (an excellent reference )  As a matter of fact Joanna Budwig Ph.D, a well-respected German biochemist worked with Dr Otto Warburg who received the Nobel Prize for his work on Cancer in the 1930’s where he discovered that cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Joanna carried on his research and developed the natural Budwig Cancer treatment, which is still very popular and effective today although not the most effective. She lived into her nineties and documented evidence available shows that she healed over 4,000 cancer patients in her clinic, despite being continuously hassled by the conventional Medical authorities who tried to discredit her therapies and close her down.
    • “ Since the 1930’s in the U.S. alone, over 350 treatments for cancer which are gentle and non-toxic have healed cancer patients. Some treatments have healed hundreds. Many have healed thousands. I know many of the people who have been healed by them. Why won’t you hear about these from your cancer doctor? Because they are all natural substances. Therefore, they cannot be patented and offer no profit to the pharmaceutical companies. This simple fact drives all conventional cancer treatments.” Bill Henderson – Author of “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer Free – Your Guide to Gentle Non-Toxic Healing”


The 6 essential aspects of a successful cancer healing propgramme.

Most importantly, I believe my research established that there are 6 critical essential aspects required to develop a successful cancer healing programme to fight and eliminate cancer permanently. These might need to vary slightly from person to person, types and stages of cancer, however this is “My Cancer Healing” programme that I am personally following now, with very successful results so far, having gone into remission after 12 months.

I will post the details over the next few months, but my e-Book includes my day to day routines, treatments, diet, challenges, experience and references, which I hope will provide you a lot more ideas of how you can create your own cancer healing programme.

The 6 Essential Aspects of “My Healing Programme”

  1. Take Ownership of your Health
  2. Attitude and Mindset
  3. Knowledge and Awareness – Lifestyle – living conditions, diet, stress, etc
  4. Treatment Options
  5. Your Support Team
  6. Time and Costs

Thank you for spending time with me.

I will be posting details on each of these aspects over the next few weeks, so if you are interested either buy my book or pop back from time to time.

With Love and Caring,