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Welcome to the "Natural Cancer Self-Healing" Lifestyle Journey

Thank you for joining the "Natural Cancer self-Healing" Lifestyle Club and for making time to join me today.

In this blog post I want you to join me on the first step of a unique "Natural Cancer Self-Healing" Lifestyle Journey.

This Journey is going to lead you to the comprehensive "Natural Cancer Self-Healing" Lifestyle Program. 

This Program is the first Cancer Healing Program to expose the REAL TRUTH about the "cancer disease business" and to introduce you to highly effective, natural, non-toxic cancer healing treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices that will give you a far better chance to manage, control and heal your cancer. 

Hello everybody, this is Dave the Cancer Buddy and my amazing daughter, wishing you all a fantastic day filled with hope, good health, happiness, joy, fun, laughter and lots of love and healing.

This is the second Blog post in the “Natural Cancer Self-Healing” Lifestyle Series.

So Why do some people recover from cancer and others don’t ?

This is one of the questions that was at the forefront of my cancer research journey that I started in 2004 when my wife was diagnosed with advanced liver Cancer.

Unfortunately after a devastating and traumatic 6 months on a very aggressive and highly toxic chemotherapy that caused unbearable pain and unimaginable side effects and destroyed her dignity and shattered her quality of life; she passed away in 2005.

On her deathbed I promised her that I would dedicate my life to finding a far more effective, non-toxic, gentler and affordable treatment with no side effects and a reasonable quality of life.

After spending 14 years researching all aspects of cancer, the cancer industry, conventional and natural alternative treatments and how the body and its miraculous “self healing” systems works, I discovered the REAL TRUTH about all aspects of cancer and I achieved my promise to my wife.

This is the next in the series of blog posts focusing on my cancer research and how I developed a “Natural Cancer Self-Healing” Lifestyle Program to manage, control and heal my own stage IV “terminal” Cancer in 2016.

Stage IV cancers are assumed terminal by conventional cancer practitioners working in the “cancer disease business”, as cancer is totally misunderstood, knowingly or unknowingly, by the “cancer disease business” as they continue to treat cancer as a genetic disease as this drives their exorbitant profits.

This is despite the huge amount of scientific, evidence based research and case studies proving categorically that cancer is a “metabolic disease’ caused by damaged mitochondria.  This research and associated nontoxic treatments are the core of my “Natural Cancer Healing: Lifestyle Program.

Very few advanced Stage 4 cancer patients survive. Less than 4% of all Stage IV cancer patients survive as there is NO conventional cancer treatment that can manage, control or heal cancer that has spread (metastasized) to different parts of the body.  

This comprehensive research turned out to be a lifesaver for me because in 2016 I was diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer that had spread into my liver, lungs, lymph and entire bone structure. The prognosis from conventional cancer doctors and oncologists was a few months and they wanted me to start chemo immediately as they believed that this would be my only hope to extend my life by a few months.

Obviously after all the research I had done I DECLINED and immediately developed a unique, comprehensive, personalized “natural cancer healing lifestyle” program based on my research.

This enabled me and my amazing "Cancer Support Team" that I established as part of this program, to heal my “terminal” cancer in 12 months . 

So!  Today in this Blog Post I want to start sharing my research findings and my personal experience managing, controlling and healing my advanced terminal cancer with my friends and my website and blog viewers.

In this blog post we will cover everything you need to know to find out why some people recover from cancer and some don’t, and How and Why ?

Here are the 5 important overriding steps that I have developed to introduce the “BEST WAY” to manage, control and heal cancer, as part of establishing a comprehensive, personalized “natural cancer healing" lifestyle program. 

  1. The BEST WAY to manage, control and heal cancer is to UNDERSTAND all aspects of Cancer

It is important to note that the exorbitantly profitable global “cancer disease business” is a trillion dollar business and is ruthlessly controlled by a Globalist Agenda based on a “profit over people” strategy. You MUST understand how the cancer and pharmaceutical industries operate to be able to start the first step of this cancer management, control and healing journey.


  1. The BEST WAY to UNDERSTAND all aspects of cancer is to “Discover the REAL TRUTH about all aspects of Cancer”

There is so much mystery, secrets and misinformation about cancer and its conventional treatments and the effectiveness. The next step and most probably the MOST IMPORTANT is to “Discover the REAL TRUTH” about ALL aspects of the “cancer disease business” and the cancer and related industries and what their goals and strategies are ?  

  1. The BEST WAY to “Discover the REAL TRUTH about all aspects of Cancer” is to “Take Control of your own Health and Wellness" and specifically your cancer healing program.

Because virtually everyone working in the “cancer disease business”, including the oncologists, are ruthlessly controlled by controlling bodies like the American Society of Clinical Oncology – in the USA, you will NEVER hear the REAL TRUTH about Cancer. These doctors MUST provide the toxic, ineffective cancer “Standard of Care” using chemotherapy and radiation or they are liable to lose their license to practice as an oncologist. By the way most of the successful, natural, alternative treatments are outlawed in the USA and the UK and many other countries, and operate out of Mexico and other more progressive countries.   

  1. The BEST WAY to “Take control of your own health and wellness” is to develop a personalized “Natural Cancer Healing Lifestyle” Program.

The most important thing I discovered in my extensive cancer research, is that most people who are able to manage, control and heal cancer have a comprehensive personalized “Healing Program”. A major part of my research and my “healing” journey enabled me to develop a “healing program” FRAMEWORK that everybody can use as the basis to develop a comprehensive, personalized “natural cancer healing lifestyle” program.  


  1. The BEST WAY to develop a personalized “Natural Cancer Healing Lifestyle” Program is to find a comprehensive well established "Cancer Healing" program like this one where you can develop your own customized program or if you prefer to get assistance and dedicated attention, you should consider using a highly experienced, knowledgeable and successful “Natural Cancer Healing Lifestyle” Coach.

Preferably someone who is a cancer survivor and has developed successful healing programs and fully understands the fear, helplessness and hopelessness that is associated with cancer. This includes the extremely traumatic prognosis that most cancer patients get when diagnosed, - that cancer is a Death Sentence and that they only have a small chance of surviving for 5 years but only if they  immediately start chemotherapy and radiation.  

Because of all the misinformation and profit driven strategies of the “cancer disease business” and the pharmaceutical companies, who provide the toxic chemical based, hazardous carcinogenic chemotherapy products, it takes a lot of research and research analysis and the assessment of hundreds of cancer research papers, case studies and the industries goals, to be in a position to develop a comprehensive, successful, personalized “Natural Cancer Healing Lifestyle” Program. This takes many years of dedicated research and an in-depth knowledge and awareness of the “cancer disease business”, the cancer and pharmaceutical industries, the controlling entities, their goals and a wide knowledge of the most advanced cancer healing research, especially natural non-toxic and highly effective treatments therapies and lifestyle choices. 

Over the last 14 years I have analyzed hundreds of cancer research papers mainly from highly competent and respected cancer researchers, doctors, professors and research lab experts working in prestigious universities and cancer research facilities. I have attended seminars, presentations and interfaced with many of them and read hundreds of books, case studies and cancer related articles published on dozens of highly reputable and respectable websites and blogs.

This has enabled me to fully UNDERSTAND cancer and to “discover the real truth about all aspects of cancer and to develop a highly successful “Natural Cancer Healing Lifestyle” Coaching Program assisting people to personalize their own programs to start to manage, control and heal their cancer.

I am a Stage IV cancer survivor, a cancer research analyst with close to 15 years’ experience, an author, blogger, Cancer Buddy and a “Natural Cancer Healing Lifestyle program COACH.

The initial Coaching program lasts for 3 months with live Skype calls every week supporting the Program supporting documentation cover over 45 topics leading to the development of the personalized healing program. 

As this is a unique, comprehensive, personalized “one-on-one” in depth program and therefore I only select a limited number of clients every year.

If you are interested to get more information follow this link to the next supporting document:

Do you UNDERSTAND Cancer ? The KEY Questions to get started ! More .........

 I hope you have benefitted from this information and are motivated to find out more and start your cancer management, control and healing journey.

Thank you for visiting my web-site and for spending some of your precious time finding out more about this program.