Cancer Healing Coaching


What Does a "Cancer Healing" Coach do ?

Most Cancer Healing Coaches focus on successful, proven and effective  natural, alternative cancer healing programs.

A "Cancer Coach" establishes a close working relationship with each patient to achieve the critical goal of jointly discussing and developing a personalized "Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Program.  The coach assists the patient by offering new mindsets, skills, awareness, knowledge, experience, cancer therapists, treatment and lifestyle options, compassion, support, and how to have a positive, humble and grateful attitude and mindset, which is by far the most critical requirement for a successful healing program. 

It is important to engage with a "Cancer Coach" that is knowledgeable and experienced in all of the modern, emerging research, treatments, therapies, lifestyle choices, facilities and practitioners, specifically in your region. This should focus on the "metabolic approach" to treating cancer.

Welcome to the "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Coaching Portal

The MOST IMPORTANT thing you MUST do to successfully beat any kind or stage of cancer, is to have a comprehensive, proven "Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Programme. 

This is NOT something that most conventional doctors, specialists or oncologists will share with you when you are diagnosed with cancer as they only have one treatment option for you and wont discuss other far more effective natural alternative treatments with you.   

This is where a dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced  "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Coach" can help you establish a customized "Cancer Healing Programme and Lifestyle Plan and Schedule" that you can use as a roadmap on your cancer healing journey", focusing on the very best cancer support team and the most effective, proven and successful cancer treatment, therapy and lifestyle options. 

The "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Coaching Program

This is a unique coaching program that combines a comprehensive "Cancer Healing Program" and a "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Plan and Schedule" together with "Cancer Buddy" Services for emotional support, that you can use as your guidance and as a roadmap on your cancer healing journey.  

Why chose me as your cancer healing lifestyle coach? 

I am an experienced "cancer research analyst" with over 14 years experience, including my own personal experience with cancer. I am also a certified Life Coach specialising in cancer healing lifestyles, focusing on the highly successful "metabolic cancer healing therapies" developed by Dr Thomas Seyfried, the leading cancer researcher in the world, the author of the acclaimed book - Cancer as a Metabolic Disease" and the author of over 180 peer reviewed research papers.  I also have a lot of personal experience as a stage 4 metastasized cancer conqueror and I am an experienced "Cancer Buddy" providing emotional support to cancer sufferers as well as being an Author and a Blogger.  

I was diagnosed in 2016 with stage 4 prostate cancer which had spread to my liver, lungs, lymph and entire bone structure. My prognosis was 3 months. 

At the time I was 73 years old living a very active and relatively healthy lifestyle BUT a very stressful lifestyle, managing and administering a large non-profit Charity providing comprehensive services and support to hundreds of orphans, vulnerable children and disadvantage families living in poverty ravaged communities, requiring constant fundraising, which eventually was the cause of my severe cancer.

I was only given a few months to live by the conventional doctors and specialists and they insisted I get onto chemotherapy treatment ASAP ! 

HOWEVER I had other plans ! 

I had my first encounter with cancer in 2005 when I experienced my wife's traumatic and tragic passing after an aggressive course of toxic chemotherapy used to treat liver cancer.  At the time neither of us had any knowledge, awareness or experience of  Cancer and we just blindly followed the ineffective standard cancer treatment the doctors and specialist decided on.

After her death, I was so shocked at what she had gone through, the excruciating pain, the loss of dignity and control of her faculties and more importantly how debilitating and devastating the ineffective toxic chemotherapy  treatment was. 

Searching for a better solution

I made her a promise on her deathbed that I would dedicate my life to finding a far more effective, gentler, affordable and  natural non toxic treatment solution with no side effects or the terrible pain experienced with the current treatment options.

This resulted in me starting my cancer research journey in 2005 with the goal of researching all aspects of both conventional and natural alternative cancer treatments to establish the real truth about cancer, cancer treatments, the cancer industry and associated pharmaceutical industry. 

My research led me down many "rabbit holes" which I would have preferred not to get into, however what I discovered gave me another perspective of the cancer industry which was shocking and unbelievable; and uncovered the ruthless control that the pharmaceutical companies have over the cancer industry.  The conventional "Cancer Business" is one of the most lucrative disease businesses and is mostly driven by greed, power, lies and profits, underpinned by corruption and protection by government agencies and controlled by a ruthless group of "masters".

Sadly I discovered that the general healthcare business strategy is "Profits Before People" and a "life dependence on prescription drugs".

This is most probably the reason why the global cancer death rate published in 2018 is over 26,000 deaths a day ! 1,600 per day in the US with the prognosis that 1 in every man and 1 in every woman will get cancer.

My Cancer Journey

At the time that I was doing the research I never realized that I would be diagnosed  with stage 4 metastasized prostate cancer 11 years later. 

Given only a few months to live by conventional doctors and specialists I decided that I would take the opportunity to prove that the natural alternative metabolic cancer  therapies and lifestyle choices that I  had discovered during my research were effective and that by following my 7 step "metabolic cancer healing lifestyle" program I would beat this devastating disease. 


Fortunately after 12 months of my natural alternative "metabolic cancer healing lifestyle" journey, I was in remission and continue enjoying life living with a fantastic "cancer preventive" lifestyle that enables me to maintain great health and wellness.   

Standard Cancer Treatment 

However I am shocked every day to hear of more and more cancer deaths of people undergoing the "standard conventional cancer treatment" of "surgery, chemotherapy and radiation" which as most Cancer Associations around the world admit is not effective with the "5 year survival" success rate of chemotherapy, on average being between 3% and 6%, for all cancers. 

This is really bad news for the other 94% of people on conventional treatment,  which unfortunately included my wife.

The 2 Cancer Worlds

The first thing you need to understand is that there are 2 VERY different Cancer Worlds that you MUST be aware of if you want any chance of surviving cancer.

You also need to understand that you won’t hear any of this information from conventional doctors or oncologists.

Although they are all totally dedicated to doing what they believe is best for their cancer patients, they can only provide the services and support that they have been taught. Unfortunately this is only one side of all of the many available options. They are only taught about the conventional cancer treatments based on the toxic "Standard of Care" treatments of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. (These are often referred to as "Cut, Poison and Burn").

Most conventional cancer practitioners have not had any education on nutrition or the bodies 2 energy systems that are absolutely critical for healing, or the miraculous "self-healing" TRIO of the Mind, Body and Soul.


The Magic of Nature and the Miracle Bodies Healing System

You should be aware that the body is highly intelligent and has a miraculous and extremely effective "self-healing" trio of the "Mind, Body and Soul".

You should understand that EVERYONE of us has a couple of thousand cancer cells in our bodies all the time and as long as we are taking care of our highly effective Immune System, it tracks them down and kills them. However when we abuse our bodies with toxic food, chemicals, stress and negative thoughts we diminish the effectiveness of our Immune System and land up getting cancer or one of the other chronic degenerative lifestyle diseases.

Fortunately if we take care of our bodies in a holistic way, our miraculous "self-healing systems", of which the Immune System is part of, we can overcome most diseases including cancer.

The Mind runs the show – simply put - every thought, positive, negative, constructive or destructive, creates a chemical reaction in the body, which depending on the thought, creates either acidic harmful chemicals or alkaline healthy chemicals. (Meditation and Positive Affirmations are critical)

The Body – needs sunlight, oxygen, water, exercise and nutrition to feed every one of the trillions of cells in the body. The body needs 90 essential nutrients which include vitamins (16), minerals (60), amino acids (12)  and fatty acids (2) every day  (Create a Lifestyle Plan with a focus on a Ketogenic lifestyle)

Soul – spirit – The body has 2 critical energy systems that provide life to the body, the energy generators (mitochondria) in most cells in the body and the other very important energy system, the Universal "life force" energy system which include chakras and meridians.  (meditation, prayer, consciousness, mindful and positive beliefs)

Blockages in the "Life force" energy system is also a major contributor to the cause of chronic degenerative lifestyle diseases including cancer, and the system needs to be managed and detoxed to be able to achieve ultimate healing – this can be done by an energy therapist or through acupuncture.

 Organic Food

The best way of getting all the necessary essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids is through organic vegetables and super foods during your cancer healing journey based on a low carb, high fat Ketogenic lifestyle.

HOWEVER that’s not always possible these days with the declining nutrients found in our food, so because you cant get sufficient nutrition just through food it is essential to focus on a few essential supplements as part of your journey, especially those supporting your mitochondria and your immune system.

As cancer is a metabolic disease caused by dysfunctional mitochondria it makes sense to focus on them, however both oxidative damage through Reactive Oxygen Species (free radicals) and "chronic inflammation" play a major role in cancer, it is absolutely essential to include anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants as a core part of your "Cancer Healing Lifestyle Plan" as well as boosting the immune system a critical component in your healing process. 


'1. The Conventional Cancer World.

This world is based on an incorrect assumption that cancer is a “genetic disease” and that you have no control over getting the disease or not; that you can inherit cancer genes from your parents, and that there are hundreds of different cancer types that all need specific treatment and chemotherapy.

The conventional cancer “Standard of Care” treatments include “Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation”. All these toxic treatment protocols focus on the “tumor” which is the downstream effect (symptom) of cancer, NOT the cause.  Very few people die from the tumor; most deaths are from the cancer spreading throughout the body, which chemotherapy has no effect on anyway. Chemo is also ineffective on the stem cells found in all tumors, which is why most cancers re-occur after a while.

The “cancer disease business” is a trillion dollar a year business globally and is ruthlessly controlled and managed as a highly profitable business by the pharmaceutical industry and their masters. The business strategy is “profit before people” and patients must be kept on lifelong prescription drugs.

Prescription Drugs and chemotherapy are designed to mask disease symptoms, not address the cause of the disease, and every prescription drug has horrific “side effects” requiring additional drugs. Chemotherapy has the most devastating side effects and is often the cause of death, and not the cancer.

Eighteen of the leading most profitable pharmaceutical companies are owned and controlled by the Rockefeller consortium. Virtually every conventional “healthcare facility” worldwide is forced to use the Rockefeller Medicine protocols using toxic prescription drugs and chemotherapy, or lose their license.

In addition virtually all universities and medical schools teach the "genetic cancer" conventional approach globally and dont cover nutrition as mentioned. 

Chemotherapy statistics published by various national conventional oncology associations indicate that the "5 year survival rate" from chemo is between 3% and 6% effective across all cancers.

Imagine if only 6 out of every 100 flights reached their destination, would you and your family even consider flying ?

Chemo labels, which you never get to see, confirm that they are highly toxic and carcinogenic (cause cancer) and that the packaging must be handled and disposed using “hazmat” protection procedures.

Simple Question ?

How is it conceivable that chemo can even be considered to treat cancer when they are highly toxic products which are derivatives from mustard gas that killed thousands of soldiers during the war ?

'2. The Emerging Natural Alternative "Metabolic Cancer" World.

This world is based on the scientific, evidence based research that cancer is a “metabolic disease”.

It is a modern lifestyle disease caused by the overwhelming amount of toxic pollution from the air, water, food, carcinogens and prescription drugs, however negative thoughts and actions and all types of chronic stress are major causes of cancer.

Cancer is caused by dysfunctional mitochondria from epigenetics (external factors that can affect our genes ) and as mentioned from toxic carcinogens including a wide range of toxic chemicals generated in the body by chronic stress.

The Mitochondria are the critical energy generators  mentioned earlier, found in every cell (except red blood cells) that give our bodies life. Some cells that require additional energy like the brain and the heart have thousands of mitochondria.

The "metabolic cancer therapies" focus on a holistic healing approach that treats the CAUSE of the cancer and NOT just the EFFECT (the symptom- the tumor).

All cancers are caused by the same cause; dysfunctional mitochondria, but are located in different parts of the body where the toxins accumulate and destroy the mitochondria. The "metabolic cancer therapy protocol" is based on supporting and stimulating the body’s highly intelligent “self-healing” systems with a holistic approach including essential nutrients.

The human body has evolved over millions of years enabling the human race to survive. It is a proven fact that our bodies are designed to live on 90 essential nutrients that we should strive to get through or diet. These nutrients, together with oxygen, sunlight, water and exercise will not only prevent disease but heal it.

There is NO requirement for any toxic chemotherapy, radiation or other toxic prescription drugs or other chemical toxins to heal the body. This is made worse by the “Big Pharma Strategy” of "Profit before People" and the  “Life-long prescription drug dependence" strategy.


The Natural Healthcare Systems

Natural non-toxic healing healthcare systems have successfully healed people for centuries. The Ayurvedic healthcare system is a natural holistic non-toxic system focusing on Mind,Body and Soul and has been prominent in Asia for over 5,000 years.  Traditional Chinese Medicine has been around for over 4,000 years, also a natural holistic healthcare system using non-toxic herbs, spices, powders and acupuncture. 

Hippocrates, (more than 2,000 years ago) known as the "Father of Medicine" also focused on the body as a whole with natural nutrition as the core of his approach. He famously said "Let medicine be thy Food and Food thy Medicine", but he also made 2 other very important points; 

"If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health".       -HIPPOCRATES

The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.” HIPPOCRATES

There are a number of other highly successful holistic, natural, non-toxic healthcare systems that we are aware of today, although not accepted by the conventional medical fraternity for obvious competitive reasons based on effectiveness, that have been around for hundreds of years. These include Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Chiropractic.    

Here are some events that clearly show that a natural, holistic approach to healthcare was the dominant and successful healthcare systems up to the early 1900's when the American Medical Association funded by J.D.Rockefeller hijacked the healthcare system by introducing the current toxic Allopathic medicine based healthcare system.   

 In 1844 the The American Institute of Homeopathy was formed - a natural non-toxic holistic approach to healthcare.

In 1847 the American Medical Association (AMA) was founded basically as a union to support medical practitioners, but as you will see later, the AMA was taken over in the early 1900's by the Rockefeller and Carnegie groups to further their unscrupulous toxic Allopathic Medicine agenda.

In 1860 Heinrich Lahmann became one of the first "scientific natural"' doctors ( a term that  was used to indicate that people had attended formal medical educational).

In 1876 Henry Lindlahr became the founder of "Scientific Naturopathy"

In 1886 Benedict Lust becomes known as the "Father of American Naturopathy".

In 1895 Daniel David Palmer founded the Chiropractic Healthcare system and opened the "Palmer School of Chiropractic" in Iowa. 

In 1901 Benedict Lust opens the first naturopathic school; "The American School of Naturopathy" in New York.

In the latter part of the 1800's Homeopathy flourished in America and in the early 1900's Naturopathy and Chiropractic flourished and were very popular and effective. 


Birth of the Toxic Allopathic Medicine Healthcare System and the Disastrous Consequences. 

The current toxic prescription drug “healthcare” system has only been around for just over 100 years since the early 1900's when J.D. Rockefeller Snr. needed to find a use for the vast amount of waste products coming from the oil refineries and chemical plants that he owned. He was a very wealthy man with a lot of power and influence and he, himself openly claimed to be the “most ruthless man” in the world, which his actions proved to be correct over time.

He used his extreme wealth, power, greed, corruption and his extensive influence to put most of the natural healthcare practitioners out of business, leaving us with the current disastrous “healthcare” situation we currently have all around the world. 

Very few of the modern lifestyle diseases like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and obesity even existed in the 1800's.  

The "Standard Cancer" treatment world versus the "Metabolic Cancer" Lifestyle world.

Once you understand that there are 2 very distinct and different Cancer worlds and that although the "standard cancer treatment"  masks some of the cancer symptoms, giving short term relief, the negative and debilitating effects of highly aggressive toxic chemotherapy attacks and kills both healthy and cancerous cells and causes pain, fatigue, violent nausea, headaches, hair loss and sleeplessness. In addition there are also long term cardiac, kidney, liver and other organ failures, but more devastating is the fact that toxic chemotherapy destroys the immune system, the very system the body is totally dependent on to heal the body naturally. With a compromised Immune System, Cancer thrives and death is usually the result. 

The "Metabolic Cancer Lifestyle" Therapies

On the other hand the "metabolic cancer lifestyle" therapies focus on the CAUSE of the cancer using gentle, highly effective, non-toxic treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices without any of the horrific side effects or pain and minimizes the terrible negative impact of the conventional cancer treatments that have such a devastating effect on the quality of life.  

100 Year Old Factual Cancer Research

Although Dr Otto Warburg's "metabolic cancer" research findings in the 1920's resulted in being awarded the Nobel Prize, the conventional cancer fraternity did everything possible to rubish, ridicule, vilify, and criticise his ground-breaking discovery. Although what he discovered could change the way cancer could be treated in the future,  the modern medicine fraternity for obvious competitive / profit reasons refused to accept it and spent millions of dollars lobbying against it.    

Dr Otto Warburg had a doctorate in chemistry and a second doctorate in medicine. He was a physiologist and noted biochemist who lived in Germany and won the Nobel Prize in Physiology in 1931. He was awarded the Nobel prize for his discovery that cancer is caused by weakened cell respiration (energy metabolism) due to lack of oxygen at the cellular level, and proving cancer thrives in anaerobic (without oxygen), or acidic, conditions.

After he died in 1970 it seemed like his research was never going to be accepted or ever used to develop a cancer treatment.  

Fortunately there were a few highly respected and leading cancer researchers who believed in his findings and continued his work. This included Pete Pedersen PhD, a brilliant biochemist and Young Hee Ko, PhD both at Johns Hopkins in the 1970's and more recently Professor Thomas Seyfried  of Boston College together with Dominic D'Agostino PhD, assistant professor at South Florida University, and their teams.  Seyfried has spent the last 25 years researching and working on T"metabolic cancer" therapies and lifestyle choices with amazing results. 

Although the researchers have revived Dr Warburg's findings and proved that cancer is definitely a "metabolic disease" and NOT a "genetic disease" which is used as the basis for the current ineffective, toxic "Standard of Care" cancer treatments, Dr Nasha Winters, a world leading Integrative Oncologist has spent 28 years implementing these therapies successfully with thousands of patients at her clinic in Colorado.

In the last few years she has focused on training other doctors and oncologists so that her successful therapies may slowly become main stream, saving millions of lives. 


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