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Personal Disclaimer

It is very IMPORTANT that you read my Disclaimer and fully understand that I am NOT a Doctor or any kind of Health Care Practitioner.

I am a Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Coach and Mentor and a Stage 4 metastasized cancer survivor with over 15 years of cancer research mainly focused on the Metabolic Approach to managing, controlling and healing cancer using the natural Ketogenic Metabolic Lifestyle and Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies developed by Dr Thomas Seyfried, the worlds leading cancer researcher with over 30 years experience. I am  also a "Cancer Buddy", an author and a blogger. 

I do NOT provide any therapies, treatments or professional medical advice or recommendations.

The ONLY goal of the "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Coaching Program" is to assist you to develop a personalized "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle  Plan and Action Schedule to guide you and your cancer support team on your cancer healing journey, based on my extensive research experience, knowledge and awareness of the main aspects of the cancer industry and the various options available that include establishing your Support Team, therapists, treatments and diet. I also provide compassionate and empathetic support.  (See Values below)

Welcome to the Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Coaching Program Portal

Thank you for visiting the Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Coaching Program Portal.

You will find all the details of the Program here that will enable you to decide if this is the right Program for you.  

The VERY BEST and MOST CRITICAL thing everyone who has cancer should do, is to create a comprehensive "Healing Program".

This isn't an easy thing to do, especially while you are still traumatized by the cancer diagnosis which is always devastating, leaving you terrified, confused, overwhelmed, depressed and with many unanswered questions.   I know because I lived through this devastating experience in 2016. (Find out more about me .....)

This is where a "Cancer Buddy" and "Cancer Healing Coach" who has survived stage 4 cancer and fully understands what you are going through, can help you through these difficult times as well as assisting you to develop a comprehensive, customized "Healing Program" based on my personal experiences and many years of comprehensive research that enabled me to beat my stage 4 cancer in 12 months, just using natural alternative therapists and  treatments together with a very strict organic  alkaline "Ketogenic diet". 

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What Does a "Cancer Healing" Coach do ?

Most Cancer Healing Coaches focus on successful, proven and effective  natural, alternative cancer healing programs.

A "Cancer Coach" establishes a close working relationship with the patient to achieve the critical goal of jointly discussing and establishing a customized "Cancer Healing Program".  The coach assists the patient by offering new mindsets, skills, awareness, knowledge, experience, cancer therapists, treatment options, compassion, support, and how to have a positive, humble and grateful attitude and mindset, which is by far the most critical requirement for a successful healing program. 

Healing Cancer Naturally

My Cancer Story

It is important for you to know as much as possible about me and my credentials to be offering this unique Cancer Healing Program "Coaching Program".

As mentioned I witnessed my wife being devastated and finally dying from an aggressive chemotherapy treatment, which prompted me to do extensive research into all aspects of conventional and natural alternative cancer treatments. I subsequently dedicated my life to supporting other people with Cancer and assisting them to create comprehensive Healing Programs. See more below ...

The 7 Step Cancer Healing Program

This is a unique coaching program that combines "Cancer Buddy" services, a comprehensive "Cancer Healing Program" and "Cancer Healing Coaching" services. 

The "Cancer 7 Step Healing Program" has been created to assist you to navigate all the false and mis-information and marketing hype about cancer treatments, and provide you with relevant  information, references, resources and options about all aspects of Cancer, both conventional and alternative. The goal is to help anyone with Cancer to fully understand all the options to be able to develop and customize a "Cancer Healing Program" with the essential components that every successful healing program requires.

As a Cancer Coach and experienced "chronic disease and cancer researcher",  I do not provide you with any specific medical advice or instructions the way Doctors do, but I assist you to build a customized Healing Program by providing you with a proven healing program template and the necessary knowledge and awareness, references, resources and options to enable you to make the final decision on what you want to do. You will learn in Step 1 that it is critical for you to take control of your own health and your cancer healing program.

I am NOT a healthcare practitioner and I don't provide any therapies, treatments or medical recommendations. I am a coach and an experienced "chronic disease and cancer researcher",To find out more about me, see below, and to read my disclaimer go here ..... 

Please remember Cancer is NOT a Death Sentence - see below

My Values

These are the underlying values of my unique Healing Program:

  • Being a "Cancer Buddy" (a compassionate friend) I provide a compassionate ear to listen to what ever is on your mind,  a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold and  interactive communications to help you stay positive, hopeful and grateful through the difficult times
  • An experienced cancer Researcher with over 18 years cancer research experience, I provide you with honest resources that include knowledge and awareness about all aspects of cancer and selected references to where you can get additional information. You must decide if you want to use the information and implement it or not. That is your decision but I will assist you to understand the options available to you.
  • Coaching - I am dedicated to being objective and honest to help cancer patients discover what is best for them, rather than to focus on my own cancer battle and the choices I made.

The Program has 2 Coaching support channels.

  1. The live telephone calls  - The Program has been designed to include 2 twenty minute live telephone calls (or Messenger) a month to personalize and customize the interaction with you to enable you to discuss any fears or questions you might have from the program documentation you will get via e-Mail or any other information you need .
  2.  The 7 Step Documentation (regular e-Mails) - The Program has been designed to be delivered over 2 months with an option to continue thereafter depending on your needs.  The Program starts with an introduction to cancer, the history and the politics that you must be aware of to enable you to make the necessary decisions about your Healing Program. It then covers the 7 critical steps that every successful comprehensive Healing Program should have, in great detail.

The Healing Program Overview 

  1. Introduction -This will cover the following:
  • An introduction to the 2 very different "Cancer Worlds" that will decide your future. Making the right decision is critical.
  • Cancer history; the Rockefeller influence on today's outdated, ineffective and outrageously expensive conventional cancer treatments
  • The Cancer cure - found in the 1930's and what an alkaline terrain is and how this kills cancer cells;
  • The politics and why BigPharma, the most profitable and ruthless industry, controls all the conventional medical facilities, the "standard" conventional cancer treatments, medical schools, hospitals, doctors and oncologists;
  • The conventional medicine's strategy to "rubbish" and vilify all natural alternative therapists and treatments;
  • The truth and facts showing the effectiveness of both conventional and alternative treatments with references and additional resources.
  • Some myths and facts about cancer and cancer treatments
  • An overview of "modern lifestyles" and the effect various lifestyle choices have on our general health and wellbeing as well as the main causes of cancer.
  • The basics of a Cancer "alkaline diet" (ketogenic) as this is one of the most important and critical decisions and should be started right way
  1. Step 1. Taking Control of your own health and wellbeing and specifically your "Healing Program".
  2. Step 2. Knowledge and Awareness - What you need to know and be aware of about all aspects of Cancer - both conventional and alternative therapists and treatments. You will also get information about the most reliable cancer resources.
  3. Step 3. Attitude and Mindset - This is an extremely important part of any successful Healing Program but is very seldom covered by conventional cancer treatments.  This covers how your thoughts and beliefs have programmed your sub-conscious and how those habits control your healing process. You will be introduced to the amazing Law of Attraction, affirmations and manifestations to reprogram your sub-conscious to support and accelerate your healing process. You will also be introduced to Mind Movies that changed my life and millions of other people over the last few years, especially helping cancer patients to heal.
  4. Step 4. Heart and Soul -  This is the ultimate secret to healing. The heart has a mind of its own and can override your mind. Research has shown that most successful cancer survivors opened their hearts and focused on being positive,  compassionate, humble, honest, forgiving and grateful. Not only does this create an alkaline inner terrain in the body but also overrides any negative habits in your sub-conscious.  We also cover belief systems in general here. Everyone has his or her belief system and no matter what that is you must have complete faith and trust in your system. You will be given links to powerful videos that will assist you to benefit from your belief system with a focus on healing.
  5. Step 5. Your Support Team.  This focuses on the physical requirements of your healing program providing you with options so that you can identifying the main critical members of a successful Healing Program. You will find out about the role your Partner can play on your healing journey, as well as how to select your "Cancer Buddy" and the key alternative therapists which will have a bearing on your treatment protocols.  Some of your team members will depend on the type and stage of cancer that you have.
  6. Step 6. Your Cancer Treatment  - Your treatment is totally dependent on the type and stage of your cancer and how aggressive the cancer is. You will be given a whole range of options and references and resources that you and your "Cancer Buddy" can discuss with your therapists. Please remember that your alkaline cancer diet is absolutely critical to your survival and should be agreed on as soon as you can. This will also include any supplements, herbs and superfoods that must be included in every successful cancer diet as well as a list of MUST NOT things to eat and drink. Again everything presented to you is to enable you to make the final decision on what you want to achieve and include in your healing program. Its your Healing Program.
  7. Step 7. Time and Costs. - Fighting cancer successfully requires dedication and lots of time and unfortunately most healing programs are quite costly. Fortunately the natural alternative Healing Programs are a LOT cheaper than the horrific costs of patented pharmaceutical drugs like chemotherapy and meds that are needed to address the many side effects of all toxic chemotherapy which are mostly ineffective.
  8. Conclusion - Your Customized Cancer Healing Program   - at this point we will jointly consolidate all of the research and the
  9. decisions you decide on with all of the options you chose and draft your Healing Program using my template.   

Personal Profile - Benefits Assessment Form

To assist and guide you to develop the best possible successful Cancer Healing Program it is critical that I know a lot about you and your family and your cancer details.  

Before you make any commitment to join the program I need to asses your current situation to be sure that my unique Cancer Healing Program will be beneficial for you and your current cancer situation.  PLEASE take some time to fill in the comprehensive Personal Profile Form as honestly as you can so that I can make an informed decision to have you join the Program.

PLEASE NOTE: Your Personal Profile will be secure and never be shared with anyone and will remain totally CONFIDENTIAL and will be destroyed as soon as you stop the Program.

Please read to the end of this post and link to fill in the form. I will personally assess the form and respond to you within 24 hours.  If your assessment is positive I will set up a FREE 20 minute telephone call (or Messenger) so that we can introduce one another and discuss any questions you have about the Cancer Healing Coaching Program. Only after that call will you be required to decide if you want to join the Program. At this stage you will be given a link to our secure online payment system. 

My Cancer Story

Why chose me as your coach? 

I am a stage 4 metastasized Cancer survivor, a "Cancer Buddy", a Blogger, author and a "Cancer Healing Coach" and a "Chronic Disease and Cancer Research practitioner with over 20 years research experience.

I was diagnosed in 2016 with stage 4 prostate cancer which had spread to my liver, lungs, lymph and entire bone structure. My prognosis was 3 months. 

At the time I was 73 living a very active and relatively healthy lifestyle BUT a very stressful lifestyle, which eventually was the cause of my severe cancer.

I was only given a few months to live by the conventional doctors and specialists and they insisted I get onto chemotherapy treatment ASAP ! 

HOWEVER I had other plans ! 

I had my first encounter with cancer in 2005 when I experienced my wife's traumatic and tragic passing after an aggressive course of toxic chemotherapy used to treat liver cancer.  At the time neither of us had any knowledge, awareness or experience of  Cancer and we just blindly followed the ineffective standard cancer treatment the doctors and specialist decided on.

After her death, I was so shocked at what she had gone through, the excruciating pain, the loss of dignity and control of her faculties and more importantly how debilitating and devastating the ineffective toxic chemotherapy  treatment was. 

Searching for a better solution

I vowed to find a far more effective, gentler and  natural non toxic treatment solution.

This resulted in me spending 3 years researching all aspects of both conventional and natural alternative cancer treatments and writing 2 books on my findings which were shocking and unbelievable; and uncovered the ruthless control that the pharmaceutical companies have over the cancer industry.  The conventional "Cancer Business" is one of the most lucrative disease businesses and is mostly driven by greed, power, lies and profits, underpinned by corruption and protection by government agencies. 

My Cancer Journey

At the time that I was doing the research I never realized that I would be diagnosed  with stage 4 metastasized prostate cancer 11 years later. 

Given only a few months to live by conventional doctors and specialists I decided that I would take the opportunity to prove that the natural alternative treatments that I  had discovered during my research were effective and that by following my 7 step healing program I would beat this devastating disease. 


Fortunately after 12 months of my natural alternative treatment "Healing Program" I am in full remission, although i have continued with my nutritious diet and healthy  lifestyle. 

Standard Cancer Treatment 

However I am shocked every day to hear of more and more cancer deaths of people undergoing the "standard conventional cancer treatment" of "surgery, chemotherapy and radiation" which as most Cancer Associations around the world admit is not effective with the success rate of chemotherapy, on average being between 3% and 6%, for all cancers. 

This is really bad news for the other 94% of people on conventional treatment,  which unfortunately included my wife.

The 2 Cancer Worlds

The "Standard Cancer" treatment world and the "Alternative Cancer" treatment world.

Once you understand that there are 2 very distinct and different Cancer worlds and that although the "standard cancer treatment"  masks some of the cancer symptoms, the negative and debilitating effects of highly aggressive toxic chemotherapy attacks and kills both healthy and cancerous cells and causes pain, fatigue, violent nausea, headaches, hair loss and sleeplessness. In addition there are also long term cardiac, kidney, liver and other organ failures, but more devastating is the fact that toxic chemotherapy destroys the immune system, the very system the body is totally dependent on to heal the body naturally. With a compromised Immune System, Cancer thrives and death is usually the result. 

Natural Alternative Cancer Treatments

On the other hand natural alternative integrative therapies are gentle and non toxic and address the cause of the cancer without any of the ferocious side effects and minimizes the terrible negative impact of cancer and its treatment on the quality of life.  

Factual Research

Once you are able to research the facts about natural alternative cancer  treatment options, which are "rubished", ridiculed, vilified and criticised  by the modern medicine fraternity for obvious competitive / profit reasons, it becomes evident that there are over 300 alternative treatments of which at least 10 have amazing track records with a success healing rate of over 90%. 

A simple example includes Johanna Budwig who was Dr Otto Warburg's protege.   

Dr Otto Warburg had a doctorate in chemistry and a second doctorate in medicine. He was a physiologist and noted biochemist who lived in Germany and won the Nobel Prize in Physiology in 1931. He was awarded the Nobel prize for his discovery that cancer is caused by weakened cell respiration due to lack of oxygen at the cellular level, and proving cancer thrives in anaerobic (without oxygen), or acidic, conditions. In other words, the main cause for cancer is toxic acidity of the human body. (acidosis)

Human blood is tightly controlled to be slightly alkaline (7.365), however our modern lifestyles are prominently acidic which can cause toxic acidic waste to accumulate in the body overtime which disrupts the normal cellular function and creates the ideal environment for cancer to thrive.  

So we have known the proven cause, prevention & cure of cancer since 1931 despite what the modern medical fraternity claim. 

Dr: Johanna Budwig (The founder of the Budwig Protocol)

 Dr. Johanna Budwig was a German chemist, physicist, a licensed pharmacist and health practitioner and was also Dr. Warburg's protegé in 1951. She was also a six time nominee for the Nobel Prize, who held two doctorates, one in medicine and one in pharmaceutical chemistry. She also studied biochemistry, physics, and psychology. She carried on Dr. Warburg's work and developed the Budwig Protocol, which is still to this day one of the very effective alternative cancer treatments. Johanna Budwig found the cure for cancer in 1951 and over a 50 year period she had a MEDICALLY DOCUMENTED 90% plus cancer cure rate in Germany with 4500 patients. Some cancer victims that she cured with her protocol were considered terminal.

Payment Terms and Conditions

The customized Cancer Healing Coaching Program is quite intense with a lot to read and digest to choose the best options. For this reason the basic program covers 2 months and can be extended month by month thereafter if required by you.

There are 3 payment options using PayPal.

  1. The 2 Monthly Coaching Program - Monthly Option - $2,000.00 per month. You can pay monthly in advance each month for the 2 months. You will be entitled to 2 x 20 minute phone calls per month as well as each months documentation after you have made the payment. If you choose to stop after month one you will not receive the outstanding documentation. 
  2. The 2 Month Program - 2 Month Payment Option - $3,400.00 one off payment for the 2 months in advance. This is a 15% discount ($1700.00 per month).
  3. On-going Monthly Coaching. $1,600.00. per month in advance (20% discount) If you chose to continue with Coaching on a monthly basis after the initial 2 months Coaching Program. 


This covers an the overview of the program. If you are interested to go ahead with the FREE  telephone or Skype call which will give you a chance to discuss the program with me and ask any questions you may have to help you to decide if you want to sign up for the "Healing Program", I need you to fill in the Personal Profile - Benefits Assessment Form

Please take your time filling in your Personal Profile as accurately and as honestly as possible because this information will enable me to assess your needs and to assist you to develop the very best "Cancer Healing Program" customized for yourself. Please remember your information is secure and totally CONFIDENTIAL and will never be shared. The information will be destroyed when you stop using the service. 

You are also most welcome to contact me on with any questions you have.

Thank you for your interest in the "Healing Program" and I look forward to getting your Personal Profile and meeting you soon.

(Go here for Your Personal Profile Form) 

Take care and I wish you all the very best with your healing and a your future health and wellness.

With Love and Caring