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Discovering the TRUTH about Cancer

The first step in a successful "Natural Cancer Healing Lifestyle" program is to "Take Control of your own Health and Wellness" and specifically to discover the "Truth about Cancer". This will enable you to develop a comprehensive, personalized "Natural Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Program for yourself.

Introducing the "Natural Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Series.

Hi everybody - this is Dave the Cancer Buddy wishing you all a fantastic day filled with happiness, joy, gratitude, love, caring and healing.

After 2 years of extensive research into every aspect of cancer I am very excited to be introducing you to a new unique “Natural Cancer Healing Lifestyle” Series uncovering the truth about cancer. I will be revealing a very effective, gentle healing therapy as well as assisting you to develop a comprehensive and effective "natural cancer healing lifestyle" program.  A cancer healing program is the very best way to fight this devastating disease.

“What if everything we are told about Cancer is DEAD WRONG ?

Think about this question for a moment.

Since 1971 when President Nixon declared “WAR ON CANCER” there has been an estimated $500 billion invested into cancer research to find a “CURE” for cancer – which at that time they thought would take about 10 years.

So ! What progress have we made ?

AND WHY is it that 48 years later in 2018 the cancer statistics are worse than ever ?

According to the Global Cancer Observatory there were over 18 million (18,078,957) new cases of cancer in 2018 – that is 49,530 per day, and there were over 955 thousand (955,027) deaths –that is a devastating 26,178 deaths per day.

In America, 1 in every 2 men and 1 in every 3 women will get cancer. The 2018 stats show that there were over 2 million (2,129,118) new cases (5,833 per day) and over 616 thousand (616,714) deaths  - an unacceptable 1,690 per day) 

This is a 2.7% increase on 2017. What are the Research facilities doing ? What are they spending all the money on ? Why no cure ? 

 However the most important question – WHY is there NOT a MASSIVE public outcry about all these deaths, and why no comprehensive investigation into the “Cancer Disease Business” ?

I might know the answer to that question!

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In 2005 when my wife was on her deathbed with liver cancer and a very aggressive course of toxic chemotherapy, which resulted in horrendous side effects, excruciating pain and a debilitating quality of life, I promised her I would dedicate my life to finding a natural, non-toxic, gentler, effective and affordable cancer treatment that has no side effects and could be treated at home with a longer decent quality of life.

A journey I have been on for the last 12 years.

At the time of her death I was not aware that I would be diagnosed with stage IV “terminal” cancer in 2016 that had spread into my lungs, liver, lymph and bone structure, with a prognosis of a few months by conventional cancer doctors who tried to force me to start chemotherapy and radiation IMMEDIATELY, otherwise I would die. 

However what I did do IMMEDIATELY was to go through all my research which enabled me to use the extensive cancer research I had done to create a comprehensive “natural cancer healing lifestyle” program with a unique cancer support team and the use of natural, effective, non-toxic therapies and healthy lifestyle choices.

I am blessed and eternally gratefully that my “healing program” supported by a few amazing practitioners and natural therapies and lifestyle changes, managed to heal my “terminal” cancer within 12 months.

HOWEVER while I was developing my “healing program” I came across the question I asked you to think about above.    

“What if everything we are told about Cancer is DEAD WRONG ?

This question not only saved my life from stage IV “terminal” cancer but prompted me to start a 2 year comprehensive cancer research program that enabled me to achieve the promise I made to my wife on her deathbed.

I am hoping that the results of my research will also be very beneficial to you too.

You can find out more about this in my multi-post “Natural Cancer Healing Lifestyle” program to be launched in March 2019. Register now to get more information.

The result of this extensive research took me into every imaginable aspect of cancer and also led me down many “rabbit holes” which exposed things about the cancer industry that are unimaginable, inconceivable, terrifying, deceitful and despicable, with a dual overall strategy of “profit over people” and achieving certain “elite globalists” goals that are slowly being implemented through the United Nations (UN), the World Health Organisation (WHO) the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Federal Reserve and the "deep state" in America, to achieve a global socialist dictatorship. 

Some may assume that these are conspiracy theories, but I can assure you that all of my sources are credible, trustworthy and have an impeccable track record. However i suggest you do your own research. 

Who am I and what is my purpose in life ?

Firstly, I am just the messenger.

Wherever possible I have included references and suggest that everyone does their own research before making any decisions.

I am a cancer research analyst with over 12 years’ experience, a stage IV metastasized cancer survivor, an author, blogger, “cancer healing program” coach and a cancer buddy.

My personal “life’s purpose” and mission is to help people to find out the "TRUTH ABOUT CANCER" and to distribute critical information to make people aware of what’s going on in the cancer industry. This includes references to various natural, evidence based, alternative non-toxic treatments and therapy options and the critical necessity to "take control of your own health and wellness" and to develop a comprehensive personalized "natural cancer healing" program.

Having survived stage IV “terminal” cancer I fully understand what people with cancer live with every day, the fears, the anger, the pain, the horrific side effects of chemo and radiation, the loss of hope and opportunity and a feeling of absolute hopelessness and helplessness.

My main goal is to change all of that, and provide people with hope and opportunity and the necessary resources and guidelines to help them develop a personalized “natural cancer healing lifestyle” program to fight this devastating but misunderstood disease.

I also want to make people aware of an emerging natural alternative solution to help you fight all types and stages of cancer. 

A solution my wife would be very excited about ! J

I have NO doubt that my comprehensive, personalised “healing program” enabled me to beat my stage IV "terminal" cancer in 12 months.  

 So I will be launching my FREE multi – post “Natural Cancer Healing Lifestyle” program on the 1st March 2019 which will include the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY, exposing the lies and deceit and covering all aspects of the cancer world and revealing new truths you will not hear anywhere else.  

The “healing series” will also help you to create a personalized “Natural Cancer Healing Lifestyle” program that will give you the best chance of beating this devastating disease.

I will also be available to assist you develop your personalized “Natural Cancer Healing Lifestyle” program if you so wish.

DON’T MISS this unique FREE opportunity to discover the truth about all aspects of cancer, including the true nature of cancer, the real cause of all cancers and some of the related natural, effective, gentle, non-toxic therapies as well as references to facilities in America that provide these therapies.

Unfortunately, You will not find out about any of this information from the conventional cancer doctors as they must use the standard treatment of toxic chemotherapy and radiation or lose their license.

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Thank you for visiting my web-site and for spending some of your precious time finding out more about this FREE, unique, comprehensive and revealing “Natural Cancer Healing Lifestyle” Series of posts that I will post over the next 2 months, starting in March. Don’t miss any !

My very best wishes to all of you and I hope you are having an awesome day filled with love, caring and healing.