Green Organic Lifestyles Portal

Green Organic healthy lifestyles Portal

Welcome to the Cancer Buddy Green Organic Healthy Lifestyles Portal

You will find some of the worlds best suppliers of Green Organic Nutraceuticals, Supplements, Superfoods, Services and Lifestyle goods here.


After many of my friends and fellow cancer patients asked me to provide a list of the best suppliers of the products, goods and services that we all need on a daily basis to survive and beat this devastating disease, I researched many different companies and have selected the best for this portal.

I must mention that I am an affiliate of some of these companies which means i might get a small commission on sales, but WITHOUT any additional cost to you - Please see my Affiliate Disclosure  page here 

I will be adding new Suppliers from time to time to provide us all with additional opportunities to get the very best products and services at a good  prices - watch out for the specials from time to time !

The Global Healing Centre  

A pioneer in the field of alternative health and natural healing, Dr. Group has made it his life’s mission to spread the word of health and wellness to the global community.
Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM  Founder of Global Healing Center - Established 1998.

AMOILS - Healing Natural Oils 

- All Natural Since 2001

For well over a decade, our mission has been to provide only the finest natural products which are ethically produced using the best quality, natural ingredients available. Our formulas have been tried and tested over many years and the positive feedback we have received from our thousands of satisfied customers prompts us to maintain our high standards and ongoing research