Attitude and Mindset

Attitude and Mind

Hello everybody this is Dave the Cancer Buddy hoping you are feeling positive, happy, healthy, motivated and grateful today where ever you are in the world.

Today I want to cover "Attitude and Mind" in the 4th post of the 26 part Health and Wellness series with a focus on how your attitude and mind effect your happiness, health, disease and healing process,  and what yo can do about it to give you a chance to live a happy, healthy, long, vibrant disease free life.

"Attitude and Mind" are absolutely critical to  the bodies healing process and to how you live and how you die.

In summary your attitude is governed by your thoughts which in turn are governed by your mind which defines who you are and how you you live and ultimately how you die.


Let's first look at Attitude to fully understand how this affects your healing process and your life and eventually how you die.

The Body - a Cellular Miracle

Firstly a little background to enable you to put this into context. Our bodies are extremely complex, a marvel of creation, having started as a single cell embryo and developing into a body with hundreds of trillions of cells that are continuously regenerated.  Each of these trillions of cells are independent little factories with a specific task and need to be given the necessary nutrients to be able to generate the energy required to process their activity and the cell needs to be able to get rid of the waste that is generated by the processing - in addition the cell needs to be able to communicate with other cells to accept instructions and to feed back progress or problems - just like any factory.

The Body - Alkaline vs Acidic

The body fluids  in the body are made up primarily of water with an average of 60% of the adult body being water. This is significant because one of the most critical requirements of  a healthy body is to maintain the blood and the extracellular fluids (not the stomach) at a slightly alkaline pH level. (7.365). Although the body has been designed to be in an alkaline state, in reality our modern lifestyles are very acidic. (toxic).

Why is this important to understand?

Well, despite the fact that "modern medicine" and the pharmaceutical companies want us to believe that their are over 12,000 different diseases and that virtually all of them need a different prescription drug to cure the problem, this is not factually correct, there is only one cause of all chronic disease and that is "cell malfunction". It is important to note that virtually all modern prescription drugs are toxic (acidic) and they only mask the symptom and don't treat the cause. However this approach does generate shameful, outrageous and unacceptable profits at the expense of human lives. It is also important to note that "death by modern medicine" (read prescription drugs) in America is approaching 1 million people a year.

Just like life and death start in the cells, every disease  also starts in the cells, so it follows that all disease is actually due to "cell malfunction".

But for a moment lets look at what every cell needs to be healthy.

There are only 2 things: - the necessary essential nutrients (groceries), mostly alkaline,  to support the "factory process" and the ability to remove the waste and any stray toxic materials we feed the cells.

A very simple concept to understand but not easy to apply.

The Cause of ALL Chronic Disease.

So to summarise, virtually all modern chronic disease is caused by a deficiency of the essential nutrients and the toxic material build up in the cells causing a malfunction of the cells. (acidosis)

So what does your Attitude and your Mind have to do with all this ?


Attitude is a double edged sword as you can have a "negative" attitude or a "positive" attitude.  Depending on which "attitude" dominates your life, that will decide on your "lifestyle" and whether you are healthy or suffer from chronic lifestyle diseases.

You see having a positive attitude releases 4 major chemicals that not only influence how you feel but are non toxic.

(DOSE):  1. Dopamine, 2. Oxytocin, 3. Serotonin, 4. Endorphins.

On the other hand a "negative"attitude which is often linked to stress, triggers the "fight or flight" system releasing Adrenaline, Norepinephrine and Cortisol.  These hormones are not harmful if only released occasionally in a true "fight or flight" experience but for most people who have a negative attitude these hormones are being released regularly that get into the cells and eventually destroy them and create a lot of toxic waste that results in disease.  These hormones also can suppress the immune system, increase blood pressure and sugar,  produce acne, and contribute to obesity, cancer and many more chronic diseases.

What about the Mind ?

Well, what governs our attitude ? the Mind !

To understand the mind you need some background.

There are 3 states of the mind. The "conscious" sub-conscious" and the "unconscious" which can be thought of as a pyramid with the conscious mind, the smallest, at the top and the sub-conscious below that and the unconscious mind at the bottom.

So how does your mind work ?

Everything in life originates as a "thought" and everyone's lives, attitudes, behaviors, habits and beliefs are developed and constructed based on your accumulative thoughts from the time you were born to the present day. The first seven years establishing the base of you character and personality.

The 3 Minds

There are 3 minds that work together to create your life's day to day reality. As this reality is based on your thoughts and events that have been recorded since you were born, which might have resulted in a negative attitude, we often need to change this reality to create a positive, happier, healthier, less stressed and confident attitude that will directly affect your health and wellness !

But to understand how ?  you need to understand how the 3 minds work ?

The Conscious Mind

Your conscious mind is what controls your day to day activities and everything is based on the things that you observe and are consciously aware of. It is the interface between the outside world and your inner self and communicates through thought, speech, images, movement and the five senses - sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch although many people believe there are is a sixth sense that enables perception and intuition.

The Sub-conscious Mind

The sub-conscious mind is our short term memory in charge of all our recent memories and is where we keep information that we are not consciously thinking about at the moment but can call up or use when we need it. As an example if some one asks for you phone number you can recall it immediately and often when you are driving home you don't recall the experience, it is as if you were on auto-pilot. Thats the sub-conscious at work.

So your conscious mind is in charge of our recent memories and our day to day activities and gives the sub-conscious mind instructions to recall information it is not consciously aware of.

It is very IMPORTANT to note that the sub-conscious mind  only "obeys" instructions and orders from the conscious mind and is not able to process that information. The sub-conscious will only deliver the feelings, events and emotions that you continuously think about.

However many requests from the conscious mind will require the sub-conscious to get the information from he "unconscious" mind which is the main storage facility where all your thoughts, events, experiences, beliefs, behaviors and habits are recorded from your birth. As the conscious mind doesn't have direct access to the unconscious, the sub-conscious is in continuous contact with the resources of the unconscious mind so that it can present them to the conscious mind as needed.

The Unconscious Mind

The unconscious mind controls all of our resources and is the storage facility that has recorded every thought, event and past experiences in your life since you were born, especially the repressed and traumatic events your conscious mind wants to forget. It is important to note that this information is  NOT accessible by the conscious mind, but only through the sub-conscious.  (This information can often only be retrieved through hypnosis and is very often used to get to the bottom of deep rooted issues caused by extreme stress and trauma).

Beliefs, Behaviors, Habits and Attitudes

While the unconscious mind has been recording every "thought" and event in your life, it has used these thoughts, experiences and memories to develop our beliefs, behaviors, habits and attitudes.  The more repetitive the information is that is being recorded in the unconscious, the more dominating that information becomes.

 So - back to Attitude !

Negative Attitude. If you spend a lot of time focusing on negative emotions like hate, anger, resentment, frustration, fear, depression, helplessness, guilt, shame and you tend to complain, criticise and judge, that is what will become hard wired in your unconscious and the sub-conscious will just filter every request from your day to day conscious activities against those negative emotions, beliefs, behaviors and habits.  As we saw above this creates toxic waste and is a major cause of cell destruction and the cause of disease.

Positive Attitude. On the other hand if you focus on happiness, fun, laughter, joy, excitement, passion, forgiving, trusting, love and caring and being humble, motivated, grateful, tolerant, honest, considerate and friendly that will be hard wired in your unconcious and will dictate your day to day attitude and your ability to heal and achieve ultimate health and wellness.

Law of Attraction

Enter the Law of Attraction. Depending on which attitude is dominant in your life it will be perpetuated by you attracting people with a similar attitude to yourself,  which in turn burns it deeper into your unconscious mind with all the positive or negative consequences on your conscious mind that we have mentioned.

So ! How can we Change our Attitude ?

If we remember that all our thoughts, experiences, events, memories, behaviors and habits have been stored in our unconscious store and programmed since birth, which control our conscious mind, this is where we have to make the changes. However we do NOT have direct access to the unconscious mind and can only do it via the sub-conscious mind. However it is not easy to over-ride years of recording, but it is possible through continuous repetitive affirmations and manifestations.

Affirmations and Manifestations

Most people are totally confused about the Law of Attraction, affirmations and manifestation and although people want to believe in the concept many find it difficult to achieve.

As Napoleon Hill put it, “What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” We have been given both the power to imagine and outcome, and the means to achieve it.

The power of manifestation and the Laws of Attraction go back to the beginning of human history and have been used successfully by people who fully understood the principles that were first recorded in "The Kybalion".

The Kybalion - An Ancient Text On Manifestation

The Kybalion was written by Hermes an Egyptian sage.  He defined the seven sacred secrets / principles of manifestation to enable people to understand the principles behind this phenomena. Although I am not going to describe what each of the sacred secrets means I am going to list them to motivate you to take them seriously and start your manifestation and affirmation  journey.

Manifestation is the ability and technique for people to manifest what ever they desire.

Affirmations are the core of the Law of Attraction and are the principles to use to manifest your desires.

You will recall that "thoughts" create reality, but you still need to understand the manifestation techniques to use to change thoughts, beliefs, habits and behavior in your unconscious mind to be able to change your attitude and achieve your desires.

So here are the seven sacred secrets from the Kybalion.

  • Somehow, the mind has the power to attract towards you the things about which you consistently think: so if you consistently think about poverty, you’re raising your awareness of poverty, and you’re avoiding the opportunities that wealth presents to you.
  • And the same is true of any other polarity that exists in your life: health, wealth, relationships, success – these things are there for the taking, and the primary step to achieving them is to match your vibrations, your energies, your thought processes, with the energy in the world that will make these things manifest as a positive, healthy reality for you.
  • Everything that appears to be an opposite is in fact just simply a polarity.
  • But of course you must believe that prosperity is possible. The Kybalion suggests that the entire universe operates to a precise and predictable rhythm.
  • This is simply the law of cause and effect: every cause has its effect, every effect has its cause. Chance does not exist: it’s only a name given to the law of cause and effect where those two qualities are not yet recognized.
  • To take responsibility for your own life, it is necessary to accept that you CAN AND DO create, right here, right now, the things that happen to you.
  • Rather than thinking of every event and experience in the universe as governed by feminine and masculine energy, let us simply say that there are different and complementary forces at work in the world, some of which will get us what we want, and others which will not.
    • The energy of creation, the energy of manifestation.
    • The energy of visualization, the energy of action.
    • The energy of cause, the energy of effect.
    • The energy of passion, and the energy of passivity.
    • The energy of desire, and the energy of acceptance.
    • The energy of belief, and the energy of hopelessness.
    • The energy of expectancy, and the energy of despair.

How to Consolidate or Change Attitude ?

To consolidate a positive attitude or to change your negative attitude you need to follow the principles of the Law Of Attraction using manifestation techniques through repetitive affirmations.

Manifestation is quite simple: you must have a positive attitude, be grateful for everything in your life, identify something you desperately want, visualize it in your mind,  have complete belief in the manifestation process, repeat your request using an affirmation,  and create an expectancy that its going to happen. Expectancy is very powerful as it tells your sub-conscious that is going to happen - remember the sub-conscious only takes orders it doesn't process them.

So in summary if you combine strong expectancy with absolute desire and intense belief you are well on your way to being successful.

So what stops "positive" expectancy?

Self-doubt, fear and losing focus which can all be avoided by conscious awareness,affirmations,  visualization, mind movies and hypnosis but the main focus must be on eliminating negative thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, behavior and habits.

The Power of Positive Thinking.

There are thousands of examples recorded describing how a positive attitude has been responsible for solving both medical and non-medical conditions,  including stress management, relationships, productivity, learning and all types of disease especially cancer.  I can categorically say that my remission from advanced stage 4 metastasized cancer was due to my positive attitude.

Some Examples of Affirmations

You can use single affirmations repeated to effect changes or a combination of affirmations that can also be read  over and over, however you should read them aloud with conviction as you are not only wanting your sub-conscious to absorb them and pass them on to your unconscious to override existing habits, beliefs or behavior BUT you are also communicating with the Universe the cosmic conscious.

Self Talk

Lets look at some negative and positive "self talk" examples :

I can NEVER do this ---------- I can definitely do this and i WILL find a way

I do not know how ----------I can learn to do anything

It's too hard to do ---------- I will find a way to do it

I am too stupid to do it ------ I am very smart and will find a way to do it

I am too busy  --- I will find time to do it

I have never done this before  ----- There is always a first time

It will never work ---- I will find a way to make it work

I will do it tomorrow  ---- I will do this now

There is far too much to do ---- I will take one step at a time

Mind Movies

Another form of visualization of affirmations is through mind movies. Here is a short Mind Movie using positive affirmations.

I hope that you understand the reason why "Attitude and Mind"  are so important and why having a positive attitude contributes to your happiness and your health and wellness.

Wishing you a very positive and grateful future, with Love and Caring




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