“When you are joyful, when you say yes to life and have fun and project positivity all around you, you become a sun in the center of every constellation, and people want to be near you.”
Shannon L. Alder

About this Blog

This Blog is all about being positive, happy, honest, humble, loving, caring, trustworthy, motivating, inspiring and most of all grateful, under challenging circumstances.

Although just the mention of cancer creates fear in most people’s mind, I want to assure you that is exactly what the conventional cancer industry wants. Cancer is the most profitable disease business making over a billion dollars a year with a workforce of hundreds of thousands of people.

Can you imagine the consequences if it became common knowledge that cancer can be healed with a radical lifestyle change ?

During my comprehensive research I gained a lot of knowledge and experience but the 2 key things I want to share with you initially, are the “World of Cancer” and the 7 essential aspects of a successful Cancer Healing Program.

The “World of Cancer”

I soon discovered there are 2 very distinct cancer worlds out there.

  •  The conventional cancer world that enforces the use of the “standard cancer treatment” – “surgery, radiation and chemotherapy”, and aggressively fights all natural alternative therapies and practitioners. These treatments are claimed to be between 3% - 6% effective by Oncology Control bodies in advanced countries.
  • The natural alternative, complimentary, integrative cancer world that takes a holistic approach to the gentle healing of the body by focusing on the cause and not the symptom. Although practitioners providing these services are prevented by law from claiming effectiveness or success, there is a lot of scientific evidence that some are between 60% - 90% effective.


The 7 Essential Aspects of a “Cancer Healing Program”.

  • Take Ownership of your Health
  • Knowledge and Awareness - Lifestyle – living conditions, diet, stress, etc
  • Attitude and Mindset  - sub-conscious mind
  • Heart and Soul - the secret to healing
  • Treatment Options
  • Your Support Team
  • Time and Costs

I cover all these aspects in detail in the various sections and will be writing about them in my Blog.

These are also topics that I present in my Cancer Healing Coaching Program.

Getting the “CANCER” diagnosis is always absolutely shattering and frightening that tends to confuse and paralyze your thoughts, made worse by the pressure you will get from the doctors to start treatment as soon as possible. Everyone has been led to believe that there is no cure for cancer which also creates fear and leaves you unable to think rationally or make any coherent decisions.

HOWEVER – Please DO NOT get bullied into any form of treatment until you have done your own research and spoken to your family and trusted friends and developed a Healing Programme based on the best treatment options. This time spent is critical as it can be the difference between life and death.

Cancer is NOT a “DEATH SENTENCE” as many people are led to believe, but it is dependent on the “Healing Programme” you choose, so it is very important to fully understand ALL of the options available to you before you decide.

I have created this blog specifically to help in these traumatic and confusing moments to provide people with the information and options I have discovered with the 3 experiences I have had with Cancer over the last 12 years.

In addition to this Blog I have written an e-book covering my experiences – “CANCER – a Temporary Inconvenience” (My Natural Road to Remission) which is currently available at a special launch price in the Services section.

I have been in Remission for a while now and I have a lot of knowledge that can definitely provide people with new options that they might not be aware of, and thus enable them to make informed decisions about their cancer healing program.

Please browse the other sections and read the Blog regularly and please send me a message below or contact me through the comments in the Blog section or through my contact details.

Take care, be positive, happy, aware and grateful.

With love and caring,


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