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Be sure to read all about the FREE 10 part "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Series below to discover how to "take control" of your cancer healing journey by developing a personalized "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Plan and Action Schedule".

Welcome to the "Metabolic Cancer" Healing Lifestyle Information Center

This is where you can find out everything about cancer and discover the highly successful Metabolic Approach to preventing, managing, controlling and healing cancer. The video will take you through the critical steps you need to take if you want to be successful. Firstly, cancer is a "Metabolic Lifestyle" disease so you need to "Take Control" of your cancer healing journey. The video will also provide you with the knowledge, awareness and understanding of cancer that will enable you to develop a personalized cancer healing plan and schedule. This is by far the most important requirement to guide you on your cancer healing journey.

For more information watch this comprehensive video, (29 minutes) and discover information about the 2 totally different cancer worlds that most people are not aware of - below.

If You want to find out what Metabolic Cancer is you can go here !


 Introducing the Natural "Metabolic Cancer" Healing Lifestyle Series.

I developed the 10 part "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Series based on 15 years of analysing the latest peer reviewed cancer research papers, case studies, clinical trials, books and interactions with leading cancer researchers from prestigious universities around the world as well as specialist cancer clinicians and naturopathic oncologists, and the very best cancer supplement manufacturers and suppliers.

In addition I have included my own personal stage 4 metastasized cancer healing journey experience together with my hands on knowledge gained as a "metabolic cancer lifestyle coach".

The main goal of the FREE 10 part series is to enable people with cancer or people wanting to prevent cancer, as well as cancer practitioners to discover the TRUTH about cancer.  The Metabolic Cancer Information Center enables people to get access to all of the latest research information about cancer and to find out how to develop a personalized "Cancer Healing Lifestyle Plan and Action Schedule". The Series includes 10 modules that provide scientific evidence based knowledge, awareness and understanding of all aspects of cancer and enables you to select your personal cancer support team and local facilities, and the best natural treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices, as well as establishing a "Progress Monitoring and Testing" system. This is a critical component of every successful cancer healing journey.

This is a list of the main modules included  in the "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Series. 

To find out more and to get access to the full healing series, and more cancer information, free of charge, visit the "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Portal. (link below)  

  1. Introduction to the Cancer Healing Series
  2. Global Cancer Statistics
  3. History of Natural Medicine
  4. Natural Medicine Heist and Monopoly
  5. The 2 Cancer Worlds
    1. "Genetic Disease" vs "Metabolic Disease"
    2. What is Cancer?
    3. What Causes Cancer? 
    4. How do we get Cancer? 
  6. How does the Body Heal?
    1. Mind, Body & Soul
    2. The 6 Defense Systems
  7. The Ketogenic Metabolic Lifestyle
    1. Mindset
    2. Ketogenic Cancer Diet and Nutrition Therapy
    3. Cleanse and Detox
    4. Fasting (Ketosis and Autophagy)
    5. Sleep and Circadian Rhythm
    6. Exercise
    7. Supplements
    8. Advanced Therapies
  8. Developing Your Personal Cancer Healing Lifestyle Plan and Schedule
  9. Implementing Your Healing Lifestyle Plan
  10. Living a Cancer-Free Lifestyle
  11. Dave's Introduction to Cancer
  12. Dave's Cancer Credentials
  13. Dave's Research Journey
  14. The Metabolic Cancer Healing Coaching Program

Additional information about this Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Series and the Coaching Program can be found in the "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Portal. The Portal includes emerging cancer research from global leaders as well as advanced cancer healing information you wont find anywhere else !! .Yes please ..........


The Recently Released "Global Cancer Statistics" are DEVASTATING !

The 2018 global cancer statistics show that there were more than 18 million new cancer cases worldwide and over 9 million cancer deaths. 

This means that there were 26,657 cancer deaths EVERY day of the year. 


There is something terribly wrong with the toxic conventional cancer treatments that are resulting in so many deaths - it's time to find a far better non-toxic solution  .

The "Metabolic Approach" to preventing, managing, controlling and healing cancer, is that solution !

The USA had 2.12 million new cases with 616,850 deaths; 1,690 EVERY day, with a prediction that 1 in every 2 men and 1 in every 3 women living in the USA will get cancer. These are shocking statistics and reflect very badly on the toxic, ineffective, expensive conventional "Standard of Care" cancer treatments using surgery, chemotherapy and radiation as the primary treatment.

Since 1971 when President Richard Nixon "declared war" on cancer and promised the world that a cure would be found within ten years, over 2 trillion dollars have been spent and the statistics get worse every year. There is definitely NO chance of seeing a cure using conventional treatment any time soon. 

If you want to find out WHY there are so many deaths and how you can "discover the TRUTH about cancer" and WHAT the "Metabolic Approach" to cancer is, and HOW it is being used globally to prevent, manage, control and heal cancer naturally, take a look at the 10 part "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Program" Series that I have published in the "Metabolic Cancer" Healing Lifestyle Portal. (see left hand side bar)

The Global "Metabolic Cancer" Healing Lifestyle Portal 

The Portal has been developed for people interested in discovering the real TRUTH about cancer as well as finding out what the "Metabolic Approach" to cancer is, and how it enables you to MANAGE, CONTROL and HEAL cancer using the scientifically proven, evidence based "Ketogenic Metabolic Lifestyle" and Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies.

The information in the portal has been developed to enable both cancer related Practitioners and any one with cancer or supporting somebody with cancer, to find out more about the natural "metabolic cancer" treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices, specifically the "Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy" (KMT), developed by Dr Thomas Seyfried, the leading cancer researched in the world.


There is a lot of "fake" information on the Internet about all aspects of cancer, so it's difficult to know who you can believe and who is providing the most effective, truthful and the latest scientifically proven "evidence based" information about all aspects of cancer.  

After spending 15 years researching all aspects of cancer after my wife passed away in 2005 from liver cancer and having experienced the most debilitating and painful Chemotherapy experience; I have made it my "Life's Purpose" to help as many people as possible to discover the TRUTH about cancer and natural healing treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices. I have also included my own experience managing my own stage 4 "natural" cancer healing journey. (see Dave's Cancer Credentials and experience ........)

To enable everyone to start their cancer healing journey check out my FREE 10 part "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Series" which includes all of the same modules and topics that I use in my various one-on-one "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Coaching Programs. 

Cancer is NOT a "Genetic Disease" caused by damaged DNA, as we have been indoctrinated into thinking for over 75 years. Cancer is a "Metabolic Lifestyle Disease" caused by damaged Mitochondria". 

"Cancer is a 'Modern Lifestyle' Disease" that can be managed with "lifestyle" therapies and choices.

Cancer is caused by 3 things:

  1. A TOXIC overload - Exposure to polluted air and water, toxic carcinogens (including radiation, chemotherapy, and prescription drugs),  and industrial, household and agricultural chemicals, pesticides, GMO and processed foods, and processed vegetable oils and fast foods. 
  2. A LACK of essential nutrients - especially phytonutrients, polyphenols and anti-cancer, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory  bio-active compounds that every cell in our bodies require to remain healthy and disease free. These bio-active compounds are critical for our bodies natural cancer defense and healing systems. 
  3. Chronic Stress and  negative thoughts, emotions and behaviours

These 3 things are ALL lifestyle oriented and damage the Mitochondria  (energy generators in our cells) and trigger a cascade of events that will usually lead to cancer. 

It is important to note that that you have control over these "lifestyle" related causes, so you must take control of your lifestyle choices and especially the required lacking nutrition that every cell in your body needs to be healthy.

"NOT one cancer" has ever been caused by the LACK of chemotherapy or radiation or any other carcinogen  or toxic petrochemical based prescription drug! In fact they all cause cancer!

"We created our own cancer - and our miraculous body's can heal itself !"

Our bodies have the innate intelligence and healing power to manage, control and heal any cancer as long as we provide the body with all of the essential nutrients, especially anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-stress adaptogens, phytonutrients and bio-active compounds; while limiting the intake of toxic pollutants, industrial, household and agricultural chemicals, GMO and processed foods and managing our chronic stress levels. This will ensure our body's amazing defense and healing systems and our Immune System will be fully functional and capable of managing, controlling and healing cancer.

The "Metabolic Approach" to cancer is the Solution we have ALL been waiting for!

To get FREE access to all the topics in the "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Series and to find out more about ALL aspects of cancer, please visit the "Metabolic Cancer Portal" .......

Thank you for visiting the “Metabolic Cancer Healing Information Center".

My name is Dave Wreford. I started this FREE Information Center to share my Cancer experiences with as many people as possible as I believe too few people understand the real “truth about cancer” which is causing thousands of unnecessary deaths.

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Prostate Cancer in August 2016 with a prognosis of a 3 months to live.

The cancer had spread extensively throughout my body including my liver, lungs, lymph nodes and my bone structure, specifically my spine, neck, shoulders, hips and ribs. The formal diagnosis from my bone scan report ended with “Extensive Osteoblastic Metastasis”. 

The doctors insisted the only small chance I had of survival was to start chemotherapy as soon as possible, but suggested there was little hope and that I should get my affairs in order.

"There is ALWAYS HOPE!"

As very few people (less than 4%) ever survive Stage 4 metastatic cancer using the "Standard of Care" treatments of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation; and based on the extensive research I had done over the previous 10 years, I declined "Standard of Care" treatment and spent the next few weeks changing my lifestyle choices and developing a personalised cancer healing program based on Dr Thomas Sefried's "Ketogenic Metabolic Lifestyle and Therapy" (KMT). Fortunately I had already developed healing plans for friends based on my extensive research. 

It was time to put my research and my healing plan to the test!

(Note: I was in full remission after 12 months)

Seyfried pic - Warburg

The Primary CAUSE of ALL Cancers !

During the 1920's Dr Otto Warburg, a brilliant German Bio-chemist and Doctor was a leading cancer researcher who spent a decade discovering the prime cause of ALL cancers.

In 1931 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering that all cancers are caused by dysfunctional respiration due to a damaged mitochondria (energy source), forcing cancer cells to switch to an ancient highly in-effective "fermentation" process to generate the necessary energy to grow and divide, using glucose (sugar). Cancer cells have many more glucose receptors to enable them to generate this extra energy.

This was the start of the "METABOLIC Approach" to treating all cancers using the "Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy" (KMT) developed over the last decade by Dr Thomas Seyfried the world's leading cancer researcher.

My Introduction to Cancer. (2004)

My first encounter with cancer was in 2004 when my wife was diagnosed with liver cancer. As neither of us had any experience with cancer, cancer treatments or cancer politics, we assumed that the Doctors and Specialist Oncologists would provide her with the best possible treatment to survive. Unfortunately that was not the case and after a few traumatic months of aggressive chemotherapy treatment, excruciating pain, hair loss, nausea, unable to eat, and long sleepless nights crying and begging for help, she passed away in May 2005.

“In order to protect the profits of Big Pharma, any and all potentially successful alternative cancer therapy must be disbelieved, denied, discouraged, and disallowed at all costs. They are prepared to do whatever it takes to suppress and censor all alternative cancer treatments.” Ty Bollinger, in his book Cancer – Step Out of the Box.

On her deathbed I promised her I would dedicate my life to finding a far gentler, non-toxic, more effective and affordable cancer treatment without the horrific side effects of conventional cancer treatments.

Seeing her going through this experience was extremely traumatic for her and the family and friends as well; however I knew there had to be a far better alternative to the "Standard of Care" conventional toxic cancer treatments of radiation, chemotherapy and surgery, so in 2005 I started my lifelong cancer research project to fulfil the promise I made my wife.

Cancer Research.

I spent the next 6 years researching all aspects of cancer and I was totally shocked and very angry with what I had discovered regarding the conventional cancer industry; especially the cancer politics, the toxic treatment monopoly and the "profit over people" business strategy. At this point I was very frustrated because I kept landing up in dead end rabbit holes that were promoting the toxic "Standard of Care" conventional treatments and the indoctrination by the pharmaceutical industry to drive the "profit over people" business strategies. I was about to give up when I got an e-mail that had a link to the life story of Dr Otto Warburg and his discovery of the primary cause of ALL cancers. (See Primary Cause of Cancer above)

What I discovered shocked me and prompted the following Question ! 

WHAT IF ? Everything we have been told by the conventional cancer industry about cancer is "DEAD WRONG".

A Non-toxic Solution in Sight

By late 2015 I had developed a "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifexstyle" solution based on Dr Seyfried's "Ketogenic Metabolic Lifestyle and Therapy" which I believe answers the question above and more importantly fulfills the promise I made to my wife on her death-bed !

This turned out to be a timeous blessing as I was diagnosed with "End Stage" metastasized cancer with a prognosis of 3 months in 2016 as mentioned above. 

Chronic Stress - the Biggest Cause of Cancer 

At the time I was managing a large non-profit organisation that provides "community and social development" services and support to hundreds of orphans, vulnerable children and disadvantaged families living in 5 poverty ravaged communities in the region where I live in South Africa . With the global recession fundraising became virtually impossible and I had to cut back staff and support programs and suffered from extreme chronic stress for more many years before my health declined and I got the Stage 4 metastatic cancer diagnosis.  .

Fortunately, after the extensive research I had completed together with the interaction I had with world leaders, I was able to immediately take control of my cancer healing journey and develop my own comprehensive "Metabolic Cancer Healing Plan and Schedule". I implemented a therapeutic Ketogenic Metabolic Lifestyle incorporating Dr Seyfried's Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy with the 5 sub components. I also spent time selecting an amazing support team. 

Fortunately, I was blessed and my personalized healing journey, supported and managed by my dedicated and brilliant support team, enabled me to go into complete remission after 12 months.

My AHA Moment ! 

My AHA Moment came as soon as I read Dr Warburg,s story and that not only changed the direction and success of my research but also saved my life.

Dr Otto Warburg had basically discovered the "Metabolic Approach" to cancer which has totally changed the cancer treatment landscape and in my humble opinion will ultimately become the only successful cancer therapy in the future.

Over the next 5 years of my research project I was extremely grateful to have identified and interacted with a number of the worlds leading metabolic cancer researchers, specifically Dr Thomas Seyfried, Professor of biology at the prestigious Boston College, as well as clinicians, cancer clinic owners, cancer supplement formulators and trusted cancer related website owners. I also read many cancer research papers, case studies, books and attended cancer related presentations and online webinars. 

During this time there are 3 very important things I discovered which are critical components that need to be included in every cancer journey. 

  1.  Understanding that there are 2 very different cancer worlds that most people have never heard about.
  2. That everyone with cancer MUST take control of their own health and wellness and specifically their cancer treatment program
  3. Most importantly, everyone with cancer MUST develop a comprehensive personalized "Cancer Healing Plan and Treatment Schedule".  

1. The 2 VERY Different Cancer World's 

One thing that became very clear to me during my research was that there are 2 very different cancer worlds.

The Conventional Cancer World and the Metabolic Cancer World

The "Conventional Cancer World" is a trillion dollar global industry ruthlessly managed and controlled by the pharmaceutical industry based on a "profit over people" business strategy; focused on generating exorbitant profits. This world claims that cancer is a "genetic disease" that we inherit from our parents or get because of bad luck, and that we have no control over getting it or not.  This world focuses on the "tumor" which is the "SYMPTOM" of cancer and not the "CAUSE".  It also uses the "Standard of Care" cancer treatment protocol of surgery, toxic chemotherapy and radiation which ALL conventional cancer practitioners MUST prescribe, or loose their license. They are NOT allowed to offer natural, nontoxic, effective and affordable, alternative treatments like the highly effective non-toxic Metabolic Approach to preventing, managing, controlling and healing cancer.

It's no wonder that we are not winning the war against cancer with the toxic conventional treatments, borne out by the devastating cancer death statistics showing that in 2018 there were over 26,000 deaths a day from cancer world-wide, and it is getting worse each year.   

The "Metabolic Cancer World". This world, as mentioned was discovered in the 1920's by Dr Warburg, a Nobel Laureate, who proved that the "primary" CAUSE of ALL cancers, is a dysfunctional mitochondria and  "metabolic pathway". (this is the energy generation component in most of the 40 trillion cells in the body). This world focuses on the "metabolic approach" to cancer using the natural non-toxic "Ketogenic Metabolic Lifestyle and Therapies" to treat cancer, which was developed over the last decade by Dr Thomas Seyfried, the world's leading cancer researcher and his team. A number of other people have also successfully used the metabolic approach, notably Dr Nasha Winters who not only cured herself from stage 4 metastasized Ovarian cancer but has healed thousands of patients in her clinic over 28 years. Her book, the Metabolic Approach to Cancer" is a MUST read.  

1.1. Informed Cancer Treatment Decision

It is critical for every person who gets diagnosed with cancer to fully understand these 2 cancer worlds and to consciously decide which treatment option to take. This decision is often a matter of life and death. This is one of the main reasons I established this "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Information Center" to make people aware of these options.  

2. Take Control of your own Health and Wellness

As you have discovered above, there are 2 very different cancer worlds. For this reason the first critical decision you have to make, is which "cancer world" do you want live in ? Secondly, every cancer is caused by the lifestyle choices we each make, so every successful cancer healing journey must focus on lifestyle choices and on an anti-cancer diet providing all of the essential nutritious foods required for the body to heal. You are the only person who can decide to change your lifestyle and your eating habits.

So, you must "Take Control of Your Cancer Healing Program".  You must make the necessary lifestyle changes and  also take responsibility to develop your own meal plans which must include the required phytonutrients, anti-cancer bioactive compounds, herbs and spices. 

The Question is:, HOW do I know what the best lifestyle choices are and what should I be eating ? This is the reason for the 3rd important thing that you need to do and the MOST important.

3. A Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Plan and Treatment Schedule

The third thing, and the most important thing I discovered during my research, is that every person who has cancer must develop a personalised comprehensive cancer healing lifestyle plan and schedule".

To assist everyone to be able to develop a personalised plan, I have developed a FREE 10 part "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Series that is accessible in the "Metabolic Cancer Portal". (link below ...) 

The main objective of the 10 part Metabolic Cancer Healing Series is to take you through the process of developing your personalised plan and action schedule. The series covers all aspects of cancer that you need to know and provides all of the necessary supporting information about the "Ketogenic Metabolic Lifestyle and Therapies". 

In addition you will find out how to select the ideal cancer support team and treatment facilities, how to implement the "Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies (KMT) and the sub components of the therapies, and how to set up a "Progress Monitoring and Testing System". You will also get information on what tests are critical to monitor the cancer healing progress. This is critical so that you know if the treatment is working or if you need to make changes. 

3.1. The Metabolic Cancer Healing Coaching Option

If however you want my help to develop a "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Plan and Schedule" and get one-on-one guidance on how to implement the therapies and lifestyle choices, plus select your ideal team and establish a testing system; take a look at my "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Coaching Program.

This is a comprehensive, one-on-one coaching program with weekly supporting documents and a 30 minute coaching session every week. (8 hours one-on-one coaching that can be extended if needed). You also have unlimited access to me through e-mail. 

Find Out More - FREE 30 Minute Video call

I suggest if you are interested to find out more about the program follow this link where you can schedule a 30 minute FREE Zoom video call with me to discus your needs and for you to decide if my program would suite you. I only take on a limited no of clients at any time so that I can dedicate my time to each of you. E-mail if you want to know if I am taking on new clients or schedule a call and we can discuss my availability. (Interested, check it out ......) SORRY My Schedule is Full at the moment !

Knowledge, Awareness and Understanding.

Knowledge is "power" and enables you to know "WHAT" you should be doing?

Awareness provides you options and tells you "WHICH" option to choose?

Understanding enables you to understand "HOW" You can benefit from your choices?

The main Objective of the "Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle" Program has been designed specifically to provide you with the "knowledge", "awareness" and "understanding" you will need to take control of your cancer healing journey and to develop your personalized cancer healing plan and schedule.

Time to visit the "Metabolic Cancer Portal" and find out how you can start your healing program? (Here.........)

Please take care; wishing you all the best on your healing journey with love and caring.



 About the "Metabolic Cancer" Healing Information Center

The key to managing, controlling and healing cancer is to initiate your cancer healing journey by developing a personalized "cancer healing program". This requires "Knowledge" about all aspects of cancer, the "Awareness" of how our highly intelligent body's heal, and the need to "Understand" all of the the different treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices that are available.

This is the main reason why I have created the "Metabolic Cancer Healing Information Centre". The Center includes critical information that I have gathered over 15 years of extensive cancer research after my wife passed away from cancer in 2005, together with my personal cancer experience healing from "end stage" cancer in 2016 and I have also gained a lot of additional experience and understanding of what we all go through on a cancer healing journey in my "Metabolic Cancer Coaching Program".

Having a "Healing Plan and Schedule" (roadmap) is the most important requirement you will need to initiate your personalized cancer healing journey.

If you don't have a destination your journey will never be successful !

Find out more about how You can develop your own personalized "Cancer Healing Plan and Schedule" (Tell me more ......... ) 

Discover Truth-Healing Prog

Modern Lifestyles

Cancer is primarily caused by our modern lifestyles.  Our modern toxic "lifestyles" are undoubtedly the most significant cause of cancer, however what you will discover for yourself is that although our lifestyles cause cancer they can also heal cancer. Remember cancer is caused by 3 main causes.

1. Exposure to a highly toxic lifestyle, especially our modern processed food diets

2. A deficiency of essential nutrients that our body's need to heal and thrive

3. Chronic Stress, negative thoughts and emotions

The "Metabolic Cancer Healing Information Center" covers these 3 topics in great detail and focuses on the "Ketogenic Metabolic Lifestyle" and the highly effective natural, non-toxic "Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy" (KMT) developed over the last decade by Dr. Thomas Seyfried, the world's leading cancer researcher.

To help you understand how your lifestyle choices cause cancer and more importantly what your body needs to manage, control and heal cancer; I have developed a comprehensive 10 part "metabolic cancer healing lifestyle" series , that will provide you with everything you need to develop your own healing plan. 

The way we live influences the way we die !

Find out More ......

Cancer Series1

Metabolic Cancer Coaching Program

Cancer is a terrifying, devastating and debilitating disease affecting both the patient, family and friends and is terminal in many cases. The "Cancer Disease Business" is a very profitable industry ruthlessly managed and controlled by the pharmaceutical industry to maintain the profits; virtually at ANY cost to human lives. The "Profits over People" business strategy is driven by indoctrinating the public into believing that cancer is a "Death Sentence" and using this "fear factor" to get people onto the toxic "Standard of Care" cancer treatments of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation as soon as possible. 

Because of the extensive indoctrination over many decades, a cancer diagnosis is totally overwhelming, confusing and frightening leaving people helpless and hopeless and often paralyzed not knowing who to trust and what to expect. 

Unfortunately when people are in this state it is easy to convince them that it is absolutely urgent to start treatment immediately and most patients begin the toxic "Standard of Care" treatments, having been convinced that it was the only option available.

I am here to tell you that this is NOT TRUE !   

I have established this "Metabolic Cancer Healing Information Center" as well as my comprehensive one-on-one "Metabolic Cancer Healing Coaching" Programs to enable you to discover the truth about cancer and optional non-toxic cancer treatments, therapies and lifestyle choices to help you manage, control and heal cancer.

 As I have been through the devastating and traumatic experiences that all cancer patients go through, I am able to fully understand what you and your family are going through and I can help and support you.  Find Out How ? ........ 


Metabolic Cancer Healing Lifestyle Blog

I will be using the Blog to regularly post interesting lifestyle and cancer information that will  focus on critical topics that will assist you on your "Healing Journey" as well as improving your quality of life and a healthy lifestyle.

I will also be covering interviews with leading cancer researchers, clinicians and cancer practitioners as well as the best metabolic cancer treatment centers and cancer related websites that you can trust, as well as the best cancer supplement manufacturers and suppliers.

These posts will focus primarily on the following topics:

  • The main causes of cancer
  • All about Epigenetics 
  • Top anti-cancer foods, herbs and spices
  • Top anti-oxidant foods, herbs and spices 
  • Top anti-inflammatory foods, herbs and spices
  • Top anti-stress management adaptogens
  • Top detox and cleansing foods herbs and spices
  • All about Nutrigenomics and the Ideal Cancer Nutrition and Supplements
  • Fasting benefits and how to fast ?
  • ALL about anti-cancer therapeutic Ketogenic Lifestyle
  • The Best cancer related tests to monitor progress

and much much more ....... 

Feel free to contact me at

And tell all your friends who may know someone with cancer or if they want to find out more about cancer and how to prevent cancer.

PREVENTION is the ONLY CURE for cancer !