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My name is Dave Wreford. I started this blog to share my Cancer experiences with as many people as possible as I believe too few people understand the real “truth about cancer”.

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Prostate Cancer in August 2016.

The cancer had spread extensively throughout my body including my liver, lungs, lymph nodes and my bone structure, specifically my spine, neck, shoulders, hips and ribs. The formal diagnosis from my bone scan report ended with “Extensive Osteoblastic metastasis”.

The doctors insisted the only small chance I had of survival was to start chemotherapy as soon as possible, but suggested I get my affairs in order.


My Introduction to Cancer.

My first encounter with cancer was in 2004 when my wife was diagnosed with liver cancer. As neither of us had any experience with cancer, cancer treatments or cancer politics, we assumed that the Doctors and Specialist Oncologist would provide her with the best possible treatment to survive. Unfortunately that was not the case and after a few traumatic months of aggressive chemotherapy treatment, excruciating pain, hair loss, nausea, unable to eat, and long sleepless nights crying and begging for help, she passed away in May 2005.

This experience was extremely traumatic for the family and friends as well, however I knew there had to be a far better alternative to the standard conventional treatment of radiation, chemotherapy and surgery and I decided I would find out.

Cancer Research.

I spent the next 3 years researching all aspects of cancer and I was totally shocked and very angry with what I discovered. However I was also very grateful to have found other natural alternative therapies that are extremely successful but are vilified and outlawed by the conventional medical fraternity, specifically the Pharmaceutical companies who make huge profits from patented chemotherapy treatments, despite their ineffectiveness. (Chemotherapy has a success rate of between 3% and 6%). All alternative therapies that threaten these profits are labeled “quackery” and must be eliminated. (Some alternative therapies have documented proof of success rates in excess of 90%)

“In order to protect the profits of Big Pharma, any and all potentially successful alternative cancer therapy must be disbelieved, denied, discouraged, and disallowed at all costs. They are prepared to do whatever it takes to suppress and censor all alternative cancer treatments.” Ty Bollinger, in his book Cancer – Step Out of the Box.

Fast Forward to August 2016

At the time I was doing the research I had no idea that I would be diagnosed with stage 4 Cancer with extensive metastasis 10 years later, however when it happened, I was surprised, but to be honest it was a “wake up” call from my body telling me to get my life sorted out.

Fortunately, after the extensive research I had done, I knew exactly what I was going to do and I put all my trust and faith into what I had discovered.

My Road to Remission.

Today, less than a year later I am in remission and although I cannot be considered a “survivor” just yet, I do believe “knowledge” is the very best weapon against cancer and that is what I want to share with as many people as possible through this blog.

Knowledge and Understanding.

I sincerely believe that having the knowledge of all aspects of cancer and a full understanding of all the treatment options, especially the natural, alternative treatments, most cancers can be healed. (Please read the “Disclaimer” as I am not a Doctor and I do not offer any medical or healthcare services).

“Cancer Buddy”.

I hope that the information about all aspects of cancer and especially natural alternative healing programs and the “Cancer Buddy” support services and "Healing Program" coaching I offer in this blog, will provide people with unique knowledge and support and a better understanding of the treatment options available.

Yours Sincerely, with love and caring


About this Blog

The key to surviving cancer is "Knowledge" and creating a "Healing Programme". For this reason the "Cancer Buddy" support Blog has been designed to provide you with a wide range of information that I discovered while doing my research together with an interactive Blog where I will provide regular posts and ongoing information. In addition I offer a comprehensive"Cancer Healing Coaching Program" 

Find Out more about the :

Two "cancer worlds"  

Cancer "Healing Programmes"

and much more ..........



As "Lifestyle" is so crucial in treating cancer, I have dedicated a whole section to it. Our modern "lifestyles" are undoubtedly the most significant cause of cancer, however what you will discover for yourself is that a well controlled lifestyle is the key to healing cancer. To help you understand how your lifestyle choices cause disease and especially cancer I have covered 22 lifestyle choices and how they affect your health.

Time to find out more about how our Lifestyles choices cause cancer but more importantly, how the right Lifestyle choices heal disease and especially cancer.

The way we live influences the way we die !

More ..........


Cancer Buddy Services

In the Cancer Buddy section you will find out just how critical, and why you need to have a "Cancer Buddy" as a critical part of your Support Team.  Unfortunately not everyone can find a "Cancer Buddy" who is able to fill that role adequately due to a lack of knowledge, so I offer 2  "Cancer Buddy" services for anyone who is unable to find someone and feels they need that special personal, compassionate and empathetic support that cancer sufferers need during their healing program. 

Because having a well proven "Cancer Healing Program" is so critical to survival I also offer a comprehensive "Cancer Healing Coaching Program" to assist people with cancer to develop a customized healing program. As I have been through the devastating experiences that all cancer patients go through I am able to fully understand what they are experiencing and can support them.

Find out more about the Cancer Buddy "Donations Only" service and support program and the Cancer Buddy Premium service and support; as well as the comprehensive "Cancer Healing Coaching Program". 

More ..........


The Blog

I will be using the Blog to regularly post interesting lifestyle and cancer information that will  focus on critical topics that will assist you on your "Healing Journey" as well as improving your quality of life and a healthy lifestyle.

I invite you to use the Comments section to discuss the topics and to ask questions or suggest new topics that you want additional information on.

Or mail me on

Come back regularly to get this critical "knowledge" and share it with your friends. 

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